Sign of the Times

Will it be the time to release the truth? Or will it end? What are the signs they get and is it love?


6. Inside

I stand in the shower, letting the hot water and steam pour over my naked body. My mum is dead...I think to myself, shes not gonna see me get married to Harry...she didn't even know that i'm gay!!! And shes not gonna see me preform on the X-factor tomorrow night, shit how am i gonna do this, awe fuck. I stare at my razor, getting a good loo at the sharp, detailed shiny blades. No Louis, you mum would not want you doing this my good-side says

It may help Louis, you dont want to be depressed forever now do you? The bad side replies. With yet another argument in my head boiling up.

You never gonna see her again

Just know shes in your heart

Your gonna grow up depressed I bite my lip hardly and smack my head, trying to let the thoughts escape, but each bad one rings over and over again in my ears, it playing on repeat. I take the razor in my hand and gently touch the tip. No Louis, stop don't do this to yourself...I sigh and let more tears fall.

"Bloody hell." I say and snap the razor in half, the blades falling to the floor, missing my feet by a hair.

"Hey Louis? Can I come in i need to get me hair gel" A thick Irish accent breaks my heavy thoughts.

"Uh yeah, its unlocked, just don't look in the shower."

"Just be quick, i'm gonna get out soon." I hear him open the drawer and it being smacked closed.

"Thanks boo, see you tonight, i'm heading back to me mums house, ill be at the studio around 5 and we can get Nandos after probably." 


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