Evidence of moonlight

For the idea of the person I used to love.


6. The Lake

Someone will decide they will try to love you. You think they will not be able to. But they try, oh do they try. They take you to new places at every opertunity they get, they hold your hand all the way there, the entirety of the time you are there, and they dont let go until you both find your way home through entanglements of kisses and embrasses you never feel the urge to want to break away from. Each time you arrive at this new place, you close your eyes in anticipation, they wrap their arms around your waiste and say to you "open your eyes" you open your eyes. "what do you think?" they whisper whilst leaving a stray kiss abandoned upon your neck. You blink and inhale a little too quickly because, even though they do this every time, you still dont expect their lips above your shoulder. You take a moment to think of something to say. A little too long of a moment. And after much consideration you say "its beautiful" its beautiful. You say that every time. You say that because it is a beautiful scene but, ill tell you secret. I know that you say that because you think they are beautiful. The most beautiful being you have ever laid eyes upon. You turn, wrap your arms around their neck and press your forhead against theirs in an attempt to send a telepathic message that you love them... that one may just be me... still. You carry on. Your everyday wondering. Life may not be perfect, but they are.

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