perfectly imperfect

money doesn't buy happiness.

when harry met rose.


2. harry

Grumbling profanities to myself as I switched my phones off I could help but roll my eyes , today of all days my management team wanted me in . Not only had I just got back from L.A but it was the only time I would be able to be spending time with my family , who bearing in mind I haven't seen in two months since the Hawaii trip, as in tomorrow I had to fly to  new York to do press promoting for my new single 'it aint me' and god knows the next time I would be able to see them and actually spend some quality time with them.


Letting out a disappointed sigh my mum , Kate , who had obviously heard the conversation shook her head at me trying to give me a reassuring smile but I can see just how much it hurt her for me to be away for such periods of time and to hardly see her only daughter , you would think that we would be used to it since I've been in  the industry since I was fifteen , but that would never cease the pain of having to leave and not see your family for weeks and sometimes even months upon time.


"I'm sorry mum , they want me in apparently I'm going to be doing another publicity stunt to 'approve my image' " I use my fingers quoting what they had just informed me on the phone. Taking in my mums appearance I could help but adore her more every time I see her , the strength she has and the fact that she will always but others before herself is amazing , she is selfless a trait that I hope I have but I know that sometimes I fail to be. Her midlength chocolate waving curl down her back , her attire being a simple pair of black jeans and a jumper with a kitten on as she leans across the counter in the kitchen ,if there one thing we have in common its our love for cats if we could I'm sure we would have about forty cats roaming around the house. With only being forty-two years old my mothers skin is something I envy , pale but flawless the only sign of ageing would be the crinkles by her gorgeous hazel eyes and laughter lines that shows years of experience and memory's , in my eyes my mum is simply stunning with a beautiful personality to match .


The only looks I inherit from my mum is the wavy hair and full pink lips , whereas one look at henry, my dad you could say I look the spit and double of him , with my dark eyes, a tall frame , unlike my mum who is very petite size , I'm only the edge of 5'9 and have a tan complexion with , which not many people know but I have a splatter of freckles on the bridge of my nose which are always hidden beneath a mask of foundation. I've  apparently got a curvy body that women and teens are envious for ,something I'm proud of but wish I could stuff my self with pizza and chocolate and not leaves but we all know that I cant do that another thing that comes with being in the spotlight is 'body image' which is tuff when you have insults and judgmental comments being thrown at you 24/7 along with the criticism which comes with me everywhere I go.


Apparently leaving my house for some Starbucks in sweats means I'm ill or pregnant , and we cant have that.


"its okay flower as long as you come back soon again , but remember you are your own person don’t let them make you don’t something you don’t want to do , you are perfect the way you are as long as you know that the things they are saying aren't true then your good to go , remember that rose." and she hugs me as I take in the familiarity of home that I know I'm not going to have for a while.  do I sometimes wish that I could be a normal nineteen year old ? Yes . Would I change my career ? No , but we cant have everything , to have one you have to be able to sacrifice another that just the price of life , or as my dad says 'if its meant to be , everything will work out in the end.' I sure hope so.


Squeezing her back with just the same amount of affection if not more I attempt to give her a smile but I know she can see through it , she always does , and I make my way into the front room to see my favorite person playing with his Lego on the floor , my brother James.


Making my way over too him I crouch down in front of him as watch his attention lifts from the toys in front of him to me as he smiles excitedly immediately bounding straight into my arms holding on for dear life looking up at me the exact same eyes as my own staring back.


"rosy! You play!" he giggles wiggingly around and I cant help but automatically smile back , nobody can. I think everyone who meets him immediately falls in love with him and I can tell he's gonna be a heartbreaker when he's older. With his dark chocolate eyes and bright strawberry blonde hair ,he has the most gorgeously long eyelashes I wish I had growing up , his hair is that fair you can hardly even see his eyebrows from afar but it just makes his beautiful dark eyes stand out more , he simple is adorable.


Feeling my eyes fill up a little I blink at the innocent two year old who I know ill miss the most and know that he doesn’t have a clue what's going on and not going to see me for a while , he is my happiness and I don’t know what id do without him.


Seeing my mum watching us with a fond smile from the door way I clear my voice not wanting James to project my sadness and give him a big hug and several kisses to his face which he gladly recuperates.


"erm , rosys gonna be gone again for a bit, are you gonna be a good boy for mummy?" I use my soft baby voice I always use for him , that if anyone told someone how I was around my family they would just laugh and call it lies , because to everyone else around me I'm known as a heartless selfish girl who cares for nobody but herself , I'm not gonna lie it hurts to hear people say that to me but what can I do ?


Nodding he pouts which soon turn into a full blown smile and turns into a giggling mess as I tickle his stomach kisses his chubby red cheeks.


"I love you and I'll see you soon okay ?" I promise glancing at my watch seeing that I'm already gonna be late but I'm sure they can hold on for a few more seconds . Hugging them all again I put my leather jackets back on glancing down at my usual ripped skinny jeans and white crop top with red heals that I'm already cursing for in my head knowing that I'm gonna have some terrible feet ache tonight along with some sore blisters .


Hurrying into my white range rover I make sure to press on it as I read the time 14:22 which means I'm already twenty two minutes late and know I'm going to get told off about it but shrug it off because when don’t I ever not get a stern word to ? Speeding through the streets I arrive parking in the private parking outside the big glass building with 'management' in bug bold letters on it , way to be subtle , and climb out already seeing the two photographers that are always outside the building waiting to get a picture of celebrity's in crisis.


Immediately as my heels click against the marble floor I'm whisked down the hall with people bombarding me asking if they can take my coat or if I need a drink which I reply with a polite no thank you as I do every time and pull out my phone going through my social medias since its not like I will be the one making any decisions so I might as well entertain myself . it might be rude of me to do but when you’ve been through as many of the exact same meetings and opinions over the years its gets borings.


Entering through the door I don’t bother looking up nor take my coat off as I plonk myself down on one of the cushioned seats noting that these must be new seeing as last time I was here they were worn down and picked at most likely with my helping over the years of clenching them to hold in my anger or frustrations , not that it stopped the words flowing out my mouth but the chairs refrained me from jumping over the desk and doing one in on there smug faces.


Going through some of my twitter I reply to some of them laughing quietly at the ones and jokes that real fans dm me with which always bring a smile to my face and following them knowing that when they get home from school or collage or wherever they might be , that me simply clicking a button could change there life and bring immense amount of happiness to them and for me to be the reason why gives me a nice feeling knowing I've made someone smile today.


A clearing of a throat wanting my attention makes me groan and pull my head up expecting it to be Claire or some other person from management to scold me or trying to involve me in these ' meetings' as they usually but I do a double take at the other people I don’t recognize and one familiar face I do recognize.


Sat in all his glory is Harry styles sitting across the table from me and I've been rudely ignoring them all. Jesus Christ.

sheepishly smiling I clear my throat quietly trying to discretely tuck my phone back into my pocket as eight faces excluding harry stare at me with frowns and my teams have a look of embarrassment and I already know the words they want to shout out me for showing them up are on the tip of there tongue.


Sighing in disappointment Jim, the head of leading these publicity stunts, shuffles through some papers in front of him then my mouth drops a little as I realize what's going on , they want me to do a bloody stunt with harry styles?! Looking over at him not caring how obvious I was I take my time to look at him , with curly hair pushed back by a bandana wearing a rolling stones t-shirt and skinny jeans he portrays the usual wannabe obnoxious rock star look , and in no way am I gonna get involved especially in the media with a arrogant cocky pop star who thinks the world has to kiss there feet, been there done that.


"your joking right?" I bluntly ask before anyone could say a word , watching as surprise flickers on the obviously Harrys management teams faces where as mine don’t even look remotely surprised already knowing that I wouldn’t agree to something like this but still have the audacity to put me with someone like this.


"rose just hear us-" Claire tries with a look of discomfort already knowing I was about to go off on one and boy was she right. I had just separated myself from my family day for a stupid stunt with someone like this how will this help my image?! I could have been with my brother right now.


"no bloody way ! What the hell  are you on to think someone like this- I fling my arms at harry who looks mildly offended but I don’t see why - could possibly benefit me ? Or the other way round in fact? We have been there and done that with these type before and why would I want to do it again when all it caused last time was more attention and trouble?!" I shout with wide eyes unknowingly stood on my feet at some point while pointing my finger at harry who sits there with now with a blank face which I have seen many times before on my own , what is he thinking about all this?


I'm shocked as his deep husky voice speaks up " one, what could you possibly mean by someone like me? Two I think you need to let her finish speaking and three , why don’t you sit back down and we talk about this like adults yeah?" he speaks slowly as if he was talking to a child but that only fuels my anger , he has no right to talk down to me like that so I make sure to keep my words harsh as I spit them at him


"I mean someone who is an egoistic cocky jerk who loves himself way too much I don’t need any of this right now I have better thing I could be doing that sitting round playing house with you lot."


Now sitting up he's quite for a minute studying me with his pale green eyes and I start to feel uncomfortable but instead of showing it I sit back down with a huff matching his stare. Quirking his lips up he shakes his head , something a lot of people seem to be doing to me lately and leans back in his chair deciding not to say anything instead pursing his lips , good choice.


"its not going to be like your usually publicity stunts rose , you see with your new single and Harrys new one we thought it would be easier if you do all your promo as a pair and that way it could also reduce a lot of stress but also gain a lot of popularity and watcher as you have both got a very large fan base, so if one of you is tired the other one could take over vise versa." a woman explains kindly who I immediately feel a good vibe from as she isn't looking at me with dissaprovement but somewhat understanding and I already like her.


Thinking it over I allow a bit of relief that it isn't a dating stunt like my last one and think over the pros and cons.



                                               Pro                                                                cons  


    the questions would be half /less stressful           id have to be permantley around harry styles.


All the attention wouldn’t be just on me                       id have to deal with being around harry styles.


It seems like a overall good idea.                                                   I just don’t like harry styles.


Sighing I look over at harry who is already looking back and roll my eyes, I mean apart from the interviews I would be on my own in the hotel room so I could avoid him most of the time , and I nod before standing to my feet a bit more calmly than I did a few minutes ago. Everyone in the room looks shocked that I agreed but I ignore the looks instead pulling my phone back out and heading to the door before looking back for a moment seeing harry getting to his feet too.


"fine just don’t expect me to be doing anymore stunts or things after this alright? And If I'm gonna do this I don’t want you on my back all the time and instead of you coming I want her with us instead of you lot." I nod directly at Claire and jenny who looks conflicted and mildly offended before reluctantly nodding at the kind women ,seeing as its either this or nothing at all, who looks like someone I would get along with. After signing papers I head out the room hearing foot steps behinds me and wait up wanting to find out who the hell it is I've picked to travel round with us,


"I'm Louise but you can call me Lou." she extends her hand to me which I shake firmly with a smile. Her faded blue hair is nearly platinum blonde and she's wearing black jeans with a ripped white shirt with a skull on along with doctor martins ,my type of style , she looks no younger than thirty but is actually very pretty, well prettier than triple chinned jenny.


"rose and you can call me… well rose." she laughs joining into step with me as I head down the hall already knowing this place like the back of my hand ignoring harry behind us who has a look of bewilderment.


For the next few minutes we talk about clothes and things we like until I see that if I wanna be able to relax tonight and pack I better get going otherwise I'll have to rush to do everything in the morning before the flight and I don’t fancy being in a bad mood all day.


"I better get going still got to pack , but your number in ." I unlock my phone handing it to her as she create a contact still not looking at harry , like I said why interact with him when I don’t need to ? Handing it back to me she lets out a oh just noticing Harrys still standing there with his hands tucked in his pockets which I don’t know how with how tight they look,  and I'm presuming they must be riding together .


"Harrys gonna be picking you up to go to the airport in the morning if that okay as I wont be flying out till the day after as I've got things I have to tie up seeing as I didn’t know I would be coming." and as much as I want to say no and demand him to go away I just smile and agree not wanting to argue and I can tell that she's made her mind up.


"alright the flights at 11 so pick me up about ten thirty to make sure where there in time I don’t fancy missing it." I say finally looking straight at him watching him nod his curls bouncing before giving me a small smile and with one last wave I head back to my apartment.

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