Sign of the Times

Will it be the time to release the truth? Or will it end? What are the signs they get and is it love?


10. Sing

"Hurry up, we're on in 5" Liam says, walking past us, doing his mic flip. I nod and Harry and I follow. We stand behind the curtains and see that thousands of people showed up just to watch us preform a few songs, I wonder how many of these people are going to attend the fan questions and the interview. At our que we run out onto the stage. Harry tripping on air and falling back, hitting my legs. I fall back, and instantly a wave of jet powered screams fills the air. Yet another Larry moment for them to freak over. Harry laughs, and pushes himself up. Helping me get up afterwards. We turn our mics on, and begin singing Teenage Dirtbag. Harry's deep voice opens the song, taking over all the screams, everybody focused on him. He closes his eyes while singing, getting so into it. I have to be careful so nobody catches me staring at him, other than Harry, who winks at me when he turned around, nobody else saw. I small blush rises on my cheeks and I look down when we go I to the chorus.


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