Life After The Duel

*Spoilers for Hamilton The Musical!*
An hour after the duel they thought he was going to die. The day after the duel they were unsure. And now, a week after the duel, he is still alive. This is what happened if Hamilton would have survived.
*Yellow for some traumatic scenes.*
Happy Reading! Hope you enjoy....

Colonial Dolls:


11. In Town

Since it was the winter, we were already in the city. I left the house with William, Elizabeth and Phillip once everyone was ready. Alexander and John Church stayed at home. I closed the door behind me to the crisp air of New York City. We walked a few blocks down to the main market place and walked down the hill to get to the center of the town square. I could already see people hurrying about on this fresh winter day as we neared the square. 


There was a small toy shop a few more blocks down, so I led William and Elizabeth with Phillip holding my hand until we got to the store front and went inside. There were dolls and other toys on shelves that covered the walls behind the counter, which little Eliza could just see over. The door that led to the back room was open and I could see the woodworking tools used to make the toys and a fire place in the background. There was a large man behind the counter who was gazing off into the distance, but seeing us straightened himself up on his stool. 


"Eh, sorry er bout that." He said in a deep Irish accent.

"That's alright." I said.

"Now what could I get ye today?" He asked. I nudged Eliza's shoulder.

"Please, sir, I would like a doll if you will." She said quietly.

"Now what kinda doll would you fancy, me dear?" He responded.

"Sir, one that looks like me?" She said, looking up at me and I nodded.


The man turned around, and searched for a doll off of the shelves. Finally, he picked one down from one of the many shelves. 


"What about this?' The shopkeeper asked.

"This is the one." Eliza said with a nod.

"Okay." I said, after some brief birthday chatter, and I handed the sir his money, pressing the coins into his hand.

"Have a good day, madam." He called as I ushered my children to the exit.

"And thank you for your service!" He said, and I turned around.

"Thank you, sir. You made one birthday girl very happy." I said.


 And we left the shop with the sound of birthday wishes out of the door. I walked out and led my children back onto one of the main town squares. The day was getting warmer as the sun came out, thankfully, and we walked around looking at the various items the street merchants had to offer. I bought a squash from a farmer's market and some walnuts from a traveling salesman to use for a soup for dinner. And then I saw it. A flyer from a newspaper that flew through the air like a leaf falling to the ground. William caught it first. 


"Look, Mother. Father's in the paper." William said.

"Oh, that's nice." I said, as I picked the paper from his hands.

My face fell. 

"What does it say Mother?" 



Mr. Alexander Hamilton Sr. for Your President of the United States of America


- Served as Treasury Secretary for Your Honor Mr. President George Washington

- Served as Aide de Camp for Your Honor Mr. President George Washington

- Lawyer and Federalist

- Please Take Attached Paper Below

Mr. Hamilton would like to thank his wife Mrs. Elizabeth Hamilton and his son, Mr. Alexander Hamilton Jr. for his help on the publicity team. Stop by Mr. Hamilton's office for more information.



Good God. What has he gotten himself into this time? Silence.


"Children. It's time to go home."






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