Sign of the Times

Will it be the time to release the truth? Or will it end? What are the signs they get and is it love?


3. Why

"Why aren't you watching a Christmas movie, it's in a week, you gotta get in the spirit," Harry says joining Louis on the couch.
"I don't know....I just wanna watch Grease, that's all."
"When are we gonna put the tree up?" The younger questions.
"Michael already did it's in the backroom, he thought I'd bee a good place because you can see the mountains and there's a lot of room for the gifts." 
"Oh, he decorated it to?" Harry asks, slightly upset.
"No, he didn't he left that for us to do." 
"Good, I wanted to spend more time with you." He says pulling Louis into his arms and allowing him to lean back on his chest. No, they have not said I love you yet, no matter how bad they want to, they just can't...for reasons.


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