Evidence of moonlight

For the idea of the person I used to love.


3. My darling thief


How could you?

How could you possibly do it?

After all this time

You stole my most vital organ

and I am still solemnly waiting for it's inevitable return.

This pump has always found its way back to me

it always crawls back into my chest.

I have never questioned its return

it never seemed to question it either.

The thief would never keep their stolen goods,

they would never keep it for me.

You stole it in the sun,

 the water dancing off our skin

a laugh

a smile

and those eyes-

your main tools of thievery.

You used to do it for fun,

steal a person's most precious possession

play with it

manipulate it

crush it.

They were such cruel acts, my love.

So many of those gems were shattered by you.

I simply ask that you let mine live.

Keep it, my darling, for it will treat you well.

I am sorry, my love

the treasure I stole from you I have dented

I have harmed a possession I hold most dear

I did to you what many others have

during your reign of thieving destruction.

All I can say, my love, is I'm sorry.

But I beg you, my darling,

I beg only this:

keep the rock you stole from me

keep it, and keep it true,

I vow from now I'll be true to thee

and I will always be in love with you.

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