"Time means more now,' Adina laughed bitterly, swinging whiskey from the bottle, her sky-eyes captured by the hopeful glow of the fire. 'who would image that time was more valuable to an Immortal?"

In 1014AD, something happens to Adina Erikdottir, at the age of seventeen years old.

In 2016, she's still alive. And still seventeen.

Adina is one of the rare few Immortals, a evolved species of human that have come from throughout time with no purpose or meaning.

An accident at a hospital means Immortal blood is used in a transfusion, and the patient is soon found to be cured of a terminal illness within a few months.

Having lived in secrecy for so long, they must all decide on their fate with regular society...

Although a force behind the scenes is trying to stop Adina from realising the truth about what they all really are..
Cover by the amazing: Beautifully Music Nerd


5. A note from the Author

Hello my lovely readers!


First of all, 299 views makes me so happy! I can't believe that so many people chose to read 'Adina' and seem to be enjoying the story. Let's see if we can go all the way to 400 views, how about it?


I have a couple of new projects coming out soon, so keep an eye out for them! 


The amazing artwork for this story was made by @Beautifully Music Nerd , so please show them so love also.


It means a lot to me to be part of this community, and for you to be welcoming.


Please add to your favourites if you want updates on when 'Adina' gets a new chapter, and if you really like my work, follow me for updates on all new works!


Bye-bye for now

~A. L. Younge

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