The struggles of a depressed girl

A girl who attempts suicide. Goes to therapy and makes friends who care and might even find romance. But everything isn't always going to go just right.


2. Beginning to trust

"Hi I'm Jake and I'm your therapist." Jake smiles brightly at me

I just nod my head.

"So what was going in you head before you had attempted?" He asks looking at me with sympathy.

I stay silent and just stare at the wall.


"So tell me about yourself." He questions

I stay silent.

The session with my therapist after that wad me staying silent and him trying to get a word out of me.

I get a ride home from my mom.

When I get inside my brother gives me a big hug and I smile slightly. Even since my attempt he has been more​ affectionate and reminding me everyday how much he loves me.

"Rose." My mom glares

I gulp

"Its been a month and you haven't talked once to any of the 10 therapists  you've had!"

I look down at my feet.

I don't want to talk to some stranger who thinks they know it all.

"Mom stop yelling at her! Maybe she doesn't want to talk to some stranger who only cares because there getting paid to." My little brother states glaring at our mother.

Mom huffs and walks to the other room muttering how much of a disgrace I am.

I sigh

My brother Sammy rubs my arm soothingly.

A week later and I'm in the office of my new therapist this time it's a girl with long black hair in a pony tail and bright blue eyes. She'll probably get sick of my silent treatment within this session.

"Hello Rose, I'm Star." Star introduces

I nod my head

"So I heard you don't like talking much." Star says smiling sweetly at me

I nod again staring straight at the wall.

"Well I would like to get to know you so I brought some paper. Could you draw me your favorite thing?"

Well this is different. I look her in the eyes and nod my head. I take the pen out of her hands and start drawing my brother.

She smiles as I give her my picture.

"Is this your brother." She asks

I nod my head smiling slightly.

Star didn't ask questions that I had to speak for and she let me draw and she even talked about her life. I learned she is a single mother of 3 kids and one is my age and suffers from depression a lot like me.

I think I might be able to trust star?

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