In love with my best friend

Calum and Ashlee have been best friends since they were in their mummy's womb. Will three words ruin their friendship? or will they date?


3. 3.

Calum’s p.o.v

I went home to get ready for that stupid date I agreed to go with Samantha. I didn’t really care what i would wear since i am not trying to impress anyone. I took a quick shower, and then changed into a blue t-shirt and black jeans. As i was finishing to get ready I heard my phone ring. I stopped what i was doing and I saw an number that I didn’t know.

Unknown: Stay away from Ashlee, she likes me and not you anymore she moved on.

I read the message and right away i knew it was Damian. So I put his number as one of my contacts.

Me: What makes you so sure of that?

Damian: She told me herself.

Me: Ashlee she told you?

Damian: Don’t worry a hot girl like her deserves a guy like me.

Me: Okay sure.

Damian: And tonight I will make her mine.

Me: So you're only dating her because she’s pretty?

Damian: Exactly and have you seen her body? Wow, its amazing.

Me: Yeah don’t think you’ll be dating her anymore if I am the one to spill the beans to her.

Damian: Go ahead she won’t believe you.

Me: I'm her best friend, she believes everything I tell her.

Damian: She did until you fucked up your friendship with her.

He's right. Ashlee won't believe anything I say anymore since I screwed our friendship. I sat on my bed and sighed knowing she won't believe anything I say anymore. But it's worth a try right? I took out my phone and started to text Ash.

Me: Ash, Damian is only dating you cause he think you are hot and your body is amazing.

Almost 15 minutes have past and she still hasn't answered this isn't like her at all. She usually answers my texts right away. I tried texting her again.

Me: Ash did you hear me? Damian only likes you cause he thinks you are beautiful.

This time she did answer right away.

Ash: Stop lying Calum. Damian would never do that to me.

Me: Actually he would he just told me.

Ash: Calum fuck off!

Me: Woah did you actually just say a bad word?

Ash: Calum mean it


Ashlee's p.o.v

I hate when Calum lies. Damian would never do that to me. He's such a sweet and gentle guy. Right now I was getting ready. I don't know what dress to wear. I would usually send Calum and picture and he would tell me which dress to wear. I guess I would just have to ask my brother. I walked over to Abraham’s room and gently knocked on his door.

“Yeah,” He responded. I took a peck in his room then opened it.

“Hi Ham,” I said. Calum and I made a nickname for him a while ago and it was ham.


“I need your help.”

“Sure what is it?”

“What dress do I wear?”

“Are you going on a date with Calum? Finally, it's about time.” Abraham thinks I'm going on a date with Calum? Well it makes sense since Calum and I used to pretend to date when we were younger.

“No it's not Calum.” I told him.

“Then who is it?”

“It's Damian.” Abraham looked at me eye wided.

“Are you serious?! Why Damian why not any other boy?”

“Are you going to be like that too?” I asked.

“What do you mean?”

“Calum tried to warn to about Damian.” I pulled out my phone and showed him the texts Calum sent me.

“Well he's not wrong you should listen to him. He is your best friend after all.”

“Was Abraham. He was my best friend” He didn't respond back.

“I go for some jeans and a t-shirt.”

“Gee thanks your no help at all.” I said and left his room. I slammed the door on my way out.

I don't have any other friends that are girls. I only have guy friends. So I texted my other close friend. Robert.

Me: Hey what dress do you think I should wear on my date with Damian.


‘Picture attachment’


Robert wouldn't let me down because Damian is Robert’s best friend.

Robert: It's a relief that Damian finally asked you in a date. He has been talking about you non stop.

Me: Really?

Robert: Yeah and to be honest it was getting kind of annoying.

Me: Ha yeah I bet.

Robert: Yeah but I will always be there for my bestie.

Me: Your bestie? Hey! Get back on topic! So which dress do you think will work best?

Robert: I think the red one works best it has more clevage.

Me: You sure it isn't too much?

Robert: I'm positive Damian will like that.

Me; Okay thanks.

Robert: no problem.

I took Robert’s advice and wore the red dress. It had spaghetti straps, it was short, tight and it had a low V neck. I took a quick shower, I washed my hair, body, and put conditioner on.

After my shower I blow dried my hair because if I don't my hair will get very frizzy. After my hair I did my makeup. I applied a smoky eye and I put on a nude color for my lips. After I was done with my hair and makeup I put on my dress. I don't know how to walk in heels so I wore flats. At last I was ready. I got a text message from Damian.

Damian: Are you ready?

Me: yes

Damian: Okay I'll be at your house in 10 minutes.

Me: Great.

I had ten minutes before Damian gets here so I checked social media. I'm a big fan of One Direction and they had just released a new song “Gotta be you”

I listened to the song and the first one to sing was Liam.

Girl I see it in your eyes your disappointed cause I'm the foolish one that you anointed with your heart, I tore it apart, and girl what a mess I made apon your innocence, and no women in the world deserves this, but here I am asking you for one more chance’


Then it was Harry. My favorite of them all.


Can we fall, one more time, stop the tape and rewind oh and if you walk away I know I'll fade cause there nobody else it's gotta be you, only you, it's gotta be you, oh only you

‘Now girl I hear it in voice and how it trembles when you speak to me I don't resemble who I was you've almost had enough, and your actions speak louder than words and your about to break from all you've heard, but don't be scared I ain't going no where.

‘I'll be here by your side no more fears no more crying but if you walk away I know I'll fade cause there is nobody else.

‘It's gotta be you, only you, it's gotta be you, only you,

‘Oh girl can we try one more one more time, one more one more, can we try one more one more time I'll make it better,’

‘One more one more can we try one more one more can we try one more time and make it all better’

‘Cause it's gotta be you, it's gotta be you, only you, only you, it's gotta be you, only you, it's gotta be you, oh only you’


Wow that was amazing! After that I went to the living room to wait for Damian. I heard a door open, I looked to my side to see who it was and it was Abraham.

“Hey Ash,”


“Look, I'm sorry for deciding who you should be with.”

“It's fine I get it your my big brother and big brothers are protective over there little siblings.”

“Yeah, so look at you, you look amazing.”

“Thanks, you don't think this is too much right?”

“For Damian? No it isn't too much but for- never mind.”

“No cmon tell me.” Just as Ham opened his mouth to tell me the bell rang.

“You better go, don't wanna keep your date waiting.”

“Yeah, bye Ham.”

“Bye Ash.”

I went downstairs and saw Damian on the living room and he was talking to my mum. Damian looked over to me.

“Wow you look beautiful,” I looked to the ground and blushed.

“Thanks,” Damian offered me his arm and I gladly accepted. What's the worst that can happen on his date? Right?

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