Ed & I

the story of my first summer love and how it changed my life


7. Is it official?

Ed and I started dating a couple of weeks after that movie night. Rosie loved it and I spent a lot more time with their friends, now that I was kind of with ed. Ed and I spent birthdays together and meet each other's parents. I liked that part, it was just like the movies.

We learnt a lot about each other and I loved having someone to spend Christmas and New Years with. Alex went away for Christmas, so to Rosie and I spent lots of our time together with our 'boyfriends'. Well Ed hadn't asked me out officially yet, unlike like Rosie's boyfriend, but I didn't mind too much as there was always the issue of me leaving for America in a few months.

In early January, Ed started talking our relationship very seriously. We were nearly always together. We had a few fights but they always ended with not too much damage and we continued to grow as a couple.

January 6th is a day I will never forget. It started like most other Sunday's, Ed and I had stated up watching movies all Saturday night and slept in Sunday. Before going to lunch and catching up with Rosie or one of Eds other friends.

We had a party to go to that night but I was upset with Ed already. He was hiding something from Rosie, I felt torn about who to tell and how to be involved in the situation. In the end I told Rosie's mum, who I had known for a couple of years and she told me to tell Rosie what I knew before the party, so I didn't  feel so bad, then get her and Ed to work out the issue after the party. So that's what I did, but still resulted in a pretty big fight.

After the party Ed and I had talked out the situation and gone back to our normal night routine of movies and cuddles on the couch. It was getting pretty late and I was so tired from the drama of the night. While Ed and I were talking about random things from the movies, he surprised me by asking me to be his girlfriend. It was a big shock, but as usual it occurred in a very odd Ed way, Of course I said yes.

I don't think I ever realised before that night, how wonderful it felt to know you mean so much to someone, and how much it makes you trust and appreciate the relationships you have.  I tried my hardest to be a great girlfriend but we still had our fights and issues. I tried to live in the moment and not worry about the future, like part of me always did. Ed was here with me, he like me for me and we had so much fun together. 


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