Sign of the Times

Will it be the time to release the truth? Or will it end? What are the signs they get and is it love?


9. Oh Harry...

Louis's POV

Holy shit, i haven't gotten interviewed in a long while..I say to myself while i let go of Harry's hand so nobody aspects a thing between us.

I walk behind him as we walked into the studio, "I look down to see my swelling cock, making a bulge in my black skinnes, it getting bigger by the minute and getting the side of my pants  little wet..Harry you did it again.."Fuck" I mumble and stick my hands in my pockets to make it less noticeable. "It's gonna be a long day..6 hours of this stuff, plus a extra 2 for interviews." before we even start the interview, we were asked to do a live performance and answer a few questions from the audience, so at least I'll be moving around so nobody will notice a thing, and hopefully my damn hormones would have calmed by then, then again i'm not to sure since Harry likes to be all touchy touchy when we do the bow. Sometimes i gotta contain myself when he decided to grab my ass. Im sure the directioners would LOVE to see us go public, some probably think that we are dating, the Larry shippers, which is true by all means, but they don't know the truth, they just hope it is. We start off with a cover of teenage dirt bag, because the last time we did that song, we had a hell of a lot of fun. I'm not really nervous or anything, Hell no, I preformed my new song on the xfactor, which i didn't tell you about since i refuse to talk about what happened, lets say after i cuddled with Haz, my ass was out of there. 

I grab my mic, and get the ear piece attached. I adjust it and fit it in my ear, noticing it was Harry's old one. I look up and see Harry wink at me, and putting my ear piece in.

"Won't they notice?" I ask Harry, and walking over to him.

"Nah." He says picking up his mic, and rewraping the the neon green tape at the bottom. He throws me my electric blue tape roll. "You should re-tape yours as well. It's getting a little warn out. I do as he says, biting the tape off the roll and wrapping it around one last time, running my fingers over it to smooth it out.

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