"Time means more now,' Adina laughed bitterly, swinging whiskey from the bottle, her sky-eyes captured by the hopeful glow of the fire. 'who would image that time was more valuable to an Immortal?"

In 1014AD, something happens to Adina Erikdottir, at the age of seventeen years old.

In 2016, she's still alive. And still seventeen.

Adina is one of the rare few Immortals, a evolved species of human that have come from throughout time with no purpose or meaning.

An accident at a hospital means Immortal blood is used in a transfusion, and the patient is soon found to be cured of a terminal illness within a few months.

Having lived in secrecy for so long, they must all decide on their fate with regular society...

Although a force behind the scenes is trying to stop Adina from realising the truth about what they all really are..
Cover by the amazing: Beautifully Music Nerd


6. New York City - 2016

They had searched for weeks. And there was no trace of this new Immortal, not even a whisper from informants around the city.


Everybody had started to feel rough. Elanor's stomach acted up more than usual, even causing some mild vomiting. Francis had been suffering with heart trouble, it stopped several times and he had to smack himself on the back to restart it. Otto had been resulting to stopping breathing,because of how much his lungs burned when he breathed.


Being Immortal wasn't perfect, everybody had a flaw that could make the simplest of tasks difficult.


How you died the first time affected the way you lived forever.


Adina sighed and ran a hand through her hair, there was nobody else they could turn to, she knew that she was the one who had to lead.


The Danish woman sat in her armchair, drinking from a bottle which she couldn't read the label of. Her throat was tight, and it felt like a pressure was moving around it.


She drank more.


She longed to forget Godric, and all the other horrible memories that circled in her head. Images of war, of friends and enemies alike destroyed by chance. But the worst memories stay longer.


Her fair hair was tied up, and her icy eyes were dull with drink. She was dressed sloppily, like she had lost herself for a while.


Looking around, Adina took in each uniform that was displayed on aging mannequins, each medal that had a fraying ribbon. Each painting, each piece of furniture, that would never match but she always put them in the same room. It was her history, placed in a jumble of the present.


The phone was ringing, and Adina sighed, before hauling herself out of her seat, her legs shaking with the suddenly heavy weight of memories. Picking up, she waited for a voice on the other end.


"Tillykke med fødselsdagen, Adina." A deep voice said, then the line cut off, leaving Adina in silence.


How had this person known it was her birthday? The voice had sounded familiar and her throat squeezed harder around her voice, making her reach for her inhaler.


Puffing, she stopped. She knew why it had sounded familiar, but she denied it, breathing hard and heavy.


Sitting on the floor, she put a hand on her neck, shaking staring off into space as a name slipped from her mouth.



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