Ed & I

the story of my first summer love and how it changed my life


6. First sleepover

My year got a little crazier when I found out that the application I submitted to be an au pair in America had been accepted and I would be moving to live in New York by the following March.
Ed and I had become great friends but I was still too nervous to take anything to the next level. We had learnt a lot about each other and I had seen him a few times without Rosie or any of the girls being around.

In September Ed invited me over to watch movies at his house. Alone. I was in a positive mood and had told Rosie that I was going, so her excitement made me very happy.
I got there just before dinner and we chatted for a bit before heading out to get Chinese from the local take away place. Everything was going great, I think he knew I was nervous though because he wasn't being too forward, only a few hugs and touches.
As the night went on I forgot about being nervous around Ed. we started cuddling while we watched movies, He liked to ask questions. I guess this is normal when you’re getting to know someone, but it became a funny truth or dare or 20 questions type game.

After a few movies we went to bed. We continued chatting and cuddling till Ed started kissing my neck and then my cheek. He started to hold me closer and whisper to me softly. Everything felt nice, just like when he held me and kissed me at the nightclub.

Waking up in the morning felt strange. I wasn't as awkward as I imagine, not a lot was different between Ed and I. other than feeling more confident when we touched or hugged each other when he dropped me at home. He defiantly had me under a spell now.


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