Ed & I

the story of my first summer love and how it changed my life


8. Valentines Day

By February I was a very happy girl, I was working a few causal jobs, seeing Ed nearly every night and pre paring to leave for 'the big apple' in early March.

Valentine's Day was coming up and it would be Ed and my first couple holiday thing together. I knew what I was going to get, well I guess actually make him for his present, as I knew very well the key to his happiness was easily found through chocolate and desserts.

Ed’s basketball season had started and it was a good event to attend each week. I would get a chance to chat to Rosie and anyone else from the group who came to watch, then Ed and I would get dinner and go home to rest and spend time together.

Valentine’s Day was a busy but exciting day for me. I had to go to the American embassy to get my American travel visa really early in the morning. Ed was working during the day so I spent time with my friends in the city doing girly things. At night Ed picked me up before his basketball game with the promise of a very special dinner afterwards.

I was so tired from the long day, but I knew Ed had plans and I loved his surprises. Ed injured his ankle during the games and I knew it was hurting him, but he tried not to show it as we made our way to dinner.

We went to a very nice Chinese restaurant near Ed’s house and they had Valentine's Day menu which were so cute. There were pink balloons and roses everywhere and the food was very tasty. Ed surprised me at the end of the night with a beautiful heart necklace and a bunch of roses of my very own.

As March got closer I began to worry often about my future, as well as the future of Ed and my relationship. We knew in reality we couldn't do long distance because it would be hard on our emotions not actually seeing each other in person. Like all girls who are a little head over heels for a boy, I wished for a happily ever after.

Ed had already made plans to come visit if he could while I was in New York and we had agreed to keep in contact as much as possible. I said goodbye to Ed and all my friend a week before I left and spent the last few days planning, packing and visiting family to say goodbye to them. 

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