♡What Makes You Beautiful♡

The night 19-year-old Bella Frost attended a One Direction concert with her little sister was a night she did not expect. At least, she didn’t realise how that one night would be the start of a future.


15. It makes your lips so kissable

It's in your lips and in your kiss
It's in your touch and your fingertips
And it's in all the things and other things
That make you who you are and your eyes, irresistible
‘Irresistible’ – One Direction

All four boys sat on the sofa, across from talk show host James Corden. She was a fan of James and a fan of the Late Late Show ever since Craig Ferguson was the host. They were there, on her Mac computer screen, all looking dashing. Her eyes always tended to look at Harry, his shirt unbuttoned to reveal parts of the swallow tattoos on his chest. She remembered touching that chest and weaving her fingers with his, his longs legs encased in black skinny jeans and his black ankle boots. Bella smiled to herself because she had met two of the four members on the sofa. She knew she was lucky.

The interview was very entertaining and enjoyable and earned quite a few laughs out of Bella. But what surprised her was when James brought up the subject of Harry having a girlfriend.

“So while you, Louis, are out partying, Harry, you’re not a single man anymore.” James said, pointing his card at him. The audience laughed and cheered but Bella remained quiet. She wanted to hear this part of the interview.

“That’s right, James.” Harry smiled, pointing back at him.

“Now, there are photos of you and a lovely young brunette but there’s no information on her. Could you perhaps tell us a bit about her?”

Harry adjusted his position on the sofa, resting his right elbow on the back of the sofa, his left leg thrown over his right. He looked so attractive but Bella knew the true extent of his attractiveness. Seeing him in the flesh was way better than watching him on a computer screen. He’s mine. I can’t believe he’s really mine… She said in her head as Harry got ready to answer James’ question.

“Well, she’s Australian. Her name’s Bella and she’s great.”

It was a simple answer. Not too much and not too little. Just enough to get the Internet talking.

“Ah, an Aussie. I heard Aussie women like men with a sense of a humour. You have that, Harry.” James laughed.

“I like to think I do, James.” Harry responded. The audience laughed and so did Bella. She knew Harry was funny and cheeky, which only made her like him even more.

“Well, say hi to your lovely girlfriend for me, Harry.”

“I sure will. She’s a fan of yours.”

“Really, is that so? I like her even more now.” James smiled as he flipped over another card and continuing on with the interview. It flowed perfectly and the friendship between the boys and James was very real. The subjects of tattoos came up and James suggested Harry show everyone his new thigh tattoo. Bella herself hadn’t seen it but he had told her about it. She knew he wouldn’t show it on national TV so she wasn’t surprised when Harry informed James he had no underpants on as a way of not wanting to reveal such an intimate part of his body. That made Bella laugh. The interview ended with James wearing a white sweater with all of Harry’s tattoos on it and Bella smiled to herself, knowing she’d seen each tattoo of Harry’s in the flesh. She knew each and every detail and how they looked on his skin. She couldn’t wait to see Harry again, whenever that was.

Bella's POV

“Can I see it?” Bella asked.

It was the 25th of June, 8 o’clock at night in Sydney and 1 o’clock in the afternoon in Finland. Harry and Bella were on Skype for the third time in a week, just talking like they’d always done since she returned to Newtown. The tour was going well. The boys had just done a show in Sweden and were getting ready for another show in Finland in two days’ time. So Harry was in his hotel room in Finland while Bella was in her bedroom, lying upright on the bed, resting against the headboard, covered by a couple of cushions. Her Mac was on her lap, her legs stretched out in front of her. Harry raised an eyebrow at her and ran a hand through his curly hair. It had grown since she had stayed with him back in April but it looked just as irresistible for Bella to run her fingers through it, which she wanted to do badly.

“Please…” She said, her hazel eyes begging him. A smile came across Harry’s face before he disappeared out of frame. He stood up and Bella watched as he pulled up the hem of his black shorts, revealing a tiger’s head on his upper left thigh. The detail of it was beautiful, even through the computer screen. Bella couldn’t wait to see it for real.

“Wow…it looks amazing.” She smiled as Harry came back into the frame.

Do you think so?

“Yeah. Did it hurt?”

No, I’ve got dozens of tattoos so I’ve gotten used to the feeling of having it done.

“Ugh, I hate needles.” Bella shuddered. Ever since she was a child, she hated getting vaccinations and what not because of the needles. It wasn’t the greatest feeling.

I guess that means you’ll never get a tattoo? Harry asked.

“No, probably not. Why? Do you think I should get one?” Bella inquired.

A thought came to me last night about tattoos, actually.

“What thought?”

Harry hesitated and Bella rested her hand against her bottom lip, waiting for an answer. Even on the screen, his eyes were still beautiful and did something to Bella’s heart. Their colour, morphing between green to green-blue to green-grey.

I thought we could get matching tattoos. But now you’ve told me you don’t like needles, you probably won’t want to do it…

“Seriously?” Bella gasped. First, a song written about me. Now matching tattoos? He’s that serious about us? She bit her lip and moved strands of her brown hair over her left shoulder. Where would I get a tattoo? What if I don’t like it in five years’ time? What if I regret having it done? She looked at Harry who was appreciative of the fact that maybe getting a tattoo wasn’t her thing.

“You really want to get matching tattoos?”

Only if you want to. I won’t force you.

“You must like me a lot if you want to get matching tattoos…” Bella smiled.

Of course I like you. More than you know, Bella. Harry smirked and once again, her heart trembled with pleasure. She could feel her cheeks heat up and his smile grew wider, his dimples appearing.

“OK, say we get matching tattoos, what do you have in mind?” She asked. Harry looked surprised.

You’ll consider it?

“Yes, I will, for you, Harry.”

I don’t want to force you to get one…

“You’re not. I’m just asking what you’d like the two of us to get.”

Well, there’s a song called Infinity that’s going on our album. It’s probably my favourite so far… So I thought maybe infinity symbols? Small ones so they can’t always be seen…

Infinity symbols? Bella loved the idea. Her and Harry’s lives, forever intertwined, never breaking apart, just like the figure eight symbol of infinity. She started to think about a good place to get her one and his as well. So they’ll be small…somewhere where they can’t always be seen… She tried to remember places where Harry wasn’t inked already. Her fingers traced down her left arm, moving over her wrist. She turned her hand over and moved her fingertips over her inner wrist. Not a bad spot. I’d see the tattoo every day and think of Harry. Bella looked at her screen and lifted up her arm, tapping her inner wrist with her finger.

“How do you feel about getting it there?” She suggested. Harry was silent for a moment before another smile brightened up his handsome face.

So you want to get the tattoo?

It only took a second for Bella to answer.

“Yeah, I do.”

Bella, that’s great! You don’t understand how happy I feel right now. And yes, the inner wrist would be a wonderful place to get our matching tattoos. The media probably won’t pick up on it unless I reveal it.

Bella smiled, lowering her arm and admiring the utter delight on her boyfriend’s face. That delight spread to her. She forgot about the needles and the pain of getting a tattoo. Her only thoughts were on Harry and how happy he looked. She loved to make him laugh and smile. That was her pleasure. It was her prerogative as his girlfriend. Then, another thought entered her mind.

“Harry, how are we going to get the tattoos? I’m here in Australia and you’re in Finland.”

That leads me into my next thought. I have another break coming up, from the 28th to the 8th. After our show here in Finland, our next one is on the 9th in San Diego. I was wondering if you wanted to come and visit me for a few days when I fly over to San Diego. We can get the tattoos there, if you want.

It was so much information to be chucked at Bella. Her head was a whirlwind of what Harry had just told her. He’s having another break? He wants me to come over and see him again? In bloody San Diego?! Her eyes went wide and her hand went over her mouth. She tried to speak, her fingers shaking as she lifted her hand off her mouth.


You don’t need to worry about that, love. I’ll pay again.

“Harry…you can’t!”

Yes, I can. And I will. It’s been over nine weeks since you left London. I want to see you. I need to see you. You do not understand how much I miss you, Bella. Please come.

She was shocked. She had been working five or six days a week for the past two months so she had more money in her bank account but not enough for a flight to San Diego. She couldn’t believe Harry offered to pay again. It was obviously no trouble for him, considering the amount of money One Direction made each year. But Bella hated Harry paying for everything. It didn’t seem right.


Please? You can meet Liam and Niall too.

Oh, God…meeting all four members of One Direction? Oh, Ashley’s going to murder me! Most girls would say yes within a heartbeat but Bella truly didn’t know what to do. She’d sit on the plane, knowing that Harry Styles payed for her flight. Since when was I living this reality? She was about to say something but a voice that wasn’t Harry’s came out of the Mac.

Hazza, you’ve been talking for an hour!

Not a moment later, Louis’ face appeared beside Harry’s.

Hey there, Bella.

“Hi, Louis.”

Uh, Louis… Harry cleared his throat. From the look on his face, Bella knew Harry tried to tell his friend that he had interrupted their conversation as politely as he could.

Sorry, mate. Just wanted to say hi. Louis smiled.

OK, you’ve said hi. Now, go away.

Louis, what are you doing?

That was another voice. An English one. Then, behind Harry and Louis, the one and only Liam Payne stood, his head in between his two fellow bandmates. Holy Lord, it’s Liam Payne! Bella thought. Stubble littered Liam’s face and his eyes were a deep brown. He was definitely attractive but Bella only had eyes for Harry.

So you’re Bella Frost? The girl Harry literally hasn’t shut up about. Liam said, ruffling Harry’s hair.

“Uh, yeah, hello.” Bella said but it sounded more like a squeak. She may not be the biggest Directioner but she was still starstruck that three members of the band were on her Mac screen, looking at her.

Aw, you’re adorable. You've scored well, Harry. Liam said sweetly.

Harry rolled his eyes and Bella chuckled softly. He was just about to tell Louis and Liam to leave when another person came into the room, his Irish accent distinctive.

What is going on in here? I looked around and suddenly, everyone was gone.

Are you serious? Now? Harry groaned but Bella only smiled. Even though their conversation had been interrupted, she was happy the other members of One Direction were the cause of it. Beside Louis, the blue-eyed blonde-haired Niall Horan came into the frame, a smile on his face. God, his hair has more volume than mine! How is that fair?

Miss Frost, a beauty you are. I mean, we’ve all seen pictures of you but wow, you’re beautiful. How the hell did you get her, Harry?

“Well, aren’t you a charmer, Mr. Horan.” Bella smiled. She didn’t know why she said that but she couldn’t turn back time and say something different. She tried to fathom that all four members of the biggest boy band in the world were on Skype with her. Most Directioners would faint but Bella could only smile and do nothing else.

Niall, stop flirting with my girlfriend.

It’s only harmless, Hazza.

Yeah, I agree with Niall. A beauty you are, Bella. That was Liam.

You should see her in the flesh. Even better. That was Louis.

Harry looked horrified.

Guys! Could you please stop? Stop freaking her out.

Then, she had four pair of eyes staring at her through the computer screen and her heart stopped. She had four gorgeous men complimenting her on her looks, which she couldn’t believe, frankly. It didn’t seem real but it was.

“No, no, I’m…fine…”

Have you asked her to come and visit yet? Niall asked.

Yes. She was just about to answer me when you guys burst in. Harry sighed. He clearly wanted the three of them to leave. It was obvious to Bella. They’re going to go in a second. I need to get Ashley in here. Now.

“Uh, can I ask a favour?”

The four members of One Direction looked at her simultaneously.

Sure, love. Harry smiled.

“Can you guys stay for another minute? I think my sister needs to talk to you guys. It’s her dream to.”

Ah, yes, young Ashley. The birthday girl from the concert. Liam said.

We’ll talk to her. Louis smiled and Niall nodded and so did Harry, all agreeing. Bella told them she’d just be a few moments as she lifted her Mac off of her lap and rushed out of her room. She went to her sister’s bedroom and leaned her shoulder against the doorframe.


The 12-year-old girl looked up from her Harry Potter novel, her brown eyes wondorous and endearing.

“Guess what?” Bella grinned.


“I’ve got all four members of One Direction on Skype right now. Want to come and say hello?”

The reaction from Ashley went from stunned silence to a loud squeal. She literally jumped off her bed and ran up to her older sister, her hands shaking and her eyes shining with shock.

“Are you serious?” She squeaked.

“Yes. Come on.” Bella smiled, placing her hand on Ashley’s shoulder and guiding her out of the room and into hers. Bella adjusted the Mac and placed it on her desk. It’s better than the bed. She let her sister sit on the single chair while Bella remained standing, her arm circled around the back of the chair.

“Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall, this is my little sister, Ashley. Ash, well, you know who they are.” Bella smiled. She looked at the screen and there they were. All four of them. There were overlapped voices of Hello, love from the boys and Ashley looked like she was about to cry. Correction, she started to cry, her lips quivering. Tears rolled down her cheeks and she struggled to breathe, gasping.

Don’t cry, love. Louis said as Liam started to help Ashley breathe properly. Niall waved, his blue eyes bright and his white smile full of joy.

“Oh My God! I…love you guys so much!” Ashley cried.

How long have you been a fan? Niall asked.

“Since you guys first started. I’ve followed you for the whole five years.”

Thank you, love, for supporting us. Without fans like you, we wouldn’t be where we are now. Liam said kindly. Bella rubbed her sister’s back to calm her down. Her brown eyes still shone with tears but she caught her breath back. Instead of a minute, Ashley and the lads talked for at least twenty minutes. Everything from favourite songs to tattoos to tours and what the boys got up to in hotels between shows.

“I can’t believe I actually talked to you!” Ashley grinned. She had stopped crying and her face glowed with joy. She looked so happy. That was another reason why Bella loved One Direction. They brought happiness to so many people and had brought girls out of depression, from their uplifting songs and meaningful lyrics. Telling girls they were beautiful just the way they were and how special they were. The band was constantly positive. Bella had her hand on her sister’s shoulder, squeezing it gently.

It was our pleasure, darling. You’re truly a dedicated fan and we are eternally grateful. Liam said.

You’re very sweet, love. Louis said. Ashley gasped a faint “Oh My God” which made the lads chuckle.

“I also can’t believe my sister’s dating Harry Styles!”

Bella rolled her eyes and Harry only smiled.

Your sister’s a lucky girl. Louis said.

“I know she is. Hey, I can tell all my friends I talked to you!” Ashley exclaimed.

Are they going to be jealous? Harry asked.

“Yes, they are. Ha!”

The boys farewelled Ashley and blew her kisses. She left Bella’s bedroom to return to her own room. Harry then told the three lads to leave as well and after a kind goodbye, it was just Harry and Bella again.

That was a hell of an interruption. Harry said.

“It was a good one though. You four literally made my sister’s day. You make her so happy and I’m grateful for that.”

She’s a cute young girl. We had a good chat.

“So…where were we?”

You coming to San Diego…

“Oh, right…Um…” Bella lost her train of thought. After never being out of Australia for just over 19 years, she had gone to London for nine days and was now being asked to go to San Diego. Two trips in just over two months. Well, I can’t say no. I don’t think I can…

“I’m not going to ask my parents this time. I’m over 18, I don’t need their permission.”

Is that a yes then? A tender smile pulling at Harry’s lips, which Bella had the pleasure of kissing several times. A smile that mirrored Harry’s spread across Bella’s face.

“Yes, I will come to San Diego.”


It was 2:45 in the afternoon when her plane landed in San Diego. It took an hour to leave the airport and another hour to get to the hotel where One Direction were staying. It was still the 2nd of July because of the time difference. Fortunately, the jetlag wasn’t too bad. Along with her return ticket, Harry had also booked a room in the same hotel as the band, just across from his.

Bella walked into her room, after being allowed into the hallway by a large security guard. It was spacious with a small kitchenette, a couch and a TV and a small table to eat on. There was a bedroom and a separate shower. The thick curtains covered the window as there were fans screaming outside and paparazzi waiting to get a glimpse of Bella, especially with Harry.

She placed her suitcase and carry-on bag on the floor, moving strands of hair behind her left ear to move it away from her face. When she stood up, she gasped as a pair of arms circled her waist and a deep English-accented voice whispered in her ear.

“Hello there, beautiful.”

That voice… She had missed hearing him speak in her ear, the strength of his arms around her, his nose buried in her long flowing hair. Bella closed her eyes and sighed, turning around in his arms. She was met with those delicious green eyes and dimpled smile, his brown hair cascading around his shoulders. Bella locked her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly, more so than she had ever done before.

He smelt so good. She loved being his arms, holding him close. The warmth of his breath, the softness of his hair, the sound of his breathing, the beat of his heart. Those aspects were just a fraction of what she had missed about him. One of his arms was fastened around her back while his other hand reached for the roots of her hair. Bella slowly pulled back from the hug, only to be welcomed by a soft kiss on the lips.

Bella lost herself in it and moved her hands into his hair, pulling at the strands as she returned his kiss. She felt him smile and she couldn’t help but smile too. They broke away from each other and Bella lowered her hands onto his chest, which was covered with a red and white short-sleeved striped shirt.

“I’ve missed doing that.” He smirked.

“Me too, Harry.”

“God, I’ve missed you so much…” Harry murmured, pulling her into another embrace, kissing her forehead.

“So have I.” Bella whispered, her arms around his torso, her cheek pressed against his chest. His heart thumped beneath her skin, his arms circling her shoulders. They stayed like that for another minute before Bella let go to take her luggage to the bedroom; Harry followed her.

“Where are the other boys?” She asked, dumping her suitcase on the floor below the end of the bed.

“In their rooms.” Harry answered simply.

“So…what do you want to do?” Bella turned around to face him. A smirk lifted his lips up, a cheeky glint in his eye. Oh, God…

“I think a make-out session is long overdue. Wouldn’t you agree, love?”

But Harry didn’t give her a chance to reply. He took hold of her in his arms and let Bella and Harry fall onto the bed, making her yelp. Bella laughed, throwing her head back, her hair tangling over her shoulders. She turned her head to the side, Harry’s mouth claiming hers. And that’s where they stayed for many minutes, alternating between making out and cuddling.


Harry's POV

“Are you nervous?”

Her hand gripped his tightly and her hazel eyes were fraught with a newfound anxiety. They were sitting in the back seat of a huge black vehicle, the windows tinted dark. Harry had organised going to a tattoo parlour with his security. He didn’t want the media taking pictures of him and Bella going inside together and leaving holding hands. This was a moment precious to the both of them. They didn’t need prying eyes looking in on it.

“A little.” Bella nodded.

“It’s OK, love. I’m with you.” Harry squeezed her hand reassuringly. The corners of his girlfriend’s lips tugged up and she snuggled closer to him, resting her head on his shoulder. Harry returned the contact and rested his cheek against her forehead, her hand still encased in his.

Yesterday, Bella had been introduced to Liam and Niall officially, seeing as she had already met Louis. They hit it off really well and Bella spent at least two hours talking to the boys about the tour, their songs and their new upcoming album. And of course, the subject of her dating Harry. Bella blushed each time the lads said something sweet regarding her and Harry. She seemed grateful. Harry informed his bandmates about getting matching tattoos with Bella. The three boys were elated and Niall said, “Great, Bella’s getting a tattoo and me, I still haven’t gotten one.” Bella suggested to Niall to come with her and Harry and get one but he shook his head. Tattoos weren’t his thing.

The car pulled up behind the tattoo parlour, which was blissfully and luckily, quiet. Harry kissed Bella’s forehead as one of their security guards opened the door on Harry’s side. He got out first then Bella. The security guard and the driver shrouded the two of them as they walked into the tattoo parlour.

It was an alien environment to Bella. Needles and sterilising equipment. Leather seats and folders of tattoo designs. Harry looked at his girlfriend, who swallowed a lump in her throat, and placed his hand on her back in a comforting manner. The tattoo artist, which was a young woman no older than 25, came up to them, covered in various black and colourful tattoos, her hair a pure black, tied back in a high ponytail, bangs falling freely over her forehead.

“Afternoon. You guys ready?”

Two minutes later, Harry and Bella sat on two separate leather seats next to each other. Harry, being as sweet as he was, offered to get his tattoo first. It only took about ten minutes. Easy and simple. He stretched out his left arm to Bella, palm up, and there, on his inner wrist, was a small infinity symbol. No beginning and no end. Then, it was Bella’s turn.

The moment the needle touched her skin, she winced. Harry watched on as the ink came out of the needle and became embedded on her skin. Another ten minutes went by and the woman sterilised the tattoo, just like she’d done with Harry’s. Bella showed him her inner wrist and there it was, an infinity symbol, the exact same shape and size as his. The tattoo artist applied a small covering over their tattoos, in order for them to heal properly and let the skin absorb the ink. Bella asked her how long to keep the padding on and the woman told her about four hours. She also informed Bella about all the necessary things to do to help her tattoo heal; Harry already knew all of this, considering the amount of tattoos he already had.

They thanked the tattoo artist and left the parlour, getting back into the black car. They shot off down the road, back to the hotel. Harry weaved his fingers with Bella’s, who shifted her gaze to him.

“You alright, love?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. It actually wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be.” Bella said.

“Did you tell your parents you were going to get a tattoo?” Harry asked and she nodded.

“When I said it was going to be matching with yours, they found it undeniably beautiful. And frankly, I think the same.”

Harry furrowed his eyebrows, asking for her to elaborate.

“Well, you’re so serious about us, and that makes me so happy. Getting matching tattoos tells me how much you want to be with me. I’ve never been wanted by a guy to this extent. Until you… You came into my life, in a totally unexpected way, and now, we have the same tattoo inked on us. Harry, you don’t understand how loved I feel when I’m with you. You really do make me happy, more so than anyone. It’s a pleasure to spend time with you and truthfully, I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else.”

Bella looked away from him as soon as she said the last word. But Harry couldn’t take his eyes off her. She had given such a heartfelt speech and no girl had ever made him feel so loved. The look in her eyes when she spoke, the way her lips moved when words exited her mouth. Just that affected Harry in a way it had never done before. He wanted to kiss her, caress her, ravish her. But not in the car. So instead, he gripped her hand warmly and left a loving kiss on her temple.

“I feel the same way, Bella. You light up my world like nobody else.” Harry smirked and Bella laughed.

“A new low, Harry. Reciting your song lyrics to me.”

“Oh, baby, look what you’ve done to me…” Harry chuckled softly, only to be punched in the chest playfully by Bella. He kissed her temple again and thought of how proud he was of her. Her first, and probably only, tattoo. She had been brave. It may be a very small tattoo but the first one is a nerve-racking experience. Harry understood because he felt the same way when he got his first tattoo. The rest of the drive back to the hotel was silent. Harry kept himself close to Bella. He was content with just being sitting next to her, hearing the sound of her breathing and smelling the fragrance of her gorgeous brown hair. What could be better?


Bella's POV

“Let’s see it then.” Louis said, leaning forward on the couch.

It was just past 7 o’clock and everyone’s bellies were full from dinner. Niall, Louis and Liam were sitting in Harry’s hotel room with Bella. She sat across from the three boys while Harry was perched on the edge of the couch next to Bella. She had already removed the pad off her tattoo a couple of minutes ago but had kept it hidden from the boys. They were all excited to see it, more than Harry’s because he already so many. Bella turned her wrist over and held out her left arm, showing everyone her brand-new tattoo.

“It looks good on you, Bells.” Liam smiled. “Bells” was what the boys called her now. It was usually her father and sister that called her that but she didn’t mind the boys calling her it. She counted them as her friends so why not?

“Thanks.” She smiled back.

“Did it hurt?” Niall asked.

“Not really. The first few minutes were the most painful but it’s not that bad actually.” Bella said, looking at the tattoo herself. She didn’t want to touch it until it was fully healed so her eyes traced the infinity symbol. It signified no beginning and no end. It still throbbed a little but soon, it would become a part of her.

Her ringtone blasted out of her phone in the front pocket of her jeans. She took it out and the name Mum flashed on the screen. Bella excused herself and walked into the bedroom, answering the call.

“Hey, Mum.”

Hi, darling. Thought I’d catch you because it’s hard to call you, with the time difference.

“It’s about ten past seven here so you called at a good time.” Bella said.

So you got your tattoo today?

“Yeah, I did.”

How was it?

“Not too bad. It’s small and simple. I like it.” She smiled, raising her left arm to look at the infinity symbol on her inner wrist. She hadn’t told her family or friends what her tattoo was because she wanted it to be a surprise. Bella told her mother she’d email her a picture of both hers and Harry’s the next day.

What a nice thing to do. Harry must really like you.

“He told me he does. And I like him too. A lot.”

I know you do. And how is San Diego?

“I haven’t seen anything yet. There’s fans and paparazzi lingering outside the hotel so we’re kind of just stuck inside. But Harry said he’s going to take me out tomorrow.”

Ooh, where?

“I have no idea. It’s a surprise.”

Such a romantic, isn’t he?

“Yeah, he is…” Bella smiled to herself. She talked to her mother for another ten minutes (mostly about Harry) and said she missed home. Her mother told her to have fun and say hi to Harry for her. Bella promised she would and got off the phone. She looked at her tattoo again before re-joining the boys, getting excited for wherever Harry was going to take her the next day.


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