In love with my best friend

Calum and Ashlee have been best friends since they were in their mummy's womb. Will three words ruin their friendship? or will they date?


1. 1.

Ashlee's p.o.v

"C'mon Cal lets go!" I said pulling Calum by his arm to Victoria Secret.

"But I don't wanna go, its a girly store, I don't want people to think I'm gay." Calum said.

"Who cares if they think that." 

"Um I CARE!!!"

"Pwease." I said putting my hands together and begging.

"Ugh fine let's go." 


I have been crushing on Calum for a while now, we have been best friends for many and many years. Me and him do everything together. I mean everything.

"How about this one?" I asked Calum showing him a bra.


"This one." Calum said.

"Yeah! That's perfect." I went to the cashier and I payed for the bra that Calum picked for me.

We went to the food court to eat cause i was starving. We ate our food in silence.

"Calum?" I called.


"Can I tell you something?" 

"Yeah of course." 

"I love you but more than a friend." 


Calum's p.o.v 

Ashlee said she loves me. I don't know how to react. I came up with a lie.

"Um Ash I have a girlfriend already." I felt bad what I was doing to her. I saw her eyes watering.

"How come you never told me? I thought we tell each other everything?" She asked with hurt in her voice.

"Then why didn't you tell me that your first kiss was with this ass Damian? Like you said I thought we tell each other everything?"

"I don't need to tell you every single detail about my life." She said.

"Then i don't need to tell you everything either." 

"I had to find out that you kissed Damian by people talking." 

"Calum let it go it was just one stupid kiss!" She said raising her voice and people started to stare. 

"Yeah one stupid kiss that made me jealous!" 

"I liked you too Ashlee! But I guess you don't love me enough to tell me that you kissed Damian." And just like that I left.

We didn't tell each other good night and we would always tell each other good night. I miss Ashlee already. I couldn't sleep that night so I was looking through mine and Ashlee's messages.

Ash: Hey Calum I miss you." 

Me: aww really?! I miss me too. ;)

Ash: Calum!

Me: Ashlee!

Ash: So what are we doing today?

Me: Hmm i don't know how about we hang out at the mall?

Ash: Ohh yeah! Can't wait to show you what I have in store. ;)

Me: Ash what are you thinking of?

Ash: Oh you will see just wait Hood.

Me: should I be scared?

Ash: you should always be scared.

Me: Why?

Ash: Cause I am a dangerous women.

Me:  something bout something bout something bout you makes me feel like a dangerous woman.

Ash: Wow Cal...Just wow..

Me: haha see you later.

Ash: I hate you

Me: Aww thanks I hate me too

Ash: Shut up

Me: Haha ;)

Tears started to form in my eyes. Why? Why am I feeling like this all of a sudden. And Why did Ashlee have to tell me she loves me? Why did we have to have a fight? So many questions that are unanswered.

(Sorry that it's short but I promise there will be longer ones coming up.)


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