Life After The Duel

*Spoilers for Hamilton The Musical!*
An hour after the duel they thought he was going to die. The day after the duel they were unsure. And now, a week after the duel, he is still alive. This is what happened if Hamilton would have survived.
*Yellow for some traumatic scenes.*
Happy Reading! Hope you enjoy....

Colonial Dolls:


7. Flashback

He said he would meet me at 10 o'clock. I think to myself. I peek my head out of the window. Still no sign of him.  I check myself in the looking-glass one last time, straighten my dress and hair, and go outside and sit on the patio. I see him ride up on his horse. It has been my first time seeing him since the ball. I am excited, but butterflies seem to flutter in my stomach. I smile.


"Miss Schuyler!" He says in a cheery voice, but I can sense some nerves. He ties his horse to the fence and walks over to me. 

"Please." I say. "Call me Eliza."


We sit down in the grass, and the sun is shining. Bright pink petals fall to the ground as the wind blows, and I feel a sense of calm fill me. We watch the clouds roll by in the sky above us, and I lay down the grass, my dress spread around me. He lies down too, and we hold hands. We aren't talking, but we don't need to.


"I really like you a lot, Eliza." He says to me, and my heart overflows with joy. 

I feel the same, but was too nervous to tell him first, plus it wasn't in my place to do. I sit up, and he follows. 

"I like you a lot too." I say after a little while. It sounds stupid, but it is all I can think of.


I stand up and grab two apples from a nearby tree. I hand one to him, and keep one for myself as we eat them together.


"I wish I could stay here forever." He says as he gets up. My heart aches. I don't want him to go! 

"Me too!" I say quickly. "Ummm- come back soon!" 


And just like that it came out. What I wanted to tell him this whole time. Come back. Come back and never leave. I know that it isn't possible, but how can I combat the feeling of what I think to be true love. I look into his eyes, clear as day, and he looks back at me. I wonder if he's ever felt true love before. 


"You better leave so we don't get caught. I'm telling my Father tonight- if that would be okay with you." I say.

"Oh Eliza-" he says, and my heart skips a beat. He sounds disappointed. "You want us to be a thing?" I nod.

"Good." He says, and I sigh with relief. "I want us to be a thing too."


He brushes the dirt off of his pants, and gets up and runs to his horse. He is almost there when he turns back up the hill to look at me and motions for me to come to him. I walk over, and he hands me a letter with torn parchment. He tells me to look at it when I go home, in private. I nod, and go to grab the paper with my hand. He takes it, gives the paper to me, and kisses it. I smile, and run back up the hill to my house, after one final hug until he will come back again. I don't know when that will be, but I hope that it's soon.



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