The one who saved me | Harry Styles

Just as Sophia was about to commit suicide, Harry had luckily came in time to save her. Harry had spent every day with Sophia trying to cure her from her depression. Then Harry starts to feel a weird sensation when he's around Sophia, and he wonders why


6. Chapter 6

Harry's p.o.v

I can't do this. I'm making everything worse I don't want Sophia to get hurt just because of me. Just because a stupid boy named Harry made her kill herself. I don't wanna become famous because it was my fault that I made someone kill themselves. I was heading home and when I arrived home I unlocked the front door, walked upstairs and put her in her bed. I kneeled down beside her and started to cry.

“Please Sophia help me. This is difficult for me. I'm trying to heal you but I know I am making it worse. I can't bear seeing you hurt yourself. I like you Sophia. I want you to be mine but I know that can't happen because you don't like me. I understand though. All I want from you is to help me help you. You need to put all your strength into helping you.” I got up and turned to walk away but Sophia grabbed my hand.

“Is that true Harry?” She asked.

“Is what true?”

“You- you like me?” She asked as her voice cracked.

“Yes Sophia I like you a lot but I tried to block me feeling away and I gave up because I can't block my feelings away from you.” I bend down touched her face and gave her a warm kiss. She grabbed my cheek and kissed me back. I pulled away from the kiss.

“Why Sophia?”

“Why what?”

“Why do you have to do this to yourself? Why do you have to self harm? Why today I wanted to spend time with you but I couldn't because you tried to kill yourself again for the hundredth time!” I said raising my voice.

“I'm sorry I can't be a perfect human being!” She also said raising her voice.

Maybe I'm the one who is making her feel like this. Wanting to kill herself.

I let out a sigh. “It's my fault isn't it?” I asked looking down to the floor.


“Making you feel like this.”

“No Harry it's not you. Well maybe a little because I really like you and I was saying to myself that you don't like me and you never will.”

“Sophia I do like you.” “Do you mind if I take you out on a date tonight?”

“No not at all, I would love to go on a date with you.”

“Great, you might want to get ready beautiful.” I said and gave her a kiss on the forehead.

“Oh and Sophia, promise me you won’t do anything stupid tonight I want to be with you and have fun.”

“Promise me you won't let me do those stupid things.”

“I promise.”

“I promise as well.”

Sophia's p.o.v

Just as Harry left the room I practically jumped out of bed. This is basically the first time I have ever been excited to spend time with someone. I looked at all the clothes Harry bought me but none matched with the date. It was like everyday clothes. I went downstairs to tell Harry and I saw a girl with him. She looked a lot like him. Maybe that's his sister.

“Hey Sophia come here and meet my sister Gemma.”

“Hi.” I said shyly.

“So I heard Harry likes you and you like him too and I’m I correct?” I simply nodded.

“Let's go get you ready, I bought you some dresses crop tops and all those girly clothes for you just in case you and Harry become a thing and go in more dates.” Gemma went upstairs and I followed her into my “room.”

“So what do you think of wearing? A dress? Jeans and a crop top?” I shrugged I don't really feel comfortable around people I don't know.

“Aww darling don't be shy. I don't bite.” I smiled lightly.

“Okay I think I know the perfect outfit for you.” She pulled out a blue floral loose dress.

“Okay,” I said.

“Do you like it?”


“Go take a shower and I’ll help you get ready.” Gemma said.

After my shower I came out with a towel hugging my body. Gemma handed me the dress and i headed back to the restroom to put it on. When I got out I saw Gemma on my bed scrolling through her phone she looked up and saw me wide eyed.

“Oh my- you look so amazing!” She yelled. I couldn't help but let out a chuckle.

“Time for your makeup!” She squealed. I sat on my bed and she dug through her purse and took out so many supplies that were found useful. She applied so many things on my face that I had no clue what they were.

Finally I was done.



“You aren't taking those shoes to your date with Harry.” She said. I looked down at my shoes and they were my converse that were ripped and dirty. She sighed through her bad once again and pulled out some flats. Then she got some earrings, a necklace, and a bracelet. Damn, this girl has everything. Gemma made some finishing touches on my look and then she said I was ready to go. I walked downstairs and I saw Harry fixing himself in the mirror. I let out a small laugh. I guess he heard me cause he immediately turned around to face me.

“Wow um Soph-” He said rubbing the back of his neck.

“You look beautiful.” I looked down and blushed to the ground.

“Ready to go?” Harry asked offering me his hand.

“Yup.” I said taking it.

I can't believe I am going on my first date. This is the first time I'm happy.

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