A Clown For A Princess

Who would of known 2000 balloons, 2 angry cows, and a jello filled pool could make Sophia Clark and class clown Colton meet.

He is the Jokester of the class, a popular of the school. The one who isn't supposed to like anyone outside of his friend group.

She is the girl who has been invisible all her life until, junior year. Can a newbie to the A List life possibly fit into the popular ways and become on the class princess's

Can this clown fall for a princess of the school.


6. Chapter 5



I slumped back onto one of the uncomfortable chairs. Why couldn't I just keep my thoughts to myself as I always did, now I didn't have a lunch to eat. Even that questionable cafeteria seemed appetising right now.  I put my head down on the table trying to piece back together my life.

Footsteps trailed up to me "Here,eat this"

I looked up, Colton had dropped a brown paper bag onto my empty table stop.

"I'm not hungry" I didn't want to give him the satisfaction of knowing I needed his help.

Buy my stomach seemed to disagree, by letting out a growl that could be heard all the way across the cafeteria.

He raised an eyebrow at this "Really, I think your stomach disagrees"

I mumbled a few profanities under my breath before digging through the bag, expecting to find some old tuna fish sandwich.

"Wow this actually isn't gross"  the bag was filled with a Greek yogurt, a fresh cold cut sandwich, chips and some name brand water.

He nodded in response as if he already knew what I was going to say.  He started bending over.

"Hey what are you doing"

He stopped mid squat over the seat. "Sitting" he replied awkwardly

"Why" Why would he want to sit with me, gosh did he get payed.

"I thought you would like it if you had someone to talk to, and I brought you lunch so you kind of owe me" he pointed out

"Fine" I grumbled

He finally sat down and rubbed his thighs, I guess squatting for to long wasn't comfortable.

"Sooo..." I started trying to start small talk, I've never been the best at it. It's always been Alex's job to start the conversation.

"So what" he answered raising his eyebrow. Wow he seemed to do that a lot, maybe he should get that checked out by the doctors.

"Why are you suddenly being so nice to me" I finally ask truthfully. This had to be some scheme of his, he would never hang out with a girl like me.

"Us purple stained people have to stick together" he answered with a coy smile.  Sadly I believed him.

.....  .... .... ... ...

"Miss Clark, did you hear me. Day Dreaming off in my class I expected more from you"

I sat up alarmed, I did not just daze off into class again. Of course I had to day dream in Miss Brands class, I would never live this down.

"Yes, I know. I am so sorry Miss Brand" I answered tucking my head in shame.

"Good don't do it again" she replied before snapping her attention to the boy sleeping in the back of the room.

"Gregory What did I say about sleeping in my class. I expected more from you"

I let out a sigh of relief, I had just survived the wrath of the most infuriating teacher in the school, and somehow managed to come out unscathed.

"Psst" I heard someone whisper, but I didn't bother turning around since there was no chance they were talking to me.

"Psst Sofia" They said again. There was another Sofia in the class so they were probably trying to get her attention.

"Sofia go*dammit Clark" They whisper yelled, I hesitated slightly before turning around. My slight hesitation must of been taken as me still not hearing them. I turned around as a crumbled piece of paper hit me square in the head.

"What the hell" I whisper yelled back scanning around for who hit me. Colton waved hi, then motioned to the paper now on the floor.

"Read it" he mouthed pointing towards it.

I quickly glanced Miss Brand making sure I wasn't going to get caught again. Luckily for me she still was occupied with trying to wake up Gregory in the back. Wow if he could sleep through that, he could sleep through anything.

I pretended to drop my pencil, and bent over to pick up it and the note.

In neat handwriting "You weren't dreaming about me, now were you Clark?"

My jaw must of hit the floor, I turned around at such a speed it scared the living daylight of the person sitting behind me. They nearly fell out of their chair in fright.

"Sorry" I mouthed before returning to my mission

"Only in my nightmares Price" I answered possibly saying it a bit louder than intended. We both locked eyes, filled with an emotion I haven't felt before but I pushed it aside focusing on the emotion I knew very well, anger.

"Detention" screamed Miss Brand. Both of us snapped our attention to her.

"Clark. Price. See me after class" she screamed shooting daggers at both of us.

"God I hate you" I whispered to him

"Only in my nightmares Clark"


Chapter 5 done! This is unedited as of now, so sorry about any errors. Saw that this story was on trending today, thank you soooooo much to everyone who hit that like button. It means a lot!

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