Jess and Andrew is a lovely pair in high school, they had a love problem and things didn't go well. They were desperate but things got worse, Jess got cancer and was dragged away from her beloved one.


3. New girl

  it was he second day of school. As normal, Andrew picked Jess up and drove her to school. They went to their classrooms and start class.

" Hmm, good morning class, today we have a new classmate." Announced MS. Laura. " Who?" Asked Dan who was so curious. "Meet Hannah, she is your new classmate! Say welcome!" The class cheered and clapped as a welcome ceremony for Hannah.

  Hannah was a pretty girl, she had short blond hair and had lovely emerald colour eyes, she had a beautiful face and she was very sporty. She is a tennis player. "Sit down Hannah, find a seat. Now let's start our lesson..." continued MS. Laura. " Hi Hannah, I'm Andrew." Greeted Andrew. "Hey, nice to meet you." Replied Hannah smiling like she never met a nice guy. 


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