In love with my best friend

Calum and Ashlee have been best friends since they were in their mummy's womb. Will three words ruin their friendship? or will they date?


5. 5.


Ashlee's p.o.v

“Why Ash?” I looked around and saw nobody but darkness.

“Why what?” I asked still trying to look for that person.

“Why are you with Damian? I thought you loved me.” Then Calum appeared in front of me.

“I do love you.” I said grabbing his hand.

“I don't think you do.” He said removing his hand from mine.

“Calum believe me I DO love you.”

“Promise me?”

“Yes I promise you, I love you with all my heart.”

“Then can you do one favor for me?”

“Anything for you.”

“Kill Damian, he’s always hated me and I did too.” I stood frozen. He wanted me to kill someone?

“Calum you know I am not that kind of person, and killing Damian? He’s my boyfriend.”

“Then this is goodbye Ashlee, you won’t hear from me ever again.”


I sat straight up and I was sweating. I looked at my blanket and it was soaked in sweat. I took the blankets from my bed and headed towards the laundry room.

“Sweetie where are you going?” My mum asked.

“I was gonna do my laundry.” I responded.

“You don’t do laundry.” Then my mum touched my blankets.

“Oh did you have an accident?”

“No! I think I had a fever.”

“Well then let me do this for you. Go get ready for school.” I gave her the blankets and nodded.

I went back upstairs to take a shower. After my lovely shower I put on a pink flowy dress. I ate a quick breakfast and then my mum drove me to school. I couldn’t help but think about the dream I had about Calum. I don’t think he will ever do that? Plus I heard him and Samantha went on a date last night. Why am I feeling weird inside? I am absolutely NOT jealous of him and Sam because i have a boyfriend of my own.

“How are you and Calum? Are you guys still on non speaking terms?” My mum asked.

“I’m not sure...I mean I spoke to him yesterday but I don’t know if he’ll speak to me again….oh but mum I have a boyfriend…” I said.

“Who? What’s his name?”

“His name is Damian.”

“Damian huh? Hmm I’ve heard that name before somewhere….anyways where did you meet him?”

“Well I have a couple classes with him. I have Biology and math with him.”

“When will I meet him?”

“Oh um I don’t know when will you and dad like to meet him?”

“How about today? Invite him for dinner.”


We arrived at school, my mum parked in front of the school.

“Bye mum.”



“Who’s gonna pick you up?”

“I’ll ask Abraham later.”

“Okay love you.”

“Love you too.”

I walked in the halls and found some of my friends and I met up with them.
“So I heard you and Damian are a thing now?” My friend Logan asked.

“Yeah where did you hear that?” I curiously asked.

“He texted all of us and told us that he became a couple with the most beautiful girl in the world.” Tyler barged in, and put his hand around me and Logan.

“Oh.” I turned my head and I spotted Damian and he was coming this way with a wide smile on his face.

“Hey beautiful.” He said giving me a sweet long kiss.

“Hey.” I greeted back and he interlocked fingers with mine. Damian and the guys started a conversation while I drifted off and looked at Calum and Sam walking down the hall holding hands. Calum also saw me with Damian and kissed Sam.

“Damian is it okay if I talk to Calum for a while.”

“Sure but don’t go cheating on me.” He said giving me a kiss before I left.

“Never.” I replied. I made my way towards Calum and I saw him whispering something to Sam and then made his way over to me.

“Hey Cal.”

“Hey Ash.”

“So you and Sam are a thing huh?”

“Yeah and you and Damian.”

“Yep.” There was a long awkward silence.

“So, would you like to hang out tonight?” Calum asked breaking the silence.

“Sure.” I said but then remembering I have a family dinner today with Damian.

Sorry Cal actually I can’t…”

“Yeah I get it you want to spend time with Damian.”

“No it’s not...well my mother wants me to invite him to dinner. You can join if you want to and you can bring Sam along too.” I suggested.

“Sure but I have to ask Sam know since she isn’t too keen with you.” He said and we both laughed a little.

“I miss you Calum,” I said, and he looked down.

“I miss you too Ashlee.” He mumbled.

“Why do relationships have to ruin friendships? Can we just be best friends again?” He asked.
“Calum you have no idea how long i’ve been waiting to hear that.” I said and he hugged me.

“Bitch step away from my babe.” I let go of the hug and I saw an angry Samantha.

“I’m not taking him away from you, he’s just my best friend.” I replied.

“I don’t care! Let's go Cal.” She said pulling him with her.

“Bye ash see you later.”

“Bye Calum text me if you’re on for later.” I said and he gave me a thumbs up.

I made my way back to Damian and he ran towards me and attacked me with a hug, picked me up and squeezed me.

“Um Da-mian you’re hurting me.” I said.

“Oh sorry.” He said and put me down. We started to walk and Damian was walking me to my class.

We arrived at my next period and Damian pulled me in for a kiss and put his hands down until it reached my bum and squeezed them. I pulled away from the kiss.

“Damian Calum told me you are only dating me because you think I am hot and have a nice body is it true?” I asked just to make sure it isn't true.

“Are you gonna believe Calum? Look, Ashlee I would never do that to you I promise.” He said and gave me a soft kiss.

“Now you're gonna be late for class. You don't want that now do you?” Damian said.

“But I don't wanna go, I wanna stay with you.” I whined.

“Do you want to ditch then? ” He asked. I thought about it for a minute I wanted to ditch to be with Damian but my conscience told me otherwise.

“Nah I'm good. See you later Damian.” I said and gave him a quick peck in the cheek.

“Bye darling see you later. Love you!” He said. I stopped in my tracks. I looked back and Damian was gone. We haven't been dating for that long and he already told me I love you? I don't think I can respond to that. But if I don't he won't love me anymore but if I say yes Calum would be mad that I already love someone that I'm dating even we haven't been dating that long. I went a took a seat, not long after Calum sat next to me.

“Hey Ash,” He said getting his things from my backpack.

“Hey, um Calum?”


“Is it okay if someone says I love you but you don't say it back?” I asked.

“Of course it's okay, why do you ask?”

“Well Damian said I love you but I didn't say it back because I was scared what he was going to say.”

“HE SAID I LOVE YOU ALREADY?!” Calum yelled.

“Shhh, Calum don't scream. It's not a big deal.” I said trying to calm him down.

“Not a big deal? Ash people don't say I love you when you are barely dating someone. Damian asked you to be his girlfriend yesterday right?”

“Yeah,” I softly said.

“I think he's using you Ash, to get more popular.”

“Calum, Damian isn't using me. He told me he would never do that.”

“Well Damian wants you to think that. Probably he is using you.”

“Stop Calum you wouldn't want someone saying that Samantha is just using you.” I replied.

“She would never do that.” Calum defended.

“Exactly, Damian is the same he would never do that.”


Calum’s p.o.v

I was wrong when I told Ashlee that Samantha would never use me for popularity. She is exactly that type.

It was lunch time and I was sitting with my mates Luke, Michael, and Ashton. We were eating and talking.

“So why aren’t you with Ashlee today? You usually hang out with her.” Ashton asked.

“Well, maybe I didn’t feel like it today!” I said raising my voice. I sighed, “I’m sorry guys I just have a huge crush on Ashlee.” I said.

“That’s not good Calum,” Luke said.

“No, no, no.” Michael said shaking his head.

“No bueno.” Ashton said.

When they all replied to me they didn’t even looked up at me once.

“Cal!” I heard someone say but didn’t bother to look up at that person.

“Sup,” I responded.

“Is that anyway to talk to your girlfriend?” The person asked. Girlfriend? I finally looked up and saw Sam.

“Oh hey Sam, sorry I’m just not feeling so good today.” I said and looked back down at my plate.

“Come over to my table. I’ll make you feel good Calum.”

“Sam, not today please.”

“Fine, but when you want to i won’t make you feel good. Anyways, I’ll wait for you after school. Now, can I have a kiss please.” I turned head to her, and gave her a kiss, but didn’t break eye contact with my plate.

“Calum you need to break it off with Sam.” Ashton said.

“Why?” I asked.
“Well, you said you have a crush on Ashlee, and you can’t have a girlfriend when you obviously have feelings for someone else.” Luke said.

“You have no rights in my relationship, Sam and I are fine.”

“Are you now? It seems like you have no interest in Sam at all.” Michael stated.

“Let it go.”

“You can’t be in a relationship if you have feeling for someone else. That is basically cheating.”

“I said let it go.” I said between my clenched jaw.

“Calum just tell Sam that you don’t like her.”

“Are you deaf or something?! I said fucking let it go!” I said standing up, catching attention, then storming off.

I hate it when they talk about a subject and they don’t let it go until they get what they want from that specific topic.

On my way to the restroom I bumped into someone. I kept looking down.

“Sorry,” I said angrily.
“Calum are you okay?” I looked up and saw it was Ashlee. I just hugged her.

“No I am not. I need someone to comfort me.” I said and cried into her shoulder. She just stood there stroking my hair.

“It’s gonna be okay.” She said.

“Hands off my man bitch!” I heard someone say. I got off of Ashlee’s shoulder and looked where the voice came from. Samantha.

“Hey Sam,” Ash greeted her and with a warm smile.

“Don't you hey Sam me! I saw you trying to get in my mans pants!” She screamed.

“What?! Sam I wasn't trying to...he just needed someone to comfort him. Plus I already have a boyfriend.” She said. I stood silently and didn't say a word.

“Your boyfriend wouldn't like it if I told him you were cheating on him!”

“Sam I wasn't cheating on Damian...I love Calum I really do but….”

“Ah ha so you love Calum!”

“Yes I do but Sam you didn't let me finish…”

“Wait until I tell Damian about you two….Calum you are still with me right?” She said looking at me.

“Of course I am still with you Sam.” I told her. She looked back at Ashlee and flipped her off.


Samantha’s p.o.v

Ashlee thinks she can steal my man? I don’t think she would appreciate if I tell Damian that she is cheating on him even though she isn’t. I looked around the halls trying to find Damian. I couldn’t find him so I decided to text him.


Me: We need to talk…

Damian: Why?

Me: Just meet me at the water fountain behind the school….it’s about Ashlee….

Damian: What?! Is she okay? What did you do to her?!


Damian never really liked me because of this incident we had with his last girlfriend and I almost killed her because I had a crush on Damian and I was jealous and he chose her instead of me.


Me: Relax….she is fine, it’s about her and Calum…

Damian: I’ll be there in 2


I made my way to the fountain and I already saw Damian there.

“What is this about Ashlee and Calum?” He asked.

“I think she has been cheating on you.” I replied.

“That’s such the most stupidest thing I have ever heard.” He said laughing.

“It’s true...look.” I said showing him a picture when they were hugging but it kind of looked like they were kissing but I knew they weren’t.

“ASHLEE!!!” He screamed to the top of this lungs.

He walked away looking for Ashlee. Ha ha Ashlee watch your back.



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