In love with my best friend

Calum and Ashlee have been best friends since they were in their mummy's womb. Will three words ruin their friendship? or will they date?


2. 2.

Ashlee's p.o.v

I woke up with mum yelling at me to get ready or else i will be late to school. At least i get to see Cal- right i forgot Calum and I fought last night. I don't tell Calum many things like also Damian texts me non stop after we kissed.



Damian: Hey Beautiful :)



Like right now for instance.

If I don't text him in under 5 minutes he will start to worry. At least i know he care about me. I started to get ready. I went to the restroom to go take a shower. After my shower I changed into a white crop top with the bra that Calum picked for me. Damn, I really miss Calum. I did my my make up and lastly I did my hair into pigtails. When I finished I got a message hoping it would be Calum. I checked and it was Damian.



Damian: Ash are you ok?



I hate it when he calls me Ash.



Me: I told you not to call me Ash!



He responded almost immediately.



Damian: I'm sorry beautiful. Can we meet up in front of math class I wanna ask you something.

Me: Sure I'll be there in 10 minutes

Damian: Okay see you beautiful



Usually I meet Calum outside my house because we live right next to each other but not today or any other day.

I went downstairs and I met my mum in the kitchen.

"Mum can you drive me to school please?" I asked.

"Calum isn't driving you today?"

"Calum and I had a little fight. So can you I need to meet a friend in 10 minutes."

"Sure let me just get my coffee."

My mum drove me to school and I saw Damian walking towards our math class. I ran out of the car to catch up to him and luckily I did just in time. I touched his shoulder gently.

"Hey Ashlee. I wanna ask you something."

"Yeah what is it?"

"First let's go to my locker I got you a little something."


We went to his locker, opened it and handed me some gifts. Yeah he got me a "little" something.

"Ashlee would you go on a date with me." Damian said opening a little black box with a necklace that had my name engraved into it.

Just I was about to reply I saw Calum looking at me and Damian sad. Calum already has a girlfriend so I won't make him jealous if I kiss Damian again. I grabbed Damian's shirt and kissed him for a while. I glanced over at Calum and saw a tear escape his eye.

"So is that your special way of saying yes?" Damian asked me.

"Yes I would love to go on a date with you."

"Um I'll be right back I need to take care of something." I told Damian.

I ran over so I can catch up to Calum. I missed my best friend.

"Calum!" I yelled but he didn't listen. I ran faster and finally I caught up to him and grabbed his hand. He snatched his hand from mine.

"Calum I miss you I want to be your best friend again." I said. He didn't reply.

"Calum what's wrong? Is it because I kissed Damian? Why are you like this if you already have a girlfriend?" I asked.

"I lied! I don't have a girlfriend! I love you! And only you! But I see you quickly moved on!" Calum yelled and quickly left.

I ran back to Damian and sobbed on his chest. He was like the same size as me compared to Calum. Damian is 5’2 and Calum is 6’0 and I'm 4’11.

“What's wrong?” Damian asked softly and lifted my head.

“I lost Calum as my friend.” I said through my sobs.

“Hmm.” He said like he didn't care. But I shrugged not thinking about it. The bell rang and Damian and I walked to class still holding each other. We sat in our assigned seats and waited silently until class started. I saw Calum come in the room. Why was he here if we don't have this class together?

“Okay Calum sit next to Ashlee, she will be your table buddy for the rest of the semester.” Mrs. McKinney said. Calum nodded and sat next to me.

“Hi.” I said but Calum ignored me.

“Okay I will be giving you this worksheet and you will work on it with the person in your table. Don't write on the paper, it's a class set so take out your own paper and write it in there.” Mrs. McKinney explained. As she passed out the paper Calum was taking out a piece of paper me his pencil.

I looked at the problems and they look fairly easy. Calum also looked at the paper and started to write on his paper. Guess we aren't working together. After minutes working on the paper alone I hear Calum groan and curse.



“Ashlee what's the answer to this problem.” He asked. I looked at the paper and I didn't know the answer either.

“Um, um, um.”

“It's okay if you don't know.” Calum said and raised his hand.

The bell rang Calum quickly grabbed his things and walked away and I ran to catch up to him. I tapped on his shoulder and he turned around.

“Calum let's not be like this. What happened to not doing the work because we would always talk and laugh?”

“People change Ashlee.” He said and left.


Calum’s p.o.v

‘People change’ I said to Ashlee. I wasn’t the one who changed it was her. She changed by starting to not tell me specific things like, why she kissed Damian and why she didn’t tell me?

I saw Samantha coming towards me with her gang of minions and all of them have a huge crush on me, especially Samantha herself.

“Hey Cal.” She said. I hate when she calls me Cal, only Ashlee and call me Cal like I am the only person who can call her Ash.

“What do you want Samantha?” I asked not making eye contact.

“You, I want you Calum.” She replied. You know what? Ashlee has is going on a date with someone. Why can’t I be with Samantha since Ash and I obviously can’t be together.

“Okay Samantha you can have me. But, first we are going on a date.” I told her.

“Ooo, pick me up at 6:30 today and I’ll wear something slutty just for you.” She said and kissed my cheek. What did I get myself into?

I just stood there frozen. I saw Damian holding Ashlee, he was making her laugh and she looked happy.

“Hey Ash.” I called. Damian gave me a disgusted look, but Ashlee gave me a warm smile.

“Hey Calum.”

“Can we talk please? In private.” She nodded and she told Damian to leave and that she will catch up with him later.

“So what's up?” Even if I was a jerk to her she is still the sweet person she has always been and never has grudges more than 2 days. This is one of the reasons why she's my best friend or was before I fucked it up.

“I'm sorry for treating you like shit, I guess I was upset that your first kiss was Damian and not me.”

“Calum I'm sorry.” What is she sorry for?

“Would you like to hang out tonight?” I asked her.

“Sorry Calum I can't I'm going on a date with Damian tonight.” I threw my hands up in the air and put them behind my head.

“Cal,” She said trying to touch my arm.

“No don't touch me I need to cool off.”

Why why does she have to go with that Damian. I sat in a bench and rested my arms on my knees and put my head on my hands.

“Hey Cal,” I looked up and saw Samantha.

“Not now Samantha.” I said trying to not get mad.

“Just reminding you that our date is tonight.” She said and left. Oh shit! I totally forgot about my date with Samantha. Ugh! Why did I ever agree to go out with her.


Sorry for the long wait but I updated! That's the most important right? Anyways I update soon...

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