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1. 4/7/17

Dear Diary,

I have a lot of shit to spill. My ex crush Cancer (His code name) and I finally told each other our feelings. Let me start from the beginning.

8th grade year had started and I saw him. He was cute, and funny. The first time I had acknowledged him was when we were doing the pledge of allegiance and announcements.

When the girl re-stated the dress code for girls,

"No mini-skirts, short shorts, or anything revealing you're shoulders-" He slammed his fist against the table and said,

"DAMMIT! Why are the teachers so bitchy?"

I laughed so hard when he said that and we looked at each other and smiled. Later on I saw his name on his computer and made fun of him because his name is literally,


He had dirty blonde hair, baby blue eyes, and white skin. Cancer, always wore beat up Vans.

Later on we made up like a fake family. We had so much great times. We even created our own squad and all that.

Eventually Christmas came and he dm'd me saying he really liked me. I told him, ditto.

So the next day he surprised me with chocolates. I was speechless to the point that I didn't even hug him.

Anyways, now after Christmas break he thought he was super cool right? WRONG! He became some sort of dick head douche bag. I even confronted him about it and he walked me to my locker apologizing.

Now my best friend faith is in loooovvveee with him or something. The only person he had a thing with this whole year, was ME!

So Faith technically broke girl code.

You can't like your friends ex-or ex crush until you ask them about it. But Faith really is a hoe. But I still love her.

Anyways now he keeps trying to get me back or something but i've moved on. I have a thing with a varsity wrestler named abs (code name). We dm occasionally and talk in person all the time.

Any whooo, I am mixed up with a bunch of boys.

There's this one guy who randomly gave me his jacket yesterday.

Him: Here take it for the weekend.

Me: wtf why?

Him: cuz

Me: No? it's like 60 degrees out.

Him: Just take it! *rides away casually*


He left me there standing with his wierd bright read jacket that had a bunch of stains all over it. I still have it!

what do I do?

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