A Clown For A Princess

Who would of known 2000 balloons, 2 angry cows, and a jello filled pool could make Sophia Clark and class clown Colton meet.

He is the Jokester of the class, a popular of the school. The one who isn't supposed to like anyone outside of his friend group.

She is the girl who has been invisible all her life until, junior year. Can a newbie to the A List life possibly fit into the popular ways and become on the class princess's

Can this clown fall for a princess of the school.


8. Chapter 7

Chapter 7-

"How are they supposed to get the cows down" Asked Mike, Who everyone nicknamed Freshman due to his four foot eight build.

After waiting 2 hours after detention, all the teachers finally left. Leaving the school completely empty, other than us three.

"It makes the joke funnier" Chace replied to the wannabe Freshman.

"Funnier isn't a word" he muttered back. Which caused Chace's cheeks to heat up in embarssment.

"Is too"

"Is not"

"Is too"

"Is not"

I huffed at their bickering, even with a three year age difference, mentally they were still the same, somewhere around a toddler's mental capacity.

Considering we managed to get both cows up the stairs without any trouble, this was going pretty good. All we had left, was the balloons and pool.

"You two start pumping up the balloons and I'll fill up the the pool" I commanded, picking up the overesized duffel bag filled with small packets of purple powder.

Chace did a mock salute to me, before stomping on the freshmans foot to make him do it as well. That poor guy was going to have crutches soon if he kept hanging with us.

"Just don't set off any alarms" I muttered seriously, before walking down the hall.

If they hit any of the sensors, we would be swarmed with cops within minutes. All they had to do was pump up the balloons and put them anywhere but the fire alarms. They could literally put they all in one hall, I don't care. As long as they don't mess all of this up.

... ...

The water swirled as the jello packets slowly spilled in. Causing the purple powder to slowly make its way to the bottom of the pool. By tomorrow it would completely change to jello and will give the moring swim class a little suprise.

No one would ever play a better prank than I just did.

Beep.... Beep. . Beep

What the hell is that

It didn't take long to figure out what was making the jarring, repeative sound. The red flashing lights gave it all away.

Now why the hell did one of them pull the fire alarm.

I slowly packed up my things and walked back toward where I left the two most stupid people of the planet.

I heard noisy footsteps running toward the hallway I was in. They still had hope they could get away. Unlike them I knew the drill no matter how fast you would run, the police would catch up. Their was no point in running.

Once they saw me slowly advancing toward their direction they stopped and stood in place as if I turned them into stone. I guess in times like these my anger could be compared to the wrath of Medusa.

There was a hesitation in their eyes almost as if they didn't want to reveal what had happened.

"It was his fault" the freshman finally blurted out pointing towards Chace.

Who immdetley got defensive " Sure idiot, it's my fault you pushed the ladder over, making me hit the alarm on the way down." He exclaimed. A small gash had formed a new coat of blood as he explained, only further proving his point.

Around 3 balloons were taped to the ceiling. They serioysly only managed to blow up 3 balloons for the hour I was gone for.

After a long much needed silence we all caught up with the situation.

"We're going to get caught" the freshman finally blurted. His eyes danced around us trying to find a way out of this.

"What are we going to Colton?" Chace asked. His words seeped with desperation, waiting to hear me come up with some master plan for all of us to come out of this unscathed.

Unfortunately there was no master plan, we knew this prank was risky. They both knew how much trouble we could get in, but still agreed to be apart of it.

I ingorned their pleading gazes and slumped against the wall sliding to the floor and resting my head against the wall looking up.

"Well there has to be a way to get out of here before the police come" the freshman frantically said trying to convince us.

"Come on guys we can make it out, we don't have to go to jail" he tried again.

A blank emotionless face remained on me. My left eye twitched slightly with guilt, we shouldn't of taken the freshman. He didn't need this on his record for his first year. He didn't have the connections to get out of trouble.

Chace caught onto my behavior and a frown formed on his face. My closest friend, one I've known since first grade could read me perfectly. He knew that there was no way to get out of this.

Chace slumped down onto the floor next to me, before giving the freshman a small smile. Which he probably hoped was comforting but it came out much more forced.

"Well screw you guys I'm leaving" the freshman yelled before spirting toward the door that lead stairs. With pure determination on his face he pulled open the door, ready to run to saftey.

But whatever was on the other side of the door made his determined smirk slump into a frown. He raised both of his arms in surender.

The cops stormed in, the freshman was forcefully pressed against the opposing wall. Handcuffs now tightly binded his hands.

Two more cops ran over to Chace and I. I turned around for them, to receive my cuffs.

One thing for sure this prank would definitely be remembered.

"You have the right to remain silent, anything you say may be held against you in court."

..... ..... ....... ......

I walked down the stairs wearing a much shorter dress than I would had liked. It's red glitter caught the light, blinding just about anyone nearby. It wasn't my idea to wear it, I would of preferred just to wear a skirt and t-shirt. But appartley that's not party wear according to my Mother.

It was overly quiet I would of expected, the party to already be blaring it's music.
"Where's Alex?" I asked, even though no one was in sight.

The house seemed completely still, only I seemed to be making ripples in the eery silence. Did something happen, why was no one here.

Some shuffling for the lounge caught my attention. "I'm over here" Alex's lazy voice responded

I walked carefully on the new white marbled floors, trying not to trip on the most most dangerous thing known to man kind. A flat surface could easily send my clumsy self into the hospital, I could basically trip over air with my luck.

He lay flopped onto the couch, upside down watching to oversized television. The TV was oddly on mute, but the giant subtitle made it easy to understand.

"3 highschool students were caught minutes ago, causing extreme damage to school property. Taken away by police their names and charges still yet to come"

I gasped, who would do that and be that stupid to get caught. How bad did they mess up the school for 4 firetruck be there.

"Alex, who did it" I asked looking over at him

"Colton, Chace, and that Freshman I think." He replied in a monotone voice, before he got angry. "They freaking messed up the party, it was cancelled an hour ago"

My sympathetic frown dropped immdetley, his best friends just got arrested and he's upset because a party got cancelled. What the hell was wrong with him.

Did he only care about his popularity, what If I got into a car accident on his birthday and then died. I bet he would get mad that I didn't bring the cake like I was supposed to, and completely look over the fact that his own little sister died.

"Screw you Alex, I'm not even friends with them and I care more about this than you do"

He clenched his teeth looking at me with hatred in his eyes. "You don't understand any of this, so stop pretending you better than everyone else else Sophia" he growled back

Maybe I did know nothing, but something for sure didn't feel okay.

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