Evidence of moonlight

For the idea of the person I used to love.


2. Just incases



Please be safe


jump off a cliff with a piece of fabric to make you fly

but please be safe


join the army and run onto the battle field in a rain of bullets

but please, please be safe.

I don't mean the kind of safe where you are wrapped up in bubble wrap and sit in the corner all day waiting for all your problems to go away


I mean my safe

The safe where you tell the person you love that they are the one you love because you may not get another chance.

Just in case its the last time

the just in case "I love you"'s

the just in case "you mean a lot to me"'s

just in case complements

just in case comments of appreciation



vows made just in case you never get to make them again.

Think about your "just in cases"

I wish we lived in a just in case world.


I forget to think about my "just in cases"

I don't tell you I love you every single second.


Robin, just in case I don't get the chance again:

I love you.

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