Ed & I

the story of my first summer love and how it changed my life


2. Rosies Surprise

'Beep Beep' I hit the snooze on my alarm. Rosie and my other friend Alex have stayed the night at my house. Today is VCE results day and we all went out last night for a pre celebration. My feet hurt from the stupid high heels I choose to wear last night and my whole body feels dehydrated and disgusting.

I grab my Donna and go sit on the leather couches in the lounge. I usually hate mornings but my hazy state of mind feels like sitting outside to get some air. Unfortunately considering it is wet outside the couch is as close to the back door as I'll get. The girls wake up after a while and we all try to find some type of breakfast foods in the kitchen. My mum had gone away for the weekend, so there's not as much food as normal in the house.

We spend the morning on the couch, chatting and watching TV. We are all still sleepy so it takes a while to make a plan for the day. Alex is getting her VCE results via email so she is glued to her computer, reloading her Internet every 2 minutes. Rosie and I have opted to have our score texted to our phones, so we are checking them every two minutes too. 
Considering we ate breakfast at 1pm most if the day is over by 4. We have all received our scores and have called our parents to share the news. We decide to go shop for dinner and other food, the girls are staying again tonight.

Rosie as always decides to bring up mystery boy while we are out shopping. Mystery boy who I’ve come to find is Rosie's older brother best friend and his names is Ed. I try not to smile when she talks about him. I know she will try and plan something sneaky and I don’t want to encourage her, but honestly that night with mystery boy was a very fun night.
I run into the chemist to get chewy while Alex and Rosie wait in the car with the shopping. When I return they both have the strangest faces, like they just did something bad. I try to find out what's going on all the way home and try my hardest to convince Alex to tell me, but they both won't say anything.

After a while I give up and we sit down in the lounge to start movie night.Rosie leaves to go to the bathroom after the first movie. When she is gone I beg Alex to tell me what happened. She finally tells me, Rosie has invited her brother and Ed to come over later tonight for movies but she a shored me that she is not sure if they will.
I'm only a tiny bit shocked as I had assumed it was something to do with mystery boy (I still like to call him that) but I am still freaking out that they are coming here and would probably stay considering it was already late in the night.

 Alex tells Rosie that I know the secret and Rosie smiles at me, I smile back once again trying to hide that I was supper nervous and a little bit excited. We put in another movie. I can't pay attention anymore. I'm mentally working out what we will eat and what the boys will want to do when they arrive, and where the hell they will sleep. They can sleep on the couch but if my sister comes home she will freak that there are boys she's doesn't know in the house.

At around 11 I hear a knock at the door, Alex goes to answer the door. Rosie is again smiling at my nervousness. She whispers and laughs at me to calm down, I hear multiple footsteps in the corridor, Alex walks in laughing and chatting to Rosie's brother and following them is Ed...Yes mystery boy in my house.

Since graduation night and finding out mystery boy wasn't such a mystery, I have seen photos of Ed on Rosie's Facebook and talked to her about him a bit. Rosie has told me that he was not at all drinking the night at the club and he didn't usually go to clubs because he doesn't like one night stands etc.

Ed smiles at me as he says hi to Rosie on the couch next to me. I smile back, but I feel all nervous and shy. I mean I haven't seen this boy since I basically ran away from him at the club almost 3 weeks ago. I say a quick hello to Rosie's brother and tell him to choose a movie while I make food for them.

I try to calm myself down while I'm in the kitchen but I can feel eyes on me, and I'm too nervous to check whose they are. I stay in the kitchen and act busy for as long as possible, getting everyone drinks. I tidying random parts of the house that are already clean since no rooms but mine and the lounge have been used since mums been away.

We sit and watch a few movies until Alex goes to bed and Rosie's brother decides to head home for work in the morning. So now it's just Rosie, Ed and me in my lounge room with not a lot to do. We try to watch one more movie but we are getting to sleepy. I hear Rosie whispering to Ed but I try to pretend I don't notice. After a while I get up to get ready for bed and Rosie follows me.

Alex has gone to sleep in my mum’s room which is strange but I don't mind. When I come out of the bathroom I find Ed sitting on my bed and Rosie and her stuff is not in my room anymore. He Said’s Rosie told him he could stay with me, of course she did.  I Nod my head and yawn as I get into my extremely comfortable SINGLE sized bed.

Ed takes off his shoes and jacket and gets under one of my two layers to lie next to me, he starts to ask questions and talk about things but I don't know how to respond. We talk a little as I roll to face away from him to sleep. After a while he stops talking and suggests he might go home.

By this stage I can hear the morning birds and I can't believe I’ve been awake the whole night. Ed puts his shoes on and walks to the front of the house. I stay at my door as I don't really want to stand outside and watch him leave. I hear revs of a motor bike and a zoom has he drives away.

I'm going to kill Rosie tomorrow that was a very awkward situation that I was not prepared for at all.


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