The one who saved me | Harry Styles

Just as Sophia was about to commit suicide, Harry had luckily came in time to save her. Harry had spent every day with Sophia trying to cure her from her depression. Then Harry starts to feel a weird sensation when he's around Sophia, and he wonders why


4. Chapter 4

Harry’s p.o.v

It had been a month that Sophia has been staying with me. I haven't been spending as much time with my mates because I am more concerned with Sophia and if she is ever going to get better. Everyday she has been getting worse and worse. Just last week I found her outside walking down the road on a busy street attempting to kill herself again. Then there was yesterday she almost overdosed on pills but I luckily stopped her. I feel like I'm her angel or guardian because I always stop her trying to hurt herself in time. I heard yelling in the upstairs restroom. I quickly ran and knocked on the door.

“Sophia open up!” I yelled. But no response just more screaming.

“Sophia please open this door!”

“Go away Harry!” She screamed back. I sprinted downstairs and went into the kitchen, opened the drawer and got the restroom key. I ran back upstairs and try to open the door. I succeeded and saw Sophia cutting her wrist and she had blood smeared all over her arm. I snatched the blade from her hands and she fell to the ground. I guess she fainted from all the blood loss. I laid her back in the bed and I cleaned all the cuts that she did with a rag and later when I finished the rag was full of blood. I went downstairs, put the rag in the trash and sat on the couch. I texted Louis and Niall to tell them what Sophia did. They have always been helping me with Sophia and I really appreciate the help.

Me: I just found Sophia cutting her wrists and she fainted due to all the blood she lost. What am I going to do? I feel like I am making everything worse.

Both of them texted right away.

Louis: Don't worry she will soon heal….it might take awhile but all the hard work you put into helping her will all be put to good use.

Niall: You're not making it worse Harry, you're actually helping her, but it's slowly affecting her, also Louis and I will help you help Sophia.

Me: Thanks guys. You're right hopefully and also I hope she will heal sooner.

Niall: She will Harry, and of course Louis and I are right we are always right. ;)

Louis: Niall is just being stupid. But yeah Harry she will heal soon we promise.

Me: Thank you guys.

Louis: Where is Sophia right now?

Me: oh she's sleeping.

Niall: Do you want us to come over?

Me: Nah I'm good for now thx though.

Niall: No prob.

After my conversation with Louis and Niall I decided to go check to Sophia. She was still sleeping I started to go downstairs to go watch tv.

“Harry?” She called and I stopped waking.


“I'm sorry.” She said. What was she sorry for? I am the one who should be sorry since I can't make her better.

“Sorry for what?” I asked.

“I'm sorry for making this hard for you. You have been nothing but good to me and I am a cruel and selfish person towards you.” She started to cry. I walked towards her and sat beside her.

“You aren't cruel and selfish Sophia. You just need someone to guide you in your life because I can see you are struggling very bad. I will be that person who can make you feel better and relieve you from your depression.” I explained. She looked up at me and looked into my eyes.

“Promise?” Sophia asked.

“I promise.” I said.

“Thank you Harry, for always being nice to me when sometimes I can be cruel to you just don't take it personal.” I nodded as a response.

“I'm gonna run a few errands, is it okay if I leave Niall and Louis here to watch you?”

“You can leave me here by myself.” Sophia suggested. Oh there is no way I am going to leave her alone.

“No Sophia, Louis and Niall are staying here with you. I don't wanna say I don't trust you by yourself but I'm gonna say it anyways. Sophia I don't trust you being here by yourself.”

“Fine.” She said.

I went downstairs to call Louis.

Louis is it okay if you and Niall stay here with Sophia while I run a few errands?”

“Yeah of course Harry, Niall and I will be there in a few.”

“Thanks I really appreciate it.”

“No problem.”

It's nice to have people who I can trust and tell them everything without them judging me. It didn't take long for Louis and Niall to come because I heard a knock on the door. I opened the door and there I saw two boys with blue eyes.

“Hey guys thanks for coming quick.”

“It's nothing really.” Niall responded. I told them some things about Sophia after I told them I left to the store.

Sophia's p.o.v

I heard voices talking downstairs. I went downstairs to check who it was. It was probably those boys Harry told that will be here to take care of me. I stood by the stairs so they don't spot me. As just as I was about to take another step the stair creaking. Both of their heads turned to where they heard the noise.

“Hey Sophia.” A boy with blonde hair greeted.

“Hello love.” The boy with brown hair said.

“Are you the Niall and Louis?” I asked.

“Yes love I'm Louis and this is Niall?” I simply nodded.

“Are you hungry Sophia?” Niall asked.

“Yeah I guess I could eat.” I replied.

“Okay I'll text Harry to tell him we are taking you out to eat.”


Harry's p.o.v

I went to the stores Hollister, Aeropostale, all the store that have clothes. All the clothes I have are for Sophia. Even though I don't know what type of clothes she likes. She looks kind of not the type of girls that are around now with very short shorts crop tops, etc. If girls like showing that much skin then wouldn't they prefer to be naked instead? I mean c’mon 2000 girls put some real clothes on. So I bought her clothes like ripped jeans, long sleeve shirts and plain shirts. My phone vibrated, I took it out and it I looked at the screen,it was a message from Louis.

Louis: We took Sophia out to eat don't worry we’ll protect her.

Me: Okay thanks but don't take to long.

Louis answered almost immediately.

Louis: Yes sir

I chuckled softly at that last message. I drove back home and I started to feel weird in my stomach. Not like sick weird but like weird weird. I got home, unlocked the door and sat on the couch waiting to Louis, Niall, and Sophia to come home. I slowly started to fall asleep until I heard the door unlocking. My head shot up no one has the keys to my house except me. The door opened and it was Louis, Niall, and Sophia.

“How did you guys get in?” I asked.

“Um remember you have a spare key in your pot plant.” Oh man I totally forgot about that.

“Right for a second I though it was a burglar or something.”

“Ha no it's just us.”

“Yeah I kind of see that now.” I looked over at Sophia and she looked really beautiful. Wait what?! I just said Sophia look beautiful? No no no, I barely know her. C’mon Harry your more smarter than that. Oh right! I have clothes for Sophia. I grabbed the bags of clothes and handed it over to her.

“Harry what's this?” She asked slightly shocked.

“I-I-I bought you some clothes.” I stuttered. Man, I really am falling for Sophia.

“Oh no Harry you didn't have to do that.” She said handing me the bags back.

“P-please I-I insist.” Damn! Harry stop stuttering!

Sophia's p.o.v

I gotta admit Harry look kind of cute when he was stuttering. Wait, I can't say that! I am only here because Harry is taking care of me nothing else.

“We should hang out today.” Harry suggested.

“Okay.” I responded.

“You haven't been any where but staying in this house.” I nodded and went to my “room” to go get ready with the bags in my hand. I dumped the bags on the clothes and he got me so much. Wonder how much that cost him.

I took a quick shower and and slid on some panties, and my bra that I had on before. I changed into some black ripped pants, a grey long sleeve shirt, and my black and white converse. I blowed dried my hair and put my hair in a high ponytail. I looked in the mirror and I didn't look that great but I really didn't care. I went downstairs and I saw Harry waiting in the couch. Wow, he look really handsome!

“Ready to go?” He asked sticking his hand out to me.

“Yeah.” This time I grabbed it not like last time.

Okay fine I do like Harry. But what's the point he doesn't even like me back. No boy ever likes me.

Sorry for the long wait....but I promise I will update tomorrow...hopefully this chapter is as good as the other ones...I would like your feedback....I will really help me a lot...thx

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