Life After The Duel

*Spoilers for Hamilton The Musical!*
An hour after the duel they thought he was going to die. The day after the duel they were unsure. And now, a week after the duel, he is still alive. This is what happened if Hamilton would have survived.
*Yellow for some traumatic scenes.*
Happy Reading! Hope you enjoy....

Colonial Dolls:


2. One Day Later

I was given a choice. I could stay, or I could leave. So I stayed. The doctor brought over his satchel and sat on the edge of the bed. I shall not go into too much detail. The bullet was removed. I held his hand through the whole thing, and he clasped mine back tighter, his teeth grinding. They wrapped his chest up again with a bandage. I allowed our oldest son, also named Alexander to come in. He sat in a chair next to the bed, and I watched as they whispered to each other. Alexander gave his father a kiss on the forehead, and walked back over to me.


I was sitting in a chair on the other side of the room, giving father and son some time together. He hugged he as he got over to my side of the room. “Shall I ride back to The Grange?” He asked me, and I nodded in response. “Take good care of your siblings.” I told him as he left the room. “Thank you.” I finished, and I couldn’t help but watch from the window as he rode away on his horse.


Alexander started coughing, and I made my way back over to his bedside.

“Are you feeling any better?” I asked him.

“A bit.” Talking seemed a bit easier than before.

“The surgery is supposed to help a lot.” I said, trying to encourage him.

“It also hurt…..a lot….it still does.” I nodded, and ran my thumb over his hand.

“I love you.” I said. He closed his eyes.

“Have a good night’s sleep.” I said noticing the sky darkening outside. I placed my head on his forehead, and for the first time in two days, it was the perfect temperature.

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