Jess and Andrew is a lovely pair in high school, they had a love problem and things didn't go well. They were desperate but things got worse, Jess got cancer and was dragged away from her beloved one.


4. School confusion.

  "Hey, umm mind bringing me on a tour around school?" Asked Hannah which was kind of shy. " sure! Why not!" Answered Andrew. The two went out to the hall and started touring.  "Isn't that Andrew?" Asked Melanie. "Umm why is he with another girl?" Asked Sophia. "I don't see him, let's just go." Answered Jess, pretending she saw nothing. "

  After their tour, Andrew went to get Jess for lunch. "So, having fun with that girl?" Asked Jess feeling rather hurtful. " She is a new girl, I just toured her around." Replied Andrew feeling kind of awkward. "Okay then." Said Jess. They kept eating and went back to their class.


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