A Clown For A Princess

Who would of known 2000 balloons, 2 angry cows, and a jello filled pool could make Sophia Clark and class clown Colton meet.

He is the Jokester of the class, a popular of the school. The one who isn't supposed to like anyone outside of his friend group.

She is the girl who has been invisible all here life until, junior year. Can a newbie to the A List life possibly fit into the popular ways and become on the class princess's

Can this clown fall for a princess of the school.


9. chapter 8

"Sophia did you see this yet" Rosa asked while  stirring cookie batter. Her free hand pointed towards the mini TV on the counter top, which had been showing the same diaster on repeat.Colton

"Y-yes" I cleared my voice " It's hard not to of seen it" I replied. My eyes never leaving the three boys darks silhouettes being pushed in the cop car.  Even in the dark you could tell who was who, Chace's extreme  buffness stood at stark contrast to the other two. Freshman could easily be mistaken for a child and Colton's piercing eyes seemed to be the only color upon the lights.

"Those stupid boys, their poor Mama's. Those boys deserve a good whack." Rosa scolded, her native language became clear, something that only happened when she was deeply angry.

"Mhhmmm" I hummed dozing off in thought, only if I would known I could of stopped them. I knew something was off that day.

"Are you  listening to me you chicken head, don't you go doing something like this. You hear me" She scolded pointing the dough  covered spoon at me.

I jumped back into reality blinking rapidly " Yes Mam"

"Good now you scurry off, don't you be back in this Kitchen until dinner"

I instanstantly scurried out of the room, not even bothering to look where I was going. When Rosa had a temper, you did not want to be in the way of her  and her cooking. Three summers ago I had that lesson drilled into my head good, I ended up having to get 12 inches of my hair chopped off from a sticky situation she still claims was accidently thrown at me.

I tip toed across the cool wooden floor, which lead to the my favorite room in the house, the sun room. It was always light, and open. As soon as you would walk in, your worries seemed to fade away and the crisp smell of blooming flowers seemed to fill those areas.

I was about to make the one last turn before I got the the sun room's entrance, but then muffled voice came from another room a few doors the other way... No one goes done there.... I peeked around the corner. This hallway had been under construction for the past 8 months, I wonder why they finished the renovations. Or maybe they hadn't.

Paint cans littered across the plastic covered floor, beams of wood was piled along the walls. Who would be over here, this area was clearly not a place to be hanging around at the moment. Unless if they didn't want anyone bothering them.

I silently walked up to the slightly ajar door from which the muffled voice was coming from and peeked inside. I let out a gasp but instantly covered my mouth with both hands and ducked down. His figure turned around glancing my way, his hazel eyes lingered above where I was positioned. What was Alex doing in here, he was supposed to be at football practice right now. I turned away from the door and let out a deep breath, I reached out for something to steady myself. Mother always said I was one to faint when being startled, for once she was right. Accidently miscalculating my hand toppled over two paint cans stacked up upon each other. 

He stopped talking and looked around, and suspiciously looked towards the door .I instantly grabbed the rolling can and held it close to my chest, my shallow breaths as the only thing filling the hall other than the white noise from the air conditioner.  

"What... no sorry... I thought I heard something... don't worry it was nothing" I spoke glazing around one last time filling the previous soundless room.

"You three idiots, better of learned your lesson this time, because if you didn't you two are out, you're not making the rest of us look good. If they see you two do something it's instantly connected with the rest of us, you know everyone thought I had been with you two too they thought I was the thrid person." Alex gritted through his teeth, his eyes were squinted with anger.

"When you two get out of there, you better follow us like lost puppies or else I promise I can make your life a living hell and you know I never back out of my my word"

I backed up slowly, who was he talking to. Three idiots, oh gosh he wasn't dealing was he. What had Alex gotten himself into. I shook off the started feeling, I never should of gone over there, you know what they say curiosity kills the cat. I carefully walked myself to the sun room, it would probably be best if I tried to forget about this, but instead I pushed into the back of my head for later. Somehow I knew this would be important later. 


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