♡What Makes You Beautiful♡

The night 19-year-old Bella Frost attended a One Direction concert with her little sister was a night she did not expect. At least, she didn’t realise how that one night would be the start of a future.


6. Did they ever hold each other tight like us?

Nothing can come between
You and I
Not even the gods above
Could separate the two of us
No, nothing can come between
You and I
‘You And I’ – One Direction

Bella's POV

The soft roar of the plane’s engines echoed in her ears as Bella stared out of the window. A picturesque view of the fluffy clouds was what greeted her, the sky a perfect blue. Each minute, she got closer and closer to Harry. She remembered when she received the package with everything she needed. She was in business class, which was good, because there was no way she would let Harry make her fly first class. No fucking way.

Bella had her stopover in Minneapolis and was now on the flight to London. She couldn’t stop looking out of the window. The view was like nothing else, too perfect to be real. A flight attendant wearing the Malaysian Airlines outfit walked up to her with a gentle smile, her sleek black hair pulled back in a bun.

“Miss, can I get you anything?”

“No, I’m fine, thank you.” Bella replied sweetly, not wanting to be rude. The flight attendant agreed and walked on to a man who sat in the opposite row.

The great thing about business class was that there was leg room because she knew that economy was a lot smaller, from what her friends and parents have told her. Bella stretched out her skinny-jean clad legs and rested her head against the back of the comfy seat. A smile came on her face when she remembered the moment she had opened the package. Not only was there all the essentials, like her boarding pass, but there was a letter from Harry. A handwritten one. Bella rummaged through her carry-on bag and pulled it out, unfolding gently. She needed to read it again. She wanted to.


I hope this has gotten to you on time. I was very stern with our band’s management to get all of this to you. How are you? Are you excited? I know I am. It’ll be wonderful to see you. Completely different to our first meeting, right?

You’re probably still wondering why I offered for you to come over here to my home. I never got to tell you why on the phone and I didn’t want to text my answer so I’ve put it here in this letter. You’re something special, Bella. When I first saw you at the Sydney concert, I couldn’t believe how beautiful you were. It melted my heart that you came with your little sister to spend her birthday with us. Your support means everything to me and everyone else associated with the band. I didn’t think I’d ever see you again but we finally met. And to me, that’s a one in a million chance.

All I know is that I want to spend more time with you. You intrigue me. Not just with your beauty but your personality. You’re only 19 but you’re so mature. Even after just one meeting with you, I can see how sweet you are. Probably as sweet as the cakes at the bakery you work at.

I very much look forward to seeing you. A friend of mine will be at the airport to pick you up. His name’s Craig and he’ll have a sign with your name on it. Have a safe trip over and I’ll see you very soon.

Harry x

The kiss at the end of the letter almost killed Bella when she first saw it. Now, seeing it for the second time, it only made her grin like a lunatic.

It was 7:30 in the evening on Thursday, the 9th of April, when the plane landed at Heathrow Airport. The lights on the wings lit up the runaway, bright against the night sky. It finally dawned on Bella that she was in the same country as Harry. It made her smile.

In the space of an hour, she exited the plane, got her luggage, went through Customs and walked out of the arrival gate. Dozens of people milled about, waiting for friends and loved ones. Dragging her large red suitcase behind her, Bella spotted a muscular man who looked like he was in his mid-thirties with brown hair. In his large hands was a sign with her name on it. She made her way over to the man and swallowed. So this is Craig. He was huge. About 6 foot 3. Bella felt like a pixie standing before him.

“You’re Bella Frost?” He asked.

“Yes, I am.”

“Follow me. The car’s waiting for you outside.”

Nodding, she followed Craig through the airport and out of the main doors, struggling to keep up with his massive strides. To her confusion, they passed the main road where all the cabs and cars were parked. Bella was about to ask where they were going when they turned a corner and a single black car was parked, well away from all the other cars. The sound of her heeled ankle boots clashed with the splitting sound of the wheels of her suitcase on the ground. Craig took her suitcase from her and placed it in the boot. It was a huge car. The colour of it was so shiny, not one imperfection. Craig came around to stand beside Bella and opened the back door for her. But instead of an empty car, Harry Styles greeted her with his beautiful dimpled smile.


Bella definitely hadn’t expected him to be there. He was a worldwide megastar, the object of desire by millions of girls around the world. And here he was, sitting in the back of a car without a care in the world. She climbed into the side seat, leaving the middle seat vacant. The car door closed as soon as she sat down. Bella now understood why the car was parked away from the public. People would go nuts if they saw Harry here. They would wonder why he’s here. In the darkness of the car, she could make out what the young Englishman was wearing. Those black jeans so tight they looked like a second skin and a white silk top, the buttons open, showing the expanse of his chest, the sleeves rolled up to reveal his biceps. His left arm was closest to hers so she saw the various tattoos inked on his skin. His hair looked so fluffy and soft to touch but Bella refrained herself from doing so. He oozed perfection and frankly, it should be illegal.

“I’m…surprised to see you here.”

“I had to come and pick you up.”

“Desperate, are you?” Bella said cheekily. Harry simply smirked, showing off his dimples. His green eyes sparkled in the minimal light and his slightly tanned skin glowed. He was too attractive and Bella had no clue what she was doing with a guy as gorgeous as him. She didn’t know what he saw in her and why he thought she was special. How am I special? Little did Bella that she would know the answer by the end of her time with Harry.

It turned out the car they were in belonged to Craig. Bella finally managed to tear her eyes away from Harry and look out of the tinted windows, the lights around the carpark bright and the sound of wheels squeaking on the gravel. As the car turned onto the main road, Harry spoke.

“We’re staying at my house tonight and tomorrow and we’ll drive to Holmes Chapel the day after.”

“Sounds good.” Bella nodded. Then, she remembered something Ashley had told her a few years back. Resting her hand on the back of her neck, she looked at Harry.

“I thought you lived with Louis?”

“Someone’s done her research.” Harry said, his eyes glinting cheekily. Bella felt her cheeks flush and she turned away. I sound like an obsessive fan. Great. The car passed the airport and her eyes latched onto the many airplanes parked and taking off, the sound of the engines quieter from the interior of the car.

“You’re right but he comes and goes. For now, he’s gone back to his home in Doncaster so we’ll have the house to ourselves.”

A shiver ran down Bella’s spine at Harry’s words. Just me and him? Alone? She knew nothing…would happen but she still felt nervous about being alone with Harry. He was a famous musician and she was an ordinary Australian girl. They were completely different. Her left hand, adorned with a silver ring on her middle finger, rested in her lap while her right hand, a silver and gold ring on her middle finger, lay beside her thigh on the soft leather of the car seat. One moment, her hand felt cold and the next, it was warm. Curious, Bella looked down and her lips parted in complete surprise.

Harry’s hand was placed over hers and his thumb rubbed her skin. It felt so wrong but it also felt so right. She didn’t know why in the hell he was doing it but she didn’t remove his hand. She raised her hazel eyes to his green ones and she found herself falling into two pools of liquid emerald. Her stomach flipped as Harry smiled at her softly. Not knowing what else to do, Bella smiled back.


It was about an hour’s drive to Harry’s house. Craig lived in the neighbourhood and that’s why he was the one Harry asked to help him pick up Bella. The car pulled up in front of a three-storey white house with a brick archway leading into the driveway. Bella found it very difficult to stop her mouth from falling open as she stared at the house. Her apartment was nothing compared to what stood in front of her. Well, I don’t have $3 million to spare.

“This is your house?” She gasped.

“Yeah. Come on. Let me give you a tour.” Harry said, patting her hand and getting out of the car. Bella checked her watch and saw it was just after 10:30pm. So it’s 7:30 in the morning tomorrow morning back home. She pulled her phone out of her pocket and typed a text to her mother.

To Mum: Hey, Mum, arrived safely in London :) I’ll call you tomorrow, love you

Her car door opened just as she pressed send. She thought it was Craig but it was Harry.

“Are you going to stay in the car all night?”

Bella bit her lip as she smiled faintly. She shook her head and moved to get out of the car. There was a gap between the ground and the car so Harry took her hand and helped her place her feet on the ground. Electricity crackled around Bella’s heart when his long fingers touched hers.

“Thank you.” She choked out. Harry nodded and let go of her hand. Bella got her suitcase out of the boot by herself and she and Harry thanked Craig before he drove off back to his own home. The neighbourhood was silent and it was just Bella and Harry standing on the curb outside the house. If I’m like this about the exterior, how am I going to react when I see inside? Bella swallowed deeply. Harry touched her arm and led her up the driveway, the front door coming into view.

“Welcome to my dwelling.” Harry smiled as he unlocked the front door and pushed it open.

The first thing Bella saw was the high ceiling. The entrance hall was huge with a gorgeous chandelier-like light hanging above, the jewels shining in the golden glow. There was a staircase leading up to the second and third levels and Harry pointed out another set of stairs that headed down to his garage. Bella couldn’t imagine the number of expensive cars he had down there.

There were four bedrooms, three full bathrooms, three reception rooms, a beautiful landscaped garden out the back and a gym, as well as a skylight on the top level which looked up into the charcoal black night. It was luxury to Bella. The size of the bathrooms were much bigger than her bedroom back in Sydney. She pinched herself to make sure she wasn’t living in a dream. No, everything was real.

“I’ve done up one of the bedrooms for you. It’s the closest one to mine.” Harry explained, leading her to a room at the other end of the hall on the second level. He opened a pure white door and let Bella enter first. The bedroom was at least double the size of her own bedroom, the walls a muted shade of white. A large window was on the right-hand side, the silk curtains drawn over it. There was a chest of drawers as well as a walk-in wardrobe. Both were empty. A lamp sat on the bedside table, casting minimal light around the room. But it was the bed that made Bella gasp. It was a king-size double bed, the headboard leather and covered with soft plush pillows that looked so comfy.

“This is beautiful, Harry.” Bella smiled, placing her suitcase next to the door, her carry bag positioned on top.

“It was no trouble. Are you hungry? Jetlagged?”

“Kind of both.”

“I’ll fix you something to eat.”

“No, no, Harry. I can do that myself.” Bella protested.

“I insist. You make yourself at home. I’ll be back in a flash.” Harry declared and disappeared from Bella’s view. She heard the sound of his boots hitting the stairs as he descended down to the first level. She was on her own now and she took the time to have a look around. However, first, she received a text from her mother.

From Mum: That’s great, darling. Have a good time with Harry and I’ll talk to you soon xx

Pocketing her phone, Bella stepped up to the bed and ran her fingers over the pure white sheets. It felt like feathers, too soft to be real. She took off her cardigan as she warm enough in her long-sleeved green blouse. She leaned down to unzip her boots and placed her sock-covered feet on the carpet. She padded over to the walk-in wardrobe and finally realised how big it was. Because it was empty, it made it look more huge than it actually was. There were separate drawers for shoes and an individual hanger just for jackets. It was beautiful.

She walked out and surprisingly found an iPhone dock with speakers. Intrigued, she grabbed it and placed it on the bed, folding her legs underneath her as she put her iPhone in the dock. I hope Harry doesn’t mind if I play a bit of music. She went into her music folder and pressed shuffle. And, unexpectedly, Story Of My Life came out of the speakers.

“Bloody fantastic…” Bella sighed but tapped her fingers against her knee to the beat of the music. And she started to sing along.

“Written in these walls are the stories that I can't explain.
I leave my heart open but it stays right here empty for days.”

Harry’s voice was soft and gentle. It took her back to when she heard the song live at Allianz Stadium. The whole crowd had sung along with the boy band, including Bella and Ashley. She was so into the song that Bella didn’t realise that Harry had entered the room, holding a plate with a simple ham and tomato sandwich on it.

“Is this song your favourite?”

Bella looked up and blushed furiously as Harry took a seat opposite her on the bed. The dim light cast shadows over his attractive face and his curly hair fell to his shoulders, the locks turning a lighter shade in the golden hue. He handed her the plate which she took gladly with a “thank you”.

“One of my favourites, yes.”

“What are your other favourites? I always wonder fans’ favourites are because they all have different opinions.”

So Bella told him what songs she liked best. There were the ones everyone knew like What Makes You Beautiful and One Thing. Then there was Little ThingsYou And IBest Song Ever, Night Changes18Clouds and Stockholm Syndrome.

“And Girl Almighty.” Bella finished.

“Wow, you like quite a few.” Harry raised his eyebrows.

“My sister is worse. She loves every single song of yours.” She responded, taking a bite of the sandwich. It was just a simple sandwich but it soothed the hunger in her stomach. And the fact that it was made by Harry Styles made her savour it more than any other sandwich she had ever eaten.

“All the 12-year-old fans say that.” Harry chuckled. Bella was just about to say something when her phone rang. The music automatically stopped playing from the dock and Bella sighed when she saw the caller ID.

“Speak of the devil.”

She took her iPhone out of the dock and answered the call.

“Little sis…”

Bells! Mum just told me you landed in London!

“Yeah, I did.”

Are you with Harry right now?

“Yeah, I am.” Bella said, making eye contact with the handsome young Englishman sitting in front of her.

I am so jealous! Can I talk to him? Please! Pleeeease!

Bella pressed her lips together and covered her phone with her hand. She asked Harry if it was alright and he nodded. So Bella put her sister on speaker and the conversation began.

“Hello, Ashley.”

Oh My God! I’m talking to Harry Styles!

Bella stifled a laugh and Harry only smiled.

“Yes, you are, love. How are you?”

I’m so good now! My friends are never going to believe me when I tell them about this at school today!

“About school, aren’t you supposed to be getting ready?” Bella asked.

It’s only 8 o’clock, Bells. I’ve still got half-an-hour before Mum drops me off.

“Well, you’re not staying on the phone for that amount of time!”

Why not?

“Because Harry and I need to sleep.”


Bella’s eyes widened at her sister’s statement. She stared at Harry who didn’t think anything of it. But she could have sworn she saw a small smirk crawl over his lips, the dimple in his left cheek more prominent than his right one. Bella tried to tell her sister that the answer was “no” but Harry beat her to it.

“No, not together, love. It’s late here and your sister is a little jetlagged. Sleep is what she needs. I need it too.”

Bella admired the way Harry handled the situation. She wanted to kiss him at that very moment. She wanted to tangle her fingers in his curly hair and cherish the feeling of his lips pressed against her own. Harry looked at her and she blushed when he winked at her. What does that mean? Oh, God…

Oh, OK. Um, can I ask one question?

“Of course, love.” Harry said sweetly.

What was your favourite song to write from FOUR?

“Oh, that’s an easy one. Stockholm Syndrome.”

That’s one of my favourites!

“I’m glad you like it.

Also, thank you for singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to me at the concert. That was the best moment of my life!

“It was our pleasure, love. Thank you for supporting us.”

I love you guys so much!

“The boys and I love you too.”

Bella caught the sound of her little sister’s small squeal on the other end of the phone call. Harry chuckled softly and that sound made Bella’s heart jump. He’s a fucking cheeseball… To watch her little sister and the front man of the biggest boy band in the world talk over the phone turned her heart to mush. It proved how kind Harry was.

“I hate to cut this short but we have to. Have a good day at school, Ash.” Bella said.

OK. Talk to you soon. Bye, Harry!

“Bye, Ashley.”

Just before Bella ended the call, both her and Harry heard Ashley cry “Mum!” and then, there was nothing.

“She’s adorable.” Harry said with a smile.

“And she can be bloody annoying.”

“Aren’t all little sisters?”

“I guess. I know you’ve got a sister, Gemma.” Bella said.

“Yes, I do. She’s about 3 years older than me.”

“Ah, so you’re the baby of the family.” Bella giggled.

“I guess I am.” Harry said with a shrug as another one of his beautiful smiles spread across his lips.

They talked for another twenty minutes about their childhood and families, their likes and dislikes, everything. Bella felt so free around Harry. She could talk to him about anything and it was wonderful. It was 11 o’clock when she finally decided to call it a night. Harry agreed and offered to take her plate down to the kitchen. He wished her a good night and kissed her forehead briefly but softly. It was a beautiful moment. Bella’s cheeks burned at the pressure of his lips on his skin. She knew they would feel even better moulding with her own.

From the soft pillows and warm sheets, it didn’t take Bella long to fall asleep. The jetlag was also responsible. Curling up in a loose fetal position, she fell into a melody of dreams full of soft lips and green eyes.


The next morning, Bella woke up with a warmth that definitely hadn’t been there when she fell asleep. Her vision was dark and blurry when she groggily opened her eyes. What she saw was not a pool of sheets but a tattooed chest. What…? Bella titled her head up and softly gasped when she laid eyes on Harry.

He was still asleep and his chest rose and fell with each breath he took. His hair lay in messy curls around his shoulders and his strong arms circled her torso, holding her close. What did we do? What did I do? She balled her fists up to her own chest and tried to get out of Harry’s grip but to no avail. She was locked into a prison that was his embrace. Hesitantly, she placed her left hand against his chest and pushed. Nothing happened. She pushed again but still nothing.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

His voice was even more beautiful and deep in the morning. Bella looked up and saw Harry’s bright green eyes staring down at her. She was pretty sure her heart stopped beating for a moment. Then, suddenly, to her own horror, tears welled up in her eyes. Harry noticed and pressed his palm to her cheek.

“Why are you crying?”

Bella lowered her eyes and choked out a sob.

“I-I-I don’t…know…I just…”

“You’re wondering why I’m in the same bed as you?” Harry asked.

Bella couldn’t bring herself to look at him. Not in the situation she was currently in. She was in the arms of Harry Styles, a member of One Direction, and loved by millions of fans everywhere. Most girls would think it would be amazing to be held by Harry in such a way but for Bella, it was extremely awkward. She couldn’t find her voice so she just nodded, feeling Harry run his thumb over the apple of her pink cheek.

“I heard you talking in your sleep.” He said. She finally managed to look at him. His expression was gentle and his bed hair was gorgeous.

“What? All the way from your bedroom?”

“You were quite loud.”

“Oh, no…What things did I say?”

“You mentioned your sister and your mother, and your father as well.” Harry said.

“Anything else?” Bella bit her bottom lip.

“You said my name quite a few times.”

“Oh, God…” Bella gasped, covering her face with her hand and turning around, her back to Harry. She was so embarrassed. No, this can’t be happening…Please let this be a dream… She felt Harry shift his position and a warm hand pressed itself against her bare shoulder.

“Hey, it’s OK, Bella.”

“No, it isn’t…It isn’t…” Bella muttered, shaking her head. How did I go from never being a Directioner to being in bed with a member of the band? How did I go from seeing them once in concert to being in Harry’s arms only two months later? This wasn’t good. She had never felt so uncomfortable in her life. Not even the comforting touch of Harry’s hand made her feel better. This wasn’t a dream. It was a nightmare.

“You were calling out my name. As soon as I held you in my arms, you stopped. I was the one who came into the bed. You must be homesick. Bella, it’s OK, honestly.”

Bella continued to shake her head as she threw the sheets off her body. She swung her black legging-clad legs over the edge of the bed and buried her face in her hands. This isn’t good at all… Goosebumps swam across her bare flesh from the cool temperature in the room. A soft sunlight streamed through the thin silk curtains but it wasn’t extremely bright. The bun Bella had put her hair in had slowly come undone during the night, long strands falling over her shoulders and down her back. But Bella didn’t care about her appearance at all right now. She cared about saying Harry’s name in her sleep. She didn’t have any control over it but it happened and she couldn’t do anything about it. But that didn’t mean she wasn’t mortified.

“Bella, love, look at me.”

Harry’s voice was calm and mellow, almost peaceful. His hand was still on her shoulder, his palm warm against her skin. How many girls would love to have Harry touch them? And here, Bella was deliberating about shifting away from his touch. But she didn’t. Instead, she turned her body halfway around to face him, her eyes darting from his green ones to the bed.

“Please look at me.” Harry begged. Bella closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She locked eyes with Harry and maintained the contact. She noticed he was sitting up too, the sheets falling to his waist, revealing his toned muscular torso and arms. To see him bare-chested was something possibly every Directioner wished for and to tell the truth, he looked great. But the situation Bella was now in, she got both embarrassed and distracted seeing so much of his skin.

“Don’t be humiliated.”

“Why shouldn’t I be?”

“There’s nothing wrong about calling out in your sleep.”

“Yeah, I get that. But I was saying your name. I hardly know you.” Bella said with wide eyes, her left hand dangling over her knee.

“Sometimes we don’t realise what we want until we see it.” Harry replied.

“Are you saying I want you?” Bella said, her eyebrows creased above her eyes. Oh, of course I want you but I’m not going to tell you that. Never.


“It sounded like you were insinuating it.”

“That’s not what I meant, Bella. All I’m saying is… Look, you’re in a completely different country. You’ve never been this far from home. You probably needed comfort and I gave it. There’s nothing to worry about, OK?” Harry said and slowly, his hand moved down to rest on her knee. It wasn’t a sexual advance but it made Bella’s nether regions tingle.

Without realising it, her eyes scanned over the expanse of his naked torso. His skin was decorated with an array of tattoos; Bella looked at each one. Two swallows on his chest and a large butterfly underneath then two fern leaves just above his hips. His left arm was more inked than his right, going from his wrist along his forearm and up his bicep. She badly wanted to trace the outline of his tattoos with her fingers. Then, a thought entered her mind. Did I touch his arms in the night? His chest? Anywhere else? No, I can’t be thinking about this… So Bella changed the subject.

“What’s the time?” She turned back around and took her phone off the bedside table, unplugging it from the charge Harry had in the room. The numbers 9:58 flashed back at her. She hadn’t slept in until ten for a long time. The last time she woke up after ten was when her sister burst into her bedroom to yell about Harry’s tweet.

“So…what’s the plan for today? We’re driving to your hometown tomorrow?” Bella double-checked as she looked over her shoulder at Harry briefly.

“Yes. I told my mum that we’d arrive around 2 o’clock. It takes about 3 to 3-and-a-half hours to get there, it depends on the traffic. I’m thinking we should leave around 11. Today, you can decide what to do. Anything you want.” The Englishman answered from behind her.

Bella’s eyes snapped up from her phone. An imaginary light bulb flashed above her head as she realised something. Keeping a firm grip on her iPhone, she turned around to face half-naked Harry Styles.

“Does that mean I’m going to meet your mother?”

“And my sister and my stepdad too.” Harry nodded.

Meet the family already? I’ve only seen him twice. We’re not even a couple. We haven’t been on a date! Her hazel eyes were big and shiny as she gaped at Harry. Her heart froze over with a newfound shock and anxiety flooded her body. Harry must have sensed her nervousness because he leaned over on his stomach, caressing the side of her face with his index finger.

“I’ve told them about you. There’s no need to be nervous.”

Bella stared into his brilliant green eyes and discovered that she couldn’t look away. In the gentle morning light, he looked so handsome. The bone structure of his face was perfect and his lips looked plump and ready to be kissed. If she wanted to, Bella could kiss him right then and there. All she had to do was lean down and close the gap between them. But she was too caught up in the glitter of his eyes to even move. She swallowed the lump in her throat and barely nodded but Harry saw it. Flashing her his dimpled smile, he rose from the bed, treating Bella to a delicious view of his slim legs. The only clothing he had was a pair of mid-thigh black shorts and they hugged his arse perfectly.

“I’ll leave you to get changed. Feel free to have a shower if you want to. Come downstairs when you’re ready and we’ll have breakfast.”

And with that, he left, leaving Bella a mess of feminine hormones. Seeing him almost naked made her own sexual organs tingle with desire. That was who I was cuddling all night. Shit… The heat that had radiated off of Harry’s body when she woke up had been wonderful, like he was her personal heater. Bella was only clothed in a pair of leggings and a dark blue singlet. She had already experienced a lot of intimacy with Harry without knowing hardly anything about him. Sure, they had talked through texts and calls and the conversation they had last night was great but one conversation wasn’t enough. However, Bella was attracted to him on both a physical and emotional level. There was no doubt that she wanted to kiss him and make him hers but she also wanted to connect with him mentally. Connect with his youthful heart. Because her own poor little heart couldn’t handle much more of this.

Before she got dressed for the day, Bella decided to call her mother. She needed to speak to someone other than Harry because the subject she wanted to discuss was Harry. It was 7 o’clock in the evening back in Sydney so she knew her mother would be watching television or cleaning the apartment. Either way, she’d have her phone with her. It only took two rings for her mother to pick up.


“Hi, Mum. How are you?”

Good. It’s quiet without you here.

“It’s Ash who makes me loud because she gets on my nerves.” Bella laughed.

Hey, hey, now. Don’t be mean. And speaking of Ashley, she told me she talked to Harry this morning.

“Yeah. She called me before school to talk to me and Harry happened to be with me at the time. She practically begged me to let her speak to him. Harry agreed and they spoke. He was so sweet to her, Mum.”

All I got from Ashley was her hyperventilating. She was more hyped up than when she went to the concert. You said he was sweet?

“He was, Mum. He was smiling when he talked to her. He kept her calm.”

Well, my eldest daughter sounds smitten.

Bella could see her mother’s smiling face in her head, just from the way she spoke. She walked over to the window and pulled the curtains away. Below was the huge garden, blooming with flowers as the season was Spring and fresh greenery grew along a pathway that led through the garden. The sun was warm on her skin but it felt good. Bella still couldn’t believe where she was. I’m in Harry Styles’ house and I slept in his arms… What did I do to deserve this? Bella knew the answer. Nothing. I’ve done nothing at all. So why am I being treated so beautifully? For a moment, she forgot she was the phone to her mother. When she found the courage to speak her mind, she did.

“Mum…I think I’m falling for Harry.”

Her mother’s response was a response she hadn’t expected at all.

That’s great, darling.

“Uh…what…How is it great?”

Well, he seems like a wonderful young man, darling. And he’s very handsome too.

“But…he’s this huge superstar. And I’m just an ordinary girl who works in a bakery. We wouldn’t exactly be a power couple.”

It’s got nothing to do with power, Bella. If there’s attraction, then it’s meant to be.

“But what if he’s not attracted to me?”

Are you even listening to yourself, darling? Harry gave you his number and asked you to go over to London to spend time with him AND he payed for your trip. Of course he’s attracted to you. He wouldn’t do it for just anyone. And how could he not like you? You’re beautiful, caring, funny and strong.

“That’s biased of you to say. You’re my mother.”

I’m only stating the truth, Bella. I haven’t met Harry but if you’re staying at his house, of course he must feel something for you. Don’t doubt yourself. If there’s a chance, go for it. Otherwise, you’ll regret it later if you don’t.

Bella stared out at the morning sky, a perfect blue. Fortunately, it didn’t look like it was going to rain today. She drank in her mother’s words. Is he attracted to me? Should I make a move before it’s too late? But Bella didn’t want to throw herself at Harry like some crazy fangirl. He had experienced enough of that over the last five years. When I called out for him in my sleep, he could’ve stayed in his own bed. But he came and held me. Does that mean something? Was that a sign? Bella clamped her hand over her hot forehead and sighed.

“Do you think I have a chance with Harry, Mum?”

I believe you do, sweetheart. You two would look beautiful together.

Tears formed in her eyes as she sucked in a breath. She imagined an image of herself and Harry, standing together. She was only about 13 centimetres off him so she could easily tuck her head in the crook of his neck. Hazel and green eyes complimenting each other. Sweet smiles shining pearly white. It was like a dream. Bella longed for the taste of his lips, his warm breath in her mouth and his hands fisted in her wavy hair. What a feeling that would be…

So what are you doing with him? Are you going to hang about London?

“Uh, I don’t know what we’re doing today but Harry’s taking me to his hometown in Cheshire tomorrow to meet his mother, stepdad and sister.”

You see, Bella? That’s proof right there that he likes you. He wants to introduce you to his family.

“I guess you’re right, Mum.”

Mother knows best.

Bella could hear her mother’s cheeky laugh on the other end of the line. She loved her mother. Just as any daughter thought, her mother was the best mother in the world. Jo accepted Bella’s decisions and comforted her when her life took a turn for a worst, mainly with what happened with her ex. Bella was thousands of kilometres away from her family, her friends, her home, everything she knew. She was with a gorgeous hunk who she fancied hugely. It was incredible. In the space of a couple of months, her life had changed so much.

Well, I won’t keep you any longer. Have fun with Harry, darling, and make the most of it.

“I will. I’ll talk to you soon.”

Bye, darling.

“See you, Mum.”

The line cut off and Bella lowered her phone from her ear. She smiled to herself. If Mum thinks I’ve got a chance, maybe I have. And with that thought, she went to her suitcase and searched through her clothes to pick out something good to wear.


Harry's POV

He waited for her downstairs in the spacious open kitchen. Toast and bacon were on the menu for breakfast. He thought about eggs but he knew that wasn’t a good thing to eat after air travel. As he placed the bread in the toaster, Harry remembered when he heard Bella calling out in her sleep the night before.

While Bella thought it was humiliating, Harry found it sweet. When she told him she’d never been out of Australia, he knew that when she came to London, that would cause some side effects. Harry knew how hard it was to be away from family for long periods of time, due to touring and promoting albums.

At first, Harry just heard her mumbling through her open door. Then, there were whispers of Ashley and her parents. He knew Bella’s mother and father were divorced and he understood the sadness of parents separating because it happened to his own parents when he was seven. While he waited for the toast to pop up, his mind flashed back to when he comforted Bella in her sleep.


He approached the doorway to the bedroom she was in. The house was dark but soft moonlight shone through the windows. Harry thought he imagined his name but then, faintly, he heard it again. He leaned against the doorframe on his arm as he looked at the figure underneath the sheets, dwarfed by the huge bed.


Her voice was so gentle. Harry was one of the simplest and normal names in the world but the way Bella said it did something to him. He didn’t know what it was about this girl but he liked her. Maybe more than he should after spending hardly any time with her. He was drawn to her like a moth to a flame. He couldn’t stay away.

Careful not to wake her up, Harry walked into the bedroom and around the edge of the bed. He peered down at Bella in the dark. Her hair was up in a bun and she had wrapped the sheets around her, her left hand resting on the pillow in front of her face. She’s saying my name…Is she dreaming about me? Harry didn’t know. What he knew was that he couldn’t just leave her. Otherwise she would continue to talk until she woke up. He knew it was a forward move but he couldn’t think of anything else to do.

Harry slowly pulled the sheets away from the mattress and settled his long legs in the right position, the rest of his body following suit. He pulled the sheets up over his naked torso and shuffled closer to Bella to hold her in his arms. She was warm and her murmuring stopped as soon as he pulled her to his chest. He stroked her tied-back hair with his left hand as he left a featherlight kiss on her forehead. Harry had been in bed with women before but he hadn’t cuddled a woman like he was doing now for a while. There was no lust. Only desire to console her.

Her fingers rested against his bare skin and Harry smiled to himself. Her touch was hot and made his member twitch in his shorts. It didn’t take him long to fall asleep, holding a woman he desired but didn’t know she desired him just as much.

The ‘ping’ of the toaster made him jump. Harry was so lost in the memory, too deep and he didn’t even realise it. He took out the newly toasted bread and placed them on two clean plates. He began to fry the bacon and as that was simmering, he got some jam and butter out of the fridge. Harry didn’t know if Bella wanted either topping but he got both out just in case.

He heard the sound of someone coming down the stairs and he waited with anticipation. He moved the bacon across the frypan and turned around to see Bella enter the open kitchen. What she didn’t know was that she took Harry’s breath away.

Her legs were slim in her dark denim skinny jeans. We both love skinny jeans. Something we have in common… He thought cheekily. She had socks on but no shoes yet. She must have had a shower because her hairline looked a little damp. Bella had left her wavy brown locks loose, hanging down to the middle of her back. Her plaid shirt… Harry had never seen a woman look so sexy in a plaid shirt. It was a red one with three-quarter length sleeves, the first couple of buttons to reveal her tanned chest. God, she was beautiful and Harry didn’t want to let her slip through his fingers.

“Morning, Harry.” Bella said, her Australian accent prominent. She still sounded a little nervous, after what had just transpired between them back in the bedroom.

“Morning, love. Did you have a good shower?”

“The bathroom’s damn huge! It’s bigger than my bedroom back home!”

Harry chuckled and turned his attention to finish frying the bacon. He indicated with his hand for her to take a seat on one of the chair surrounding the marble kitchen counter. He told her she could help herself to the toast and choice of topping. The bacon sizzled as Harry heard the sound of a knife being scraped along the toasted bread.

“I hope you like bacon.” He said over his shoulder.

“I do.”

Harry turned around holding the frypan handle in one hand and a spatula in the other. He served the bacon on Bella’s plate and she thanked him politely with her smile that made Harry’s stomach turn upside-down. He started to eat his own food, resting his elbows on the counter. Bella took a bite of her jam-covered toast and held the fork in her right hand, ready to try the bacon. Harry watched her. He could feel her anxiety. It had grown since they were in the bed. He decided to stop her worrying by bringing about a different subject.

“So what do you want to do today?”

“You know more about London than me. I really don’t know.” Bella shrugged.

“There’s a café about a ten-minute walk from here. If we go to the main city, there’ll be drama.” Harry said. The moment he was seen with a girl, newspapers and magazines always blew up with theories. Better to stay around here.

“I agree.” Bella nodded.

“Would you like to see the rest of the neighbourhood first?” Harry suggested. It made his heart rise when he saw her hazel eyes shine with excitement. The corners of her lips tugged up and she nodded.

“Yeah. I like the sound of that.”

Harry couldn’t help but smile. A feeling came over him, the same feeling he had last night in the car ride from the airport, as he hesitantly reached across the counter, placing his hand over Bella’s left one, which lay on the counter. She was in the middle of chewing a piece of bacon and he watched her eyes fall onto his hand on top of hers. A softness spread across her face as she moved her fingers underneath his palm. She looked at him, two bright hazel eyes staring into Harry’s soul. He didn’t know what was happening. The only thing he knew was that Bella was a kind beautiful girl. A kind beautiful girl he was quickly falling for.

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