Ed & I

the story of my first summer love and how it changed my life


10. coming home

Although I loved my life In New York and my host family. I wasn't too excited about Eds impending departure back to Australia in a few days. I tried not to let it show but Ed always new when I was worried. He would remind me of all the things I had to look forward to and that we would continue to talk as much as we could just like before.

A few days later Ed was packing his stuff to go home. We were back at the house because it was closer to the airport and I had to work the next day when he was leaving. We had a quiet night together the night before, getting take away from the local restaurant and staying In Bed chatting and cuddling.

I knew I was going to miss him a lot, but I tried really hard on focusing on the positives of the rest of my year in America. I knew I'd be busy with the kids and doing more fun things with my friends. The morning Ed left I had been up working and getting the kids ready for school already. We gave each other big hugs and promised to talk as soon as possible.

After Ed left it was summer holidays, so my host family and I went on lots of road trips. I spent lots of time with my friends visiting the beaches and doing fun summer activities.

I meet a nice guy in October named Zac. He was the nephew of a work friend of my host dads, he had come to visit for lunch one day. I like spending time with him, he had travelled a lot and lived I different places including my hometown Melbourne.

We went to dinner and movies and different activities. He was a great break from the routine of my work. Nothing to serious ever happened but it was nice to have someone who enjoyed my company, like I did his.

In December my host family were moving to New Jersey which was a couple of hours from where we lived in Brooklyn. I hadn't seen Zac or my friends a lot, mostly because everyone was busy working over Christmas holidays.
We moved in the first week of January. I didn't really say a big goodbye to anyone because we all lived around the city and would meet up again when we could.
My host family had a new baby now, so I spent a lot of time inside with the kids we were currently going through the coldest and snowiest winter ever, well it felt like it anyway.

I still talked to Ed on and off. We didn't really discuss 'relationships' or anything, more just how home was or life in general. We still flirted and made each other smile.

I was completely enjoying being in America and savouring every memory before I left in March. I felt like I'd grown so much, I didn't worry about things as much as I used to and I was  mostly happy with who I was myself. I attributed this mostly to the amazing people id met and the recent experience of being independent.

The next few months after January were pretty crazy but fun seeing family and friends. In early February I heard through friends that Ed was seeing a new girl and they were getting serious pretty quickly. This upset me somewhat and I knew I'd have feeling about it when I saw it for myself, but for now I just lived in the moment and enjoyed my life like I had been for a while.

I had gone on a vacation to Florida just before coming home. It was amazing week of new food, new friends and lots of new experiences. Just what I needed after a life changing year and before returning to a year of new possibilities.
I returned home in March and went to live with my dad at the beach, mainly to get used to being home again and create some idea of what was going to happen for me next. I spent some time in the city with my friends having sleepovers and dinners just like I used to.

After being home for about a month everything started to feel normal again, being back in the city was nice. I went to lunch with one of my high school friends Matt. We always had fun together talking about high school drama and all that had occurred since. Matt had become friends with a few of my other girl and guy friends since high school, including Ed. After joking around a bit and finding somewhere to eat, Matt caught me up on all he had done and herd while Id been away.

Matt told me that he had heard about Eds new girl, but be didn't know too much information, mostly because he hadn't seen Ed in a few months. Matt said that he had herd Ed had been having quiet a lot of fun since returning from his holiday last August.

One of these people Ed had apparently had 'had fun' with was one of my good friends Milly. They had met while Ed and I were dating, and she had kind of dated another friend of ours. Ed had made some jokes about being attracted to her since they met, which he knew upset me but I knew he wouldn’t act on it at least while we were together.

I was surprisingly effected by this information. I had moved on from Ed in the past few months, but this situation hit to close to home. All my residual emotions that I'd failed to feel while being distracted this year had also combined to the point where I didn’t know what to do or think about the situation.

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