Evidence of moonlight

For the idea of the person I used to love.


1. universe

Have you ever thought about the universes within things?

Many things within our all-too-small universe hold universes of their own.

The centre of a flower

An iris

the centre of an iris holds a most beautiful being

The edge of the seem on the right arm sleeve

cotton woven through fabric

so precise

so pleasing to a mind riddled with impulses of an obsessive nature.

The most beautiful of these inside universes

is the one you find in eyes.

Eyes have a beautiful curvature of straight lines making circles out of squares.

Eyes can be very telling

an entire tale told in the media of dilation within pupils

Their eyes tell a story

the most beautifully sad tale ever told

I love when they tell me it, which is every time they open their eyes.

Those silver eyes, they'll get me every time.

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