♡What Makes You Beautiful♡

The night 19-year-old Bella Frost attended a One Direction concert with her little sister was a night she did not expect. At least, she didn’t realise how that one night would be the start of a future.


2. She's heading for something that she won't forget

Moving too fast
Moon is lighting up her skin
She's falling, doesn't even know it yet
Having no regrets is all that she really wants
‘Night Changes’ – One Direction


Her little sister’s voice was loud, as per usual. Bella groaned and ran a hand through her brown hair. She loved her sister but there were times when her voice was so annoying. She left her room to go to her sister’s one, which was just across the hall. Placing her hand on the white door, Bella peered around.

“What is it, Ash?”

The young girl stood at the foot of her bed. Clothes were thrown over the light purple bed sheets. Bella’s sister, whose name was Ashley, wasn’t the biggest girly girl but she loved flowers and feminine colours. There was resemblance between Bella and Ashley in the facial structure with slightly tanned skin and pink lips. Ashley’s hair was a little darker and was much longer, hanging three-quarters of the way down her back. While Ashley had deep brown eyes, Bella’s were a dark hazel but in the light, shone a beautiful green.

“I need help with my clothes tonight.” Ashley begged, turning to face her sister, her hands clasped together in front of her mouth. Another thing that made Ashley a girly girl was her complete obsession with the English boy band One Direction. Posters of all five boys covered one entire wall of her bedroom. Bella wasn’t the biggest fan but after many hours of sitting with her sister, listening to her iTunes, she ended up liking some of their songs. When One Direction announced they were touring again in 2015, Ashley immediately begged her parents to let her go. She had never seen them live before and it was her dream to go. And on Christmas morning of 2014, that dream had come true. One of Ashley’s presents were two tickets to One Direction’s first Sydney show on the 7th of February. Bella remembered her little sister’s reaction when she ripped open the envelope. Her screams echoed off the walls as the whole family laughed. Their father had captured it on video, just to keep the moment as a memory.

The family had asked Ashley who she wanted to go with and to Bella’s surprise, Ashley said her. Bella asked her why not take one of her friends instead, to which Ashley responded with, “But I want you to come with me.” That had melted Bella’s heart and the way her sister looked at her with those puppy dog eyes, she couldn’t say no.

The 7th of February had arrived and it wasn’t only the night of the concert. It was also Ashley’s 12th birthday. She couldn’t believe that One Direction would be performing on her birthday. That she would be able to spend her birthday with her favourite musicians in the world. It was now 2 in the afternoon and Ashley was so excited but nervous at the same time. Bella didn’t know why her sister was seeking fashion advice from her. She didn’t have that much style.

“I think Mum is more qualified in that respect.” She told Ashley.

“Yeah, but you are the one that’s coming with me tonight. Please pick out my outfit! I want to look good!”

Bella sighed with defeat. She knew this would be one of the best, if not the best, nights of Ashley’s life. And probably the best birthday she’s ever had. She thought. Bella nodded and walked into the room, coming to a halt next to her sister. Bella wasn’t tall but she wasn’t short either. She was 165cm, which she was happy with. Ashley was about 155cm but she was still growing while Bella had stopped sometime last year. Bella surveyed the clothes on her sister’s bed. I swear she has emptied almost her entire closet. She sighed in her head.

“OK…” She said before picking up each item of clothing to look at it.

Half-an-hour later, Ashley was all ready. Bella had chosen a new pair of skinny jeans her sister had received that morning as a birthday present. She wore a black T-shirt with the words One Direction printed on the front in its signature font with a three-quarter-length blue plaid shirt over the top. Black converse were on her feet. Ashley had wanted to wear some shoes to heighten her a bit but Bella told her that her feet would be dying by the end of the concert; Ashley agreed after a full minute of arguing. Bella, being a great big sister, did Ashley’s make-up, going simply with foundation and blush with some mascara to enhance her eyelashes. A simple lip gloss coated her lips and to finish off her look, her dark hair was curled softly, the side-part to the right like it always was.

“What do you think?” Bella asked, placing her hands on her sister’s shoulders, staring at their reflections in the bathroom mirror. Ashley smiled when she saw herself, clapping her hands together, before turning around and pulling Bella in a tight hug.

“I love it! Thank you, Bells! You’re the best sister ever!”

Bella chuckled and rubbed Ashley’s back. She loved being the older sister. While she and Ashley had their sisterly quarrels now and then, she was also very protective of her. She was happy Ashley had asked her to go with her to the concert. Bella just wanted her little sister to have a good time.

“No worries, little sis. Why don’t you go show Mum?” She suggested.

“OK!” Ashley agreed. She ran out of the bathroom, her unbuttoned plaid shirt flying out by her sides as she disappeared out of the room.

Bella didn’t admit it but she actually was very excited about the concert. She was intrigued how the boys sounded live. Do they sound exactly like the record? Do they interact with the fans? Do they belt those big notes amazingly well? She was sure that her sister would have the time of her life. Little did Bella know that she would also have the time of her life too.
She turned to look at herself in the mirror and rolled her shoulders back. Ashley’s ready. Now it’s my turn. She smiled to herself.

At 3 o’clock, Bella walked down the hallway of the apartment. She wasn’t the biggest clothes person or make-up girl but she did like to look good when it was deemed necessary. She turned the corner to the living room to find her mother sitting on the couch and her sister standing by the coffee table, drinking a glass of soft drink. Great. Just what she needs. Damn sugar. Bella groaned. Ashley was the first one to notice Bella and it was a miracle that her glass didn’t smash into pieces on the floor because of the look of shock on her face. Her mouth fell open and her brown eyes widened. Their mother followed Ashley’s gaze and a smile broke out on her face.

“Oh, sweetie, you look beautiful!” She cried, standing up. Bella hadn’t done herself up in this way for quite a while so she simply smiled back at her mother and sister.


Her slim legs were hugged by black leather pants and black ankle boots heightened her two inches. It was summer in Australia so she had opted to keep her arms bare, choosing a black singlet which didn’t reveal too much cleavage. Her breasts weren’t that big anyway so Bella had no problem with tops. Over the top of her singlet, she had a sleeveless dark blue vest, which was a present from one of friends from graduating high school. Its hem ended just at the top of her thighs, giving her outfit a bit of colour. Her brown hair was naturally wavy and she decided to keep it that way tonight, just gently fluffing it up with some hair products to give it some volume. Her make-up was perfect, just like her sister’s, but she had a smokey-eye and had added some eyeliner. The darkness of her eye make-up made her eyes appear greener, which only matched the brightness of her smile. The only jewellery she wore was a simple silver watch on her left wrist and two silver rings, one on each middle finger.

Their mother, whose name was Jo, approached her eldest daughter and pushed a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

“You’re all grown-up now.” She said. Bella smiled at her mother before her eyes fell upon Ashley who hadn’t moved from her spot. She had put her glass of soft drink down and her mouth was closed. But she looked disheartened, upset even.

“Ash, what’s wrong?” Bella asked.

“I wish I looked like you. You look so pretty. Why can’t I be pretty?’ Ashley whined.

“Oh, darling, you are pretty. You’re beautiful.” Their mother said, looking at Ashley. Bella nodded in agreement as she walked up to her sister, taking a seat on the couch, looking at Ashley sweetly.

“Of course you’re pretty, Ash. Please don’t be upset. It’s your birthday and you’re going to see One Direction in about four hours. Be excited!” She grinned, raising her hands in a gesture of elation. She wasn’t trying to make herself more important than her sister. It was Ashley’s day today. Her last statement made Ashley crack a smile and her happy self returned, her eyes glistening with joy.


Bella and Ashley were now in Allianz Stadium, sitting in their seats which were in the front row, on the side of the catwalk. It was just on 6 o’clock and the stadium was packed with people, the majority of them girls from about age 8 to twenties. Bella crossed one leg over the other as she quickly went through the conversation she had just had with her mother.

From Mum: How’s it going?
To Mum: Great, Samantha Jade’s just about to perform.
From Mum: Ashley OK?
To Mum: Yes, very much so. She’s can’t stop moving in her chair. I swear she’s got ants in her pants!
From Mum: Oh, leave her alone :) Have fun, darling. Remember to call me after the show.
To Mum: I’ll remember. See you tonight :)

Bella flipped her iPhone in her hands as her eyes roamed along the catwalk, all the way up to the stage. The sky was darkening as night approaching and the lights around the stadium turned on. The whole place was abuzz with chatting and excitement. It wasn’t the first time Bella had attended a concert in this very stadium. Back at the end of 2013, she had seen Taylor Swift on her Red tour with a couple of friends. It had been an amazing night and one that Bella knew she would never forget. Her eyes returned to the catwalk in front of her. God, we’re so close! Ashley’s going to lose it! And right then, her little sister’s voice made her break out of her thoughts.

“Do you think they’ll sing 'Happy Birthday' to me?”

Bella looked at Ashley and shrugged her shoulders.

“I don’t know. Maybe. Hold that poster up during the show and your chances of that happening might increase.” She said, gesturing to the poster Ashley had in her lap with her index finger. The 12-year-old girl’s cheeks went red as she looked down at the poster. Ashley had done it all by herself. On a large piece of purple paper, she had written the words, “IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!” in black block letters with an assortment of colourful drawings of balloons around the phrase. Bella secretly wished the band would sing 'Happy Birthday' to Ashley because she knew it would make her sister’s world if they did.

“Is it your birthday?”

Both Bella and Ashley looked over their shoulders to see about four girls who looked around fifteen or sixteen seated behind them. Hesitantly, Ashley nodded.

“Oh, Happy Birthday!” The same girl who asked the question smiled.

“Thank you.” Ashley said.

“Celebrating your birthday at a One Direction concert, wow! How lucky!” The second girl grinned before looking at Bella, asking Ashley if she was her sister. Bella answered the girl’s question instead of Ashley and smiled at the younger girls. They ended up talking to the four girls about the band, what their favourite songs were and who their favourite member was. Bella had never seen her sister so talkative to a bunch of strangers before but they shared a common obsession so Bella let her sister giggle and chat away until Samantha Jade began to perform on stage.


The opening song to the concert was Clouds, which happened to be one of Bella’s favourites. The deafening screams of the crowd sometimes made it hard for her to hear the boy’s vocals but they were amazing, their beautiful voices echoing out of their microphones. Ashley waved her poster up in the air as she sang along with the boy band. She knew every lyric and Bella was pleased to see that the smile never left her little sister’s face. All five members were wonderful as they sang. They were energetic, fun and enthusiastic, yelling at the crowd and inviting them to sing along. The atmosphere was great. There was a moment when Harry skipped down the catwalk, his curly hair flying out behind him, his fingers gripping the microphone as he belted out a lyric from Where Do Broken Hearts Go and that got Bella good. She had never said to anyone, not even her sister, that Harry was her favourite. She didn’t exactly know why. He had a great voice but that wasn’t the only thing she found attractive about him. He had some sort of charisma that made her eyes latch onto him. And every time he smiled, her legs became wobbly at the sight of his dimples.

It was after the band performed Little Things that made the night even better. Not just for Ashley, but for Bella as well.

“Now, I’ve seen a lot of signs out here tonight.” Liam said, strutting down the catwalk as the screams resumed when he spoke. People flaunted their posters up in the air, desperate to be seen or noticed. Ashley was one of those people. And to her complete shock, and Bella’s as well, Liam pointed at her poster.

“It’s your birthday?” He asked. Ashley grinned widely and nodded, jumping up and down, completely mesmerised as the Englishman looked at her. The cameras went on Ashley so she was on the screens on the stage.

“How old are you, love?” Liam inquired. Ashley shouted out “12” as loud as she could and Liam gave her the thumbs up to let her know that he knew.

“She’s 12, everyone!” He shouted. The crowd cheered and screamed. Ashley looked like she was going to have a heart attack. Her eyes were shining and her smile had never been so huge. Bella placed her arm around her sister’s shoulders, rubbing her hand up and down her arm. Then, another English-accented voice reverberated around the stadium.

“Liam, you didn’t ask what her name was, you dolt.”

The screams grew louder as Harry Styles walked down from the stage to join Liam. Up close, under the glare of the lights, his hair looked even curlier. He was ridiculously cute and frankly, Bella thought it wasn’t fair. Harry looked at Ashley who had her hand over her mouth in shock. She can’t believe THE Harry Styles is looking at her. I can’t believe it either. Bella thought. The singer placed his free hand on his knee as he leaned over a little.

“What’s your name?” He asked Ashley. She had to tell him twice because he couldn’t hear her over the yells of the crowd.

“Ashley.” He repeated. Ashley nodded and looked at her sister. Bella smiled down at her, her arm still around her shoulders. Her sister was in shock but at the same time, was so happy. It was in that moment that Bella saw Harry looking at her. His black shirt had sweat patches over his arms and chest and his smile was stunning. Bella was pretty sure that millions of girls would die on the spot just from the way he was looking at her.

“Is this your sister?” Harry asked. Ashley nodded again, her poster still in her hand. Both Liam and Harry stared right at Bella and she discovered they were even more attractive in the flesh. They had changed in appearance since their X Factor days as they had matured. Liam rocked the short hair and the stubble on his face while Harry looked fresh being clean-shaven with his curly hair falling around his face.

“And what’s your name?” Liam asked Bella. She answered him, twice just like Ashley had done to Harry, and nodded when he got it right.

“Bella.” Harry said. She wasn’t going to lie. Hearing her name on Harry’s tongue made her heart turn into mush. God knows how many times she had said his name but him saying her name was totally different. The way he said the two syllables in his English accent made her heart quicken a bit more than she had expected but she kept calm. Harry stared at her for another few seconds in silence and Bella couldn’t look away either. The moment was over before she knew it and Harry had turned his attention to Ashley, who was still smiling like a child on Christmas morning.

“Right, Ashley’s 12 today, so let’s sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to her. Can you guys all join in?” Harry asked, turning to the crowd. Screams rang in Bella’s ears as Liam and Harry all hyped up the stadium. Niall, Louis and Zayn all came down the catwalk, holding their microphones. Everyone was ready. Harry signalled for the band to strike up the correct tune and before Bella or Ashley could comprehend what was happening, the members of One Direction and the entire Allianz Stadium were singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Ashley.

“Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday, dear Ashley,
Happy Birthday to you!”

The boys held the last “you” out longer, all of them looking at Ashley who was crying, one of her hand clamped over her mouth. Bella watched the boys with a smile on her face, quickly pressing a kiss to the top of her sister’s head. This is sure to be the best birthday ever for her! All Bella wished for her sister’s birthday each year was for it to be amazing and memorable. This must be on the top of her list now! Bella laughed in her head.

At the end of the song, the crowd screamed once again. All five members blew Ashley kisses and touched their hearts, extending their hands out to her in an expression of gratitude. Ashley continued to sob silently as she waved at the boys, blowing kisses back to them. After that, Bella’s eyes caught something. Something that Harry did. He blew her a kiss too. Wait, what?! Why would he… I’m not the birthday girl… She froze, her arm like that of a statue’s around her sister, holding her close. Her lips parted as if to gasp or squeak but no sound came out. Then, it became obvious that that was Harry’s goal because he winked at Bella before skipping up to the stage, ready to perform the next song.

Cheeky…and what a flirt! She said to herself. After coming out of her mind, she hugged her sister who had stopped crying but still in shock of what had just happened. They remained in their warm embrace until Night Changes began and the two sisters opened their mouths to sing along, just like everyone else.


It was around 9 o’clock when their mother came to pick them up from the stadium. The roads outside were packed with people and cars, siblings, parents and other family members picking up their daughters, sisters and cousins. Bella spotted their mother’s silver Hyundai as soon as it appeared in her line of sight. There was a beep and Bella waved to let her mother know she had seen her. Ashley’s face was still red from shock and her voice was a little hoarse from screaming like a lunatic. The silver car stopped right in front of them and Bella let her little sister get in the front seat while she herself got in the back.

“So how was the concert, girls?” Jo asked as she pressed down the accelerator to get the car moving.

“Mum, it was so amazing! The best birthday ever! It was the best night of my life!” Ashley squealed, her birthday poster lying on her lap. Bella rested her elbow on the car door, her fingers pressed against her mouth as she stared at the thousands of people exiting Allianz Stadium.

“Tell Mum what the band did, Ash.” She said.

“Oh, what happened?” Their mother asked, driving effortlessly down the road. She was clearly intrigued about what her daughters were referring to.

“Oh, yeah…They sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to me, Mum! They all said my name and blew me kisses! I’m not going to be able to sleep tonight!”

“It’ll be a good thing to brag to your friends at school, little sis.” Bella chuckled and she saw her mother smile in the driver’s seat. Ashley liked the idea of telling all of her school friends about the concert and what had happened during it.

As her 12-year-old sister began her detailed recount of the concert to their mother, Bella zoned out as she stared out of the window, the streetlights flashing past, sending colours of orange and yellow over her face. She was quiet as she replayed the concert in her mind. The fireworks, the bright screens, the brilliant band and of course, One Direction themselves. It had been a different atmosphere to the one that was at the Taylor Swift concert. There were screaming girls at the Red concert but there weren’t condoms and bras flung on stage. Bella had admiration for them by choosing to ignore those sorts of things and keeping focused on each and every song. She still remembered those few moments when Harry stared at her, not looking anywhere else for that short amount of time. She remembered him reaching his hand out to her after blowing her a kiss as a “thank you”. She remembered the way his curls bounced around his face as he moved across the stage, dancing to the music and giving it 110% percent. But the one thing that was embedded in her mind was the way Harry smiled at her, showing off his beautiful dimples.

“Bella, sweetie?”

She blinked back into the present and looked at her mother through the rear-view mirror.


“Did you enjoy the concert? Ashley just said you did.”

Bella swallowed and nodded. She had enjoyed the concert more than she thought she would. The boys' voice still rang in her mind, belting out high notes and holding them at the right times.

“I did. It was fun. I was glad to go with Ashley. “

“That’s wonderful, Bells. I’m pleased you enjoyed it.” Jo said as they continued to drive home. Bella returned her eyes outside as her sister still talked hurriedly with adrenaline. When Ashley had said she wouldn’t be able to go to sleep, what she didn’t know was that Bella was certain she wouldn’t be able to either. And if she did, her dreams would be plagued by a young man with curly hair and dimples.



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