Ed & I

the story of my first summer love and how it changed my life


5. Easter fun

The summer ended and my first year of university started. It's was fun, I was doing interior design which was lots of fun and Lilly had a part time job around the corner, so we always meet up for lunch breaks. I saw Alex and Rosie and all my other friends on the weekends when I could, but everyone was busy now.

I found myself being very interested in Ed’s life. I would text him often and we would send each other things on Facebook all the time. I tried hide my new found interest in Ed, as I knew my friends would tell him at the first opportunity.

Around Easter time there was another party on at Ed and Rosie's friend’s house. This time I felt more comfortable around everyone, I was still nervous about seeing Ed especially since the last weird encounter and to make matters worse it was a sleepover, so he would be around all night.

Rosie's mum dropped Alex, Rosie and I at Rosie's friend Tom's house at about 5pm. There were a few people there already and everyone was stilling outside. Rosie and tom were sort of dating, so I knew she would be spending the whole night with him. This left me and Alex together all night which I was fine with.

After it started getting dark we ate pizza and watched movies in the big lounge room. Rosie was with tom at the other end of the couch from Alex and I. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Jake, Rosie's brother teasing Ed to sit next to me. It was cute but also make me a bit nervous, so I tried to pretend I didn't notice by distracting myself with Alex and the other people at the sleepover.

The movies finished around 2am and Alex and I went to bed, Ed had gone home with Jake and Rosie was asleep on the couch with tom.
Surprisingly, I feel asleep quickly that night. I had a big beautiful sleep in till the smell of pancakes woke us out of our slumber and into the kitchen. 

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