The one who saved me | Harry Styles

Just as Sophia was about to commit suicide, Harry had luckily came in time to save her. Harry had spent every day with Sophia trying to cure her from her depression. Then Harry starts to feel a weird sensation when he's around Sophia, and he wonders why


2. Chapter 2

Harry's p.o.v

Sophia finally agreed to to let me help her. I can't let someone else slip away from my hands even though she isn't related to me or my girlfriend. My phone started to ring, I looked at the screen and it was Liam.

“Sophia I'll be right back I need to take this call.” She looked at me and shrugged. I went into the hall and tapped the screen.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Harry where in the world are you?! We were supposed to have a interview!” Liam shouted through the phone. I had to pull the phone away cause it was hurting my ear.

“I am so sorry I lost track of time.” I said.

“It doesn't matter now, you still have time just get your butt over here!” Liam said still yelling. How am I supposed to leave Sophia? I can't leave her like this. But it will only be for a little while right?I went back to Sophia's room to tell her I have to leave.

“Sophia?” She turned her head towards me.

“I have an interview to go to right now.” I explained.

“Do whatever you want.” She responded. I nodded and quickly left to the interview.


Sophia's p.o.v

After Harry left I got up from my bed and towards my backpack. I unzipped the smallest zipper and grabbed my phone. I looked through my twitter and scrolling through all messages people were sending me.

You suck’


‘Your ugly’

‘You worthless piece of sh*t’

‘Go kill yourself.”

‘No one likes you.’

No wonder your parents gave you up, you are worth nothing.’

As I read these my tears started to slip from my eyes, this is the main reason why I wanted to kill myself because of these people. The nurse came in and saw me crying.

“You okay?” She asked.

“Mhmm.” I lied.

“What's wrong?” She asked.

“I said I'm okay, just leave me alone!” I snapped. The nurse quickly left but I saw her in the hall way calling someone.

“Harry, I think you need to come back, she doesn't want to talk to anybody, I think you are the only one who can make her talk. Oh, I see. No I get it it's fine. Yeah- yeah I'll try to talk to her. Okay bye thanks.” I heard the nurse say. She came back into my room and sat on the bed. Grabbed my hand like Harry did. I didn't let her, I snatched my hand away after she touched my hand. She gave up and left the room.

After a while she came back with the doctor. I don't want him to talk to me. So I made up an excuse so I don't talk to te doctor.

“Can I use the bathroom?” I asked. He raised an eyebrow at me.

“Please.” I said and he nodded. I left the room went to the restroom and locked the door behind me. I checked for a window and I found one. There was a window high up.

“How am I supposed to get up there?” I said to myself. I walked back and forth thinking what I should do. Then I thought of an idea. I when on the rim on the toilet leaned towards the wall and tried to reach for the window. Since I'm too short I can't reach it. So instead I jumped up and got the ledge. I climbed out the window and escaped. Finally! I escaped but Harry crosses my mind, thinking what will he say. Oh well, he's in the past now.

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