"Time means more now,' Adina laughed bitterly, swinging whiskey from the bottle, her sky-eyes captured by the hopeful glow of the fire. 'who would image that time was more valuable to an Immortal?"

In 1014AD, something happens to Adina Erikdottir, at the age of seventeen years old.

In 2016, she's still alive. And still seventeen.

Adina is one of the rare few Immortals, a evolved species of human that have come from throughout time with no purpose or meaning.

An accident at a hospital means Immortal blood is used in a transfusion, and the patient is soon found to be cured of a terminal illness within a few months.

Having lived in secrecy for so long, they must all decide on their fate with regular society...

Although a force behind the scenes is trying to stop Adina from realising the truth about what they all really are..
Cover by the amazing: Beautifully Music Nerd


4. Denmark - 1015AD

When she first woke, Adina felt cold all over. Her lungs burnt though, and she couldn't remember why.


Opening her eyes, water poured into them, making them sting and close again. Adina forced them open, and was faced with an intricate network of white and blue veins.


She was under the ice, and her lungs had begun to scream more as the fear crept in. Kicking out, the ice gave easily, the cracking reverberating through the water. She kicked again, and again, until her foot felt a different substance above it.


Open air.


Turning as best as she could, she pushed her hands through the gap, forcing it open with surprising ease. Letting herself float, Adina managed to get her shoulders and head through the break in the ice, gasping for breath.


Blinking rapidly in the change of light, Adina realised she was still in the harbour, the scenery was green though. Spring had come along and ships were in the docks, safe. Home.


Hauling herself out onto the ice, it was cracking and giving way easily, forcing her to keep low. Slowly, she crawled across, breathing heavy. It felt like her lungs were burning still, her throat felt crushed, like the ice was cutting it from the inside.


Finally, she reached land, and began to walk upright, though her movements were stiff, rigid but it felt like her joints began to defrost and the movements became easier.


Voices. Up ahead, maybe somebody would help her. She began to run, even under the dripping wet furs, she managed to do it, her heart felt like it would explode in her chest.


The village! The familiar huts, the fire in the centre, the people working hard in their tasks and people playing. There, by the fire, was Mor and Far. Adina felt her heart beat faster, she wanted to run to them, to have them hold her and welcome her back.


Then she saw HIM.


Her husband, talking to the other raiders, his dark hair shining like raven feathers in the morning light and even from the trees, Adina could imagine his dark eyes, how brown they looked up-close, the little flecks of gold, the shine they held when they looked at her.


But then, a woman joined the group, he wrapped his arm around her waist and kissed her. Full. On the lips.


Adina gasped softly, sobbing and tears rolling down her cheeks. She was glad she had stayed hidden.


Her heart, even though it should have swelled with anger, seemed to beat more slowly than usual, making her hand fly to it and cover it from seeing the heart-ache.


Turning, she began to walk, she had no clue where she was headed, or even if she would survive with nothing but the clothes on her back.


Adina didn't care.


The sun was beginning to set by the time she stopped, and the forest had started to come alive with the orchestra of the night. Dropping to her knees, she began to cry again, head in hands and fingers gripping her fair hair.


Suddenly, she let loose a savage cry. A scream of all the pain and loss that had happened. A small part of her knew she had died, that she could never go back, and she howled for her Mor, Far, and the love she once had in her heart.


Miles away, the villagers heard it, and rumours began to float around of night-spirits that had come to the land on the command of the slaves for revenge.


Though, Adina finished her scream, the mountains echoed with it. Telling the world, of the sorrow that the once-dead-girl's heart was slowly pulsing with.

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