Life After The Duel

*Spoilers for Hamilton The Musical!*
An hour after the duel they thought he was going to die. The day after the duel they were unsure. And now, a week after the duel, he is still alive. This is what happened if Hamilton would have survived.
*Yellow for some traumatic scenes.*
Happy Reading! Hope you enjoy....

Colonial Dolls:


6. Life Outside Again

A day later we waited. A week later the woodworker arrived. A month later we had a wheelchair for my dear husband. It was made of oak and birch wood, with a firm, tall back, and large wheels in the back with small ones in the front.  We stationed it by the window and first, and the woodworker built a ramp leading outside. The day we went outside had been the first time in a least a month. 


Alexander's face lit up just seeing the trees and the lovely courtyard of the Grange again. The sun shined brightly, and it was quite hot outside, but it was August, so that was expected. We pulled the chair up next to a bench, and the woodworker left and I paid him. I sat down on the bench.


"This is wonderful, isn't it?" Alexander said.

"Yeah." I nodded my head. "I agree."

"You know, it's nice to have a free minute." He began.

"It's just like old times." He smiled, and I was happy that he was happy. I told him so, and he was happy that I was happy that he was happy. It was an endless cycle of happiness.


We sat there without talking, just listening to the birds chirp, and I couldn't help remembering of a time so long ago.



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