Jess and Andrew is a lovely pair in high school, they had a love problem and things didn't go well. They were desperate but things got worse, Jess got cancer and was dragged away from her beloved one.


2. School

"Actually, I'm heading to class now, I miss you." Said Jess making a duck face." me too" answered Andrew, "I'll catch you up during recess."

  They each headed up to class. Jess was a smart girl who likes math and science. Andrew was a sporty guy who doesn't really like studying, sometimes people wonder why they can get along with each other and even start dating.

   (Ding Ding, text from Jess: "hey I am going to walk in the hallway, wanna come so we can meet? ;p") (ding ding, text from Andrew: sure I'm comin:)")  They met each other at the drinking fountain outside the classroom. "I can't learn, I kept thinking about you..." sighed Jess. "Me too Jess."said Andrew, "I do to." They kept talking until they reached back to the classroom. "Bye." ( kiss) said Jess as she kisses Andrew on the cheek. 



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