Winter's Little Sister

A story about two sisters and an unlikely friendship.


5. 3.2.01

Dear Diary,

It's two days after. I was so tired yesterday, all I managed to write before I fell asleep was an illegible scrawl. I saw him again today. The boy. I said 'hello' but he didn't say anything that I could understand back. He said 'when you remember these words, you will understand them. Fight,' I remember them know and I feel their importance but I can't understand their significance. It's like being told how to survive in a strange universe, but you can't speak their language.

I called Isla 'Winter' to her face today. She looked like a comachachia. (Comma/catch/eye/a - red fruit native to their homeworld). She took me by the scruff of the neck and let me to the airing cupboard, whereby she threw me and locked the door. Of all the things...

I caught a spider from the cupboard in a box. I'm going to let it free in her bed tonight.

Yesterday. I was talking to Noah. I got used to him not responding but then he started saying that thing about fighting back. That's what I'm going to do with the spider. I'm going to fight. 

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