"Time means more now,' Adina laughed bitterly, swinging whiskey from the bottle, her sky-eyes captured by the hopeful glow of the fire. 'who would image that time was more valuable to an Immortal?"

In 1014AD, something happens to Adina Erikdottir, at the age of seventeen years old.

In 2016, she's still alive. And still seventeen.

Adina is one of the rare few Immortals, a evolved species of human that have come from throughout time with no purpose or meaning.

An accident at a hospital means Immortal blood is used in a transfusion, and the patient is soon found to be cured of a terminal illness within a few months.

Having lived in secrecy for so long, they must all decide on their fate with regular society...

Although a force behind the scenes is trying to stop Adina from realising the truth about what they all really are..
Cover by the amazing: Beautifully Music Nerd


2. New York City - 2016

Looking around the bright splashes of colour in the city, she sighed softly. They wouldn't last forever and then the bright yellow cabs would fade into distant memory and the expansive green of central park would wither into brown.


Adina quickly hurried along, her heart hammering against her chest in a rhythm not unfamiliar to her senses.


Even in the warm springs of North America, she wore a long sleeved shirt, an off white colour that seemed to hug her figure and the lean muscles under the scarred skin. Tight trousers and sturdy ankle boots, designed to withstand the worst wear and tear that a city could throw at them.


Adina was late as it was. The Council didn't take kindly to late-comers, but they would have to wait and stop getting their long-johns in a twist about her tardiness. It was a common thing.


That happens when you're one of the only ones who help the new Immortals figure out their new lifestyle.


She saw her destination up ahead. An old building, from the nineteenth century judging by the blackened brickwork and the wrought iron gates. The Council's little hiding place and temporary housing for a lot of Ancients.


Stepping inside, the reception was cold, refrigerated even. Adina walked quickly, her steps were quiet but the door squealed in protest as she entered the main auiditorium.


Once, it had been a theatre house, the stage was still lined with deep velvet curtains and the velvet seats were filled with a handful of men and women. Some as young as twelve and others in their fifties, but most in their twenties and thirties.


They all turned towards Adina, though she didn't flinch like she had the first time it happened. The youngest ones ran for her, giggling and squealing with delight and she welcomed them openly.


The Ancients sat on the stage looked with disapproval, they weren't keen on lateness, even what Adina did in her spare time met with disapproving looks. They didn't take kindly to new Immortals because they questioned the way that they worked.


"Where have you been?" Victoria asked flatly, talons tapping against the tabletop. Adina grunted and shrugged, holding the kids close.


"Helping the ones you refuse to take care of." 


Adina turned and gave a weak smile to her friend. The dark haired girl was frowning, arms crossed against her chest. 


Elanor Smith was one of the Immortals that the Council had refused to help in the last century. Adina had been there for her though and had helped her adjust to the new life she had to lead. In return, Elanor always backed her up against the Council.


"Thank you, for your un-wanted opinion," the tanned and punk looking Ancient drawled lowly, eyes narrowing like a cats. "but we have more important manners to discuss."


"There was a mix-up at the hospital.. A Mortal was given Immortal blood," an outcry rose up from the audience, all looking at each other with fear and panic lacing their voices. "A cancer patient, terminal.. Now they are getting better, slowly but surely.. It is being cured."


There was silence, every Immortal was stunned. 


"This.. This has to be a new Immortal?" Elanor pipped up, her voice quavering with worry. Everybody knew how dangerous new Immortals could be to exposing the secret, and that's why Adina's work was secretly appreciated by each and every one of them.


The Council looked pointedly at Adina, knowing that she felt differently than most Ancients about the Mortals, but she was worrying herself, her breathing wheezy, making her fish out her inhaler from her coat pocket.


If somebody had risked exposure, then their whole society was in danger of collapse. Adina looked at Elanor and they nodded.


Later, they would call a meeting. Something had to be done before the Council got their hands on this new Immortal.. Since they still belied in the death sentence.

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