The Good, The Bad (LH)


1. Prologue/Introduction

Hey! I'm Destiny Nicole. I am 17 and go to Sydney High School. I am considered the 'good girl' in school. However, my best friend is the school's 'bad boy/popular boy'. We get along really well and have been best friends since 1st grade. But many people don't like the idea of the good girl hanging out with the bad boy for many reasons.


Destiny and her best friend Luke have been best friends for forever. They are really close. One night, they go to a party. While at the party they unexpectedly kiss. Destiny starts realizing her feelings for Luke and vice versa. But Luke is the bad boy, no good girl dates a bad boy in Sydney High. Destiny is a good girl, bad boys don't date good girls at Sydney High. They go to their friends for help but they just think it's wrong for them to like each other. Destiny believes every bad boy has a good side and Luke is one of them, but her friends don't know that.

Will their status get in the way if their feelings? Or will Destiny and Luke break the status rules?

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