In love with my best friend

Calum and Ashlee have been best friends since they were in their mummy's womb. Will three words ruin their friendship? or will they date?


4. 4.

Calum's p.o.v

I finally finisihed getting ready and Samantha has been texting me non stop, and she said our date was at 6:30 not before.

Samantha: Calum are you ready now?

Me: Yes I am ready Samantha,stop texting me if I am ready or not. You said our date is at 6:30 not 6:15.

Samantha: I'm sorry babe I'm just so excited. Oh and if you don't mind I would like you to call me Sam from now on.

Gosh, this girl is so annoying. Why did I ever think this was a good idea to go on a date with her. I guess I was jealous that Ashlee is going on a date with Damian. I was finally on my way to Samantha's house and I was scared. Not scared because this is my first date ever but because I'm scared what Samantha is going to wear and do after the night is done. I arrived at her house and made my way to ring the bell. Quickly the door flung open. Samantha stood there wearing a very short skirt and a shirt that looks like a bra. Her stomach was showing and she has this thingy on her stomach it looked like a bracelet but for your stomach.

“Hey Cal,” She said trying to pose but failed.

“Hi, are you ready to go?”

“Yes I am, first how do I look? Do I look sexy? Hot? Beautiful?” She said while her hands started to roam on my chest and stomach.

“You look great now let's go.” I said trying to get away from her. But instead she pulled my arm.

“No Calum, let's stay here instead we could have more fun.”

“No, Sam I can't.” I said getting her hands off of me.

“Cal cmon,”

“Samantha stop!” I said slightly pushing her.

“Calum what the fuck! What's wrong with you? Your the one who wanted this. You said so yourself.”

“Well I was wrong! I don't know why I ever agreed to go on this date with you!” I screamed. I lost it, I couldn't handle Ashlee being on a date with Damian.

“Calum is this about Ashlee? Get over it! She happy, let her be with Damian.”

“You know what? Fuck this.” I said pulling her hand and going up to her room. I started to kiss her madly. I pushed her to the wall, and kissed her neck. Later I moved her to the bed I was in top.



After that I was panting. We both were. Right now we were laying in the bed trying to catch our breaths.

“Sam,” I said and she turned her head to me.


“Would you, like to become my girlfriend?”

“I would love to.” I said kissing her again.


Ashlee’s p.o.v

I was with Damian at his house and we were watching a movie. I felt Damian put his hand on my thigh and he squeezed it. After that he started to lean forward and I also leaned forward.

“Damn your so sexy.” After that one kiss turned into a make out session.

“Do you mind if I call you Ash?”

“No it's fine.”

“Also Ash, would you like to become my girlfriend.” He asked. I thought about it for a minute.

“Um yes I would.” We kissed again.


What?! Ashlee is Damian's girlfriend and Calum is Samantha's boyfriend? What is happening?! What do you think shall happen next?

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