perfectly imperfect

money doesn't buy happiness.

when harry met rose.


3. airport



The gummy bear song blares through my phone at full volume making me want to through it against the wall and smash it into tiny tiny peace's , sadly there's one thing in the way , I wouldn’t be able to live without my phone It would feel like I had lost a baby. Yes I had also been summand to the brand of apple causing my hands to violently itch to just touch the screen even for half a second , my eyes always greedily taking in the word even if I promise myself I wont, I am a phone addicted , there is no counseling group for it either .


Like a lot of people I use my phone as a safety net , when I'm on my phone I weirdly feel a sense of security or if I'm nervous , anxious or angry even I turn to my phone for that distraction that keeps my mind elsewhere , which I'm kind of thankful for this phone has saved me from very awkward encounters and from getting myself arrested for assaulting someone .


Sighing quietly I sit up letting out a inhumanly noise as I stretch my limbs out shaking them until they come alive again , of course since the world is against it cause my long legs to get tangled in the comforter causing me to plummet to the thankfully carpeted floor. Groaning I untangled myself throwing the cover aggressively on the bed glaring at nothing in particular while muttering "of course this would happen to me" and "of bloody course".

Stomping into the cream simple marble countered bathroom I nearly let out a scream of horror at the sight , my hair … well should not even be called anything remotely to hair at the moment more like a home for birds. Eye crust nearly blinding me I thank god himself that in my sleepy state I still managed to take of my makeup otherwise , well I wouldn’t even like to think of what I would look like adding to this look with black raccoon eyes and whatever else smeared on my face , that would be truly terrifying.


Quickly getting to work on my horrendous look of a face I get a flannel soaking it in warm water before scrubbing my face until it come slightly pink and let it clear my pours before rubbing some moisturizing cream on and brushing out my hair before tying it into a simple not at the top of my head not bothering with makeup seeing as I'm only going to be on a flight not a runway.


Going for a pair of simple grey jogging bottom and white tank top with stops just above my belly button reveling my shiny diamond piercing that I've had since I was sixteen a short lived obsession I had but don’t regret. Of course the media took me getting simple piercing to a new level naming me this 'rebel out of control teen' which at the time of the headlines I didn’t take it very well and flipped the pap's off while bad mouthing them which didn’t help my case at all. Looking at the time I was met with 10;40 causing me to go into panic mode we had to be there for eleven otherwise well miss our flight! I told harry to be here for half ten , was he that much of a cocky man to think that time would stand still for him?!


Ringing Lou she picks up almost immediately

"hey rose what's up?"


"where the bloody hell is he?! Where gonna miss this flight and everything is gonna be delayed and twice as much energy ! I told them that working with him would b a bad idea , we haven't even had one day and he's already causing problems!" I shout angrily while wearing holes into the carpet thinking of all the ways I could castrate him .


"he's not there?" she asks confused and slightly anxious already knowing what a set back it will cause if we don’t arrive in new York on time.


"no he's bloody not! Right that’s it I'm leaving tell him he can get his own self there." I hang up feeling slightly bad for Lou but then I remember that I haven't even done anything wrong for once and this is all on him , and I would be giving him hell for it.


Hauling my plain black suitcase and carry bag I rush out of my apartment locking up and heading to my own car that sits there smugly as if saying that the world continues to hate me. Looking at the dashboard I register that I have ten more minutes and speed up ignoring the ringing of my phone assuming it to be either Lou or management on my case.


Barreling myself into the airport I finally reach my boarding place and let out a huge breath of relief I didn’t know I was holding and see strangers turn to look at my frantic state to which I wave off with my arm heaving breaths in and out , I never was a athletic person , and to top it all off I haven't even had chance to grab food another thing harry has disrupted and another reason for me to dislike him.


My ringtone go's off again and instead of answering it I switch my whole phone of , something I haven't done in a while and sit back in my seat deciding that I wasn’t going to worry and stress myself out about all this instead ignore them and hope the problems or problem goes away.


The sound of shoes shrieking against the floor makes me and everyone around me wince at the noise turning our heads to the side to see who the culprit was and I wished I hadn't looked.


Of course as soon as they catched eye of the oh so famous harry styles the cameras were out and I'm pretty sure I heard some mellow dramatic squeals and way to Hollywood gasps , you would think it was Jesus.


Then as if they were robots they turn there head clockwise to me who is desperately trying to hide myself behind my hair the sunglasses now absolutely no help as the idiot started shouting my name in relief while I was muttering his name in distaste wondering if id be able to make a run for it.


"oh thank god I thought I missed it , Jesus Christ." he exhales running a hand over his very visible to everyone around us face as they watched in shock of the worlds most well known celebrity's were interacting and with all the mentioning of the lord he sure aint helping me out now. Staring blankly at him the announcement for our flight , that baring in my I had just nearly narrowly missed because of harry, so before he could even open his mouth and make up some lame excuse and apology I stomped my way where everyone was lining ready to board.


Boarding the plane I could hear harry murmuring my name behind me as I pushed my way to my seat , perhaps a bit to aggressively at the looks I was getting, that was sadly seated next to Mr. bigshot as well . Sitting down and buckling up I attempted to ignore him but was a bit too hard as his hand landed on my arm and I snatched it away as if it had burned me turning to him with a agitated look ignoring his look of hurt ,


"may I help you ?" I asked lowly , well aware that thank to Harrys little stunt earlier most of the people on this plane new who we are which meant that I would get no peace or sleep for eight hours .


"I'm sorry I forget to set my alarm and I know your probably mad but at least we didn’t miss it that what matters right?" he tries , adding a sheepish grin too his features , dimples and all, that would have most silly girls swooning while it only makes me glare harder.


Is he serious?


"look not only did you make me nearly miss my flight and I'm gonna have to arrange for someone to take my car back , I know that you might have not have to actually do something for your self before which may result in tasks being confusing and difficult for you , such as setting your alarm , it hasn’t even been a day and your already making me want to strangle you , so I suggest , totally for your sake and safety , that you shut up and don’t talk to me unless needed okay ?" and with that I swiftly turn my head the other way stuffing my pink Victoria secret headphones in and letting pink take my worries away.



Not even half way through the plane ride I feel a soft nudge on my arm which I ignore focusing on my dream of me and Dylan Obrien where he was feeding me strawberry's dipped in chocolate , every girls dream ,  but the nudge is back again and I force my eyes open not at all happy at the disturbance.


"food?" Harrys deep voice fills my ears and I don’t even bother turning my head to look at him instead close my eyes again and groan loudly probably earning me a few weird looks seeing as I sound like I'm possessed , but in reality I'm just annoyed.


Did he not understand what 'don’t talk to me' me means?


"I don’t want food if I did id of got some myself wouldn’t I ? I ground out.


Peeling my eyes open again I catch a smirk on his face which quickly disappears when he catches me looking at him , does he think this is  funny? . Just wait till we get off this plane and the Cocky son of a -


" I was just asking seeing as this is the last time there offering food out , don’t want you to starve ,  its been six hours and you haven't even ate a thing." he states gesturing to the mess he's made around him . There's approximately three empty packets of crisps , all different flavors , two empty bottle of juice , a half eaten slice of cake and a cupcake wrapper and empty sandwich rap.


Giving him a of disbelief I shake my head . How can he eat all that how is he not even being sick surely that cant sit well in his stomach you just don’t mix food like that, anyway doesn’t he have to be on some type of strict diet to maintain his look , I'm sure the media doesn't want a fat rock star in tight jeans rocking the stage .


"you’re a pig." he place a hand over his heart feigning a look of hurt but the amused glint in his green forest eyes say otherwise. Taking out another back of cheesy puff crisps he hands them to me with an expectant look as I just stare at him confused ,for one where did he get them from and two what does he want me to do with them look after them so he cant stuff his face when we get there as well?


"you need to eat these otherwise you'll be sick with not having anything to eat Lou texted me and told me you missed breakfast as well" his face turn apologetic "and I'm sorry for nearly making us miss the flight I was just worn out last night and feel asleep and soon as my face hit the sofa and therefore forgot to set my alarm I'm sorry" sincerity leaks from his words and I find it hard to keep my anger up .


"its alright  it was a stupid mistake I guess we have all done it , and I'm fine I've gone longer without food are you forgetting what its like to be on tour flying from country to country? We don’t get pit stops for a takeaway harry I'm used to it but it seems like you aren't." I teasingly nod my head towards the litter of empty food watching in satisfaction as his cheeks turn an adorable rosy colour , wait I mean embarrassing colour totally not cute at all , pfttt.


He gives me a playful glare the smile never leaving his lips as his eyes never leave my brown ones , hmm not many people can hold long eye contact without getting intimidated so ill give him a brownie point for that "well I suppose my manager and tour crew are a lot different from yours as there's always time for at least a pizza or fries."


My stomach growls against my demands and I snatch the cheese puffs way to much to harry satisfaction and promise myself that as soon as we land ill find myself a local gym , there's just crisps so they cant do to much harm right?


Wrong , I think I stare at the three empty packets before me licking off the cheesy substance left on my fingers , remind me to blame harry .


Speaking of harry he hasn’t stopped staring at me with the stupid smile of his and I'm not gonna lie its unnerving ,  was there something on my face?


"what?" I finally snap and he shakes his head as if getting out of a trance or deep thought , about what I haven't the foggiest.


Roll on new York.

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