Evidence of moonlight

For the idea of the person I used to love.


4. Darling

We are imperfect, thee and me

I am a madman and you're in the sea

far from view and further from me.

I cannot save you, my darling dear

you're all alone so you're forced to fear

everything that surround you here.

I'm sorry I can't help you

I'm far away, always changing the hue

from red, to black, to green, to blue.

You are on your own, my only love

you're too far away, I'm too high above

but I know as a fact that you are tough.

You can withstand all these hurricanes

you've done it before again and again

never changing, always the same.

I know you're tired, I'm tired too,

my fight's near over, but I'll wait for you

because I know, daring, you'll pull through.

You're drowning now, feet touching sand

but, my darling dear, you can't drown on land;

I'll take you there, if you'll take my hand?

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