Ed & I

the story of my first summer love and how it changed my life


9. Im a NYC girl now

'Are you having fun, have u been to the Empire State Building yet?'
Ed and I talked nearly every day since id arrived In New York about a month ago. The time difference was a bit strange, but we just replied to each other's messages when we could and sometimes called each other on Skype to see each other’s faces.

I had made a few new friends who were also au pairs in New York and I was having fun doing things with my host family. We did different activities nearly every weekend and I love taking care of the kids. There were times where I missed home but I got to talk to my friends and see what they were up to with their lives on Facebook and stuff.

Ed told me in May that he and Jake had planned a trip and he was going to come visit me in July. I was excited but I also knew that it was a while away and a lot would happen before then. I still spent lots of my free time planning fun things we could do and I was looking forward to showing him 'My New York'

My Au pair friends and I took a road trip to Boston for one weekend in spring, it was absolutely amazing. I love seeing a new place in America. We went to all the tourist spots and all the American restaurants and just had fun getting to know each other more and learn about our different cultures.

I started to be home sick less and started to enjoy my new life and friends a lot. I had finally gotten used to the new routine of life. Being with the kids during the day and then either my friends or doing family things at night. My host family were amazing, they took me to all their favourite places and to all the cheesy tourist places. We went to lots of restaurants and explore many areas of New York.

As Eds visit got closer we talked more and more. I felt comfortable with the fact that we still enjoyed each other's company and that not a lot had changed in the few months id been away. I told my host family about the visit and they were excited for me to have a friend from home visit, and they'd get to meet another 'Australian'.

I would message Ed daily before he arrived with all the things I had planned for us. I had planned a few days for him to stay at the house with me and do all the things I like doing in my area of New York. Then I had also saved up lots of my pay to treat us both to a few nights at a semi fancy Manhattan hotel. Which would be amazing and we could go to all the touristy places together, as well as all my favourite American restaurants and shops.

Ed was arriving on July 5th. Which was the end of a public holiday weekend in America. I spent most of the week before planning a celebrations and activities with the kids and my host family. This kept me distracted and my crazy nerves under control, which was very necessary considering how anxious I was about Eds visit.

As always Ed had been assuring me everything was going to be okay and that he couldn't wait to see me. Every time I told him I was stressed and anxious about his visit. He shared my excitement about visiting all the different places I was going to take him.

He had suggested a few activities himself. One of which was shopping which surprised me, till he told me it was for video games and boys stuff that was apparently cheaper in America than Australia. I don't often say this about shopping but BORING

I had been messaging with Ed all day on July 5th. I had barely slept the night before, mostly because of nerves but also because there was a 4th of July party at the house the day before, and the kids were up late with lots of residual energy from all the party food.

Opening the front door and seeing Ed the next day was a great feeling. I was still nervous but really happy to. We spent some time with my host family so they could meet Ed and he could meet the kids. They loved him especially the older boy, who was very happy to have someone to play sport games with.

After the kids went to bed my host parents went out for dinner and Ed and I stayed in the lounge watching TV and chatting. I didn't realize until that moment how much I had missed cuddling Ed and being able to relax with him like we did at home. It was nice and it made me feel a lot less anxious now that he was here and happy.

The next day we spent mostly in bed. Watching movies. Playing games or just resting. Ed was very tired from all the flying and I enjoyed any opportunity to sleep in, considering most of my mornings start at 7am, with the kids and school drop offs.

Later in the week we went into the city to stay in the hotel I had booked. It was beautiful, the bed was super comfortable and there were nice restaurants and shops nearby. I was completely over being nervous about things and Ed and I had slipped right back into how things were at home.

I like having him around to share experiences and things with. We still had our little fights about silly things but overall we were just happy to be together and experiencing the magic of New York.  We watched movies at night, had lazy mornings of walking around the city or lazing around the hotel. We went to many restaurants and tourist spots and 'just a few' shops. 

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