"Time means more now,' Adina laughed bitterly, swinging whiskey from the bottle, her sky-eyes captured by the hopeful glow of the fire. 'who would image that time was more valuable to an Immortal?"

In 1014AD, something happens to Adina Erikdottir, at the age of seventeen years old.

In 2016, she's still alive. And still seventeen.

Adina is one of the rare few Immortals, a evolved species of human that have come from throughout time with no purpose or meaning.

An accident at a hospital means Immortal blood is used in a transfusion, and the patient is soon found to be cured of a terminal illness within a few months.

Having lived in secrecy for so long, they must all decide on their fate with regular society...

Although a force behind the scenes is trying to stop Adina from realising the truth about what they all really are..
Cover by the amazing: Beautifully Music Nerd


3. New York City - 2016

To Adina, the size of the congregation was only a small part of something much bigger. There were four of them, including herself. And that was okay.


The world had been changed by fewer.


Elanor was there of course, and had dragged her fiance along. A young blonde man with grey eyes and a lassiez-faire attitude called Francis, originating from France during the one-hundred year war.


Otto and Lincon were there also. Both sturdy men who had become a team during the Second World War. Al with his dark hair and tan, drawling southern accent and a scar on his right temple, having become Immortal during the American Civil War, and Otto, a German boy from the First world war, blonde and blue eyed, but scrawny with wry muscle and a terrible wheeze in his throat.


They all had one thing in common.


Adina had been the one who took care of them when they became Immortal.


"As you all know.. There is a new Immortal who needs our help." Adina began after clearing her throat, hands running through the long blond locks that curled over her shoulder.


"Why, does it need quatre, puis-je demander?" Francis sighed, before being elbowed by his loving fiance with a frown.


"Because we can cover more ground that way," Lincon began to explain, eyes rolling before Otto carried on for him.


"We need to find out who is doing it und help them adjust, rightig?"


"Ja, and if we can, stop The Council from enacting the death penalty once more."


Everybody nodded and looked towards Adina, and she felt a pang deep inside her chest. It was the same look that her husband had given her before he had left her that Spring. Shaking it off, she carried on and smiled briefly.


"Tomorrow, we begin at the hospital and any local blood-drives. We need that name."


With that, the group began to break. All going to their separate lives in the big city. Not Adina though, she had to go home to the painful memories.


Her hand rubbed her throat, like Godric's hands were still wrapped there after centuries of cleansing. All that was left of him was an old ghost and the sound of Adina's raspy breathing that echoed in her ears and sounded just like her dying breath.



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