The struggles of a depressed girl

A girl who attempts suicide. Goes to therapy and makes friends who care and might even find romance. But everything isn't always going to go just right.


3. Trust

It's been 4 months since I've got Star as a therapist I still haven't talked to her yet I would just nod my head or smile at her.

I still don't trust her all the way.

I am in her office waiting for her to come back from grabbing coffee and the clock is making a loud and annoying tick.  





Finally Star is back and I think today's the day to finally speak. 

"Hi Rose, heres your coffee" Star says smiling

"Thank you" I smile really big when I see her reaction to me speaking.

Star's eyes are huge and she has this very big smile on her face.

Star hugs Rose so tight that Rose could barely breath. 

"Oops sorry. I'm just really excited that you finally talked to me." Star says with tears in her eyes.

I laugh 

"Yeah I guess it means I finally trust you."

It's been 3 hours and star and I are still chatting up a storm I tell her everything that went through my head that day and she listened rubbing my arm soothingly when I start to tear up.


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