Ed & I

the story of my first summer love and how it changed my life


4. House Party

The summer was fun, I would work a couple of days in my babysitting and retail jobs, the other days would be with Rosie and the girls at the beach or at lunch or just chilling at home, at night going out with people to different night clubs or parties.

I'd seen Ed a few times and we did chat but I mostly stayed near the girls. He had gotten my number off Rosie so we texted sometimes too. I knew he was kind of interested in me, but I was not confident enough or shore enough of myself to ever openly reciprocate his interest.

One weekend before uni started Rosie's friend Olivia had a house party at a funky little apartment near Rosie's. Ed had asked if I was going and said he would see me there. This still gave me a nervous yet excited feeling.

It was a great night, lots of my friends were there. Later in the night when Ed and Rosie's brother arrived, Ed started paying lots of attention to me and being the cute guy I remembered, all be it vaguely, from the club. I was still nervous around him and stayed with the girls most of the night. Just so I didn't look over interested in just being with Ed. I think it annoyed him a bit, because I didn't look interested in listening to him. Eventually He went home and I went home with Rosie a bit after that.

I didn't know what to do about the whole situation. The girls knew I liked him and kept trying to convince me to show him or just tell him, but I was too scared and confused about what would happen, nothing like this had ever happened in my life before.


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